Monster Paradise
284 Drop a Bomb When There“s Disagreemen
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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284 Drop a Bomb When There“s Disagreemen

Soon, the three flying mounts descended, arriving somewhere near the lava river.

Lin Huang then referred to the map and looked around. He nodded and told Yi Yeyu and Li Lang, "It should be somewhere around here."

The three of them then got off their flying mounts and recalled them.

"The first monster that we're going to kill is the Forsaken Skeleton. It's a commander-level spirit-type monster and it’s most likely a white flame-level Transcendent. The Forsaken Skeleton possesses strong defense and it fears pure energy. Its weakness is its rather slow movement compared to other Transcendent monsters. However, if we're unable to defeat it, we can still escape the danger using my speed," Lin Huang shared.

"I've heard of this monster before. They have low intelligence. Even though they’re Transcendent monsters, they’d normally have gone through one mutation. It is unlikely that we'll encounter any monsters of this species that have mutated twice," Yi Yeyu recalled, "But I can't remember any specific skills it has, can you?"

"Basically, the Forsaken Skeleton has four skills," Lin Huang continued.

"The first type of skill is known as Advanced Deterrence. It’s a type of Soul Deterrence skill whereby it creates fear within low-level creatures. One might even feel sluggish for a short moment in severe cases.

"The second type of skill is Punishment. A chain of flames will appear in its hand and the ability of that chain is on par with a relic. Getting tangled in the chain will inhibit one's Life Power.

"The third type is Death Sentence. It’s a very powerful sword skill as it enables the user to hide oneself and launch attacks without leaving any traces.

"The fourth type is Lava Control. It can attack by controlling the high-temperature lava.

"The skill that we must be particularly aware of is Punishment. Don't get tangled in his chain. Otherwise, we'll lose our combat abilities and we'll be in trouble. The next lethal one will be Death Sentence. Since we won't be able to see his weapon, we'll have to stay alert."

As they listened to Lin Huang's words of caution, Yi Yeyu and Li Lang got a better idea of the monster they were about to face.

Lin Huang then summoned Bloody. As soon as Bloody appeared, it twisted around Lin Huang's left arm.

Yi Yeyu and Li Lang thought that it was a crimson-colored snake when they saw it at first. Soon, they discovered that it was a vine.

"The monster's strength is only at silver-level rank-3. Why did you summon it?" Yi Yeyu asked in doubt.

Li Lang looked doubtful as well, shifting his gaze to Lin Huang.

"It can help us to look for the Forsaken Skeleton," Lin Huang teased Bloody, "Without a positioning system, I can only roughly estimate its position based on the map. We’ll have to spend some time to figure out where exactly is the Forsaken Skeleton. Fortunately for us, Bloody will save us some time."

Bloody was slowly releasing dandelion-like seeds, spreading them into the air.

"What's all that?" Yi Yeyu and Li Lang asked at almost the same time.

"It's Bloody's investigating skill. It allows Bloody to see whatever the seeds see." Lin Huang did not tell them that those seeds were parasitic in nature.

Yi Yeyu and Li Lang had never seen a parasite species like Bloody before. Therefore, it did not occur to them that it was one as they thought that Bloody was either a soul or demonic plant species.

"How beautiful!" Yi Yeyu grabbed a leech seed using her hand. As she looked at it, she noticed that the seed was made of Life Power but she was still unaware that it was a leech seed.

Because it was being controlled by Bloody, the seed's parasitic characteristic of invading one's body was not revealed. After fingering around with it, she then released the seed.

With Bloody's current intelligence level, it could perfectly control more than 100,000 leech seeds. Previously, Bloody was only capable of controlling a small portion of them and had to allow most of the leech seeds to move freely about.

"We'll wait here for a moment. If the Forsaken Skeleton is somewhere around us, we'll be able to discover it soon," Lin Huang said.

Thousands of leech seeds flew everywhere and the three of them waited at their original position for about 10 minutes.

Suddenly, there was a response from Bloody and it left Lin Huang's arm, heading towards a certain direction.

"Found it!"

Lin Huang immediately followed it, trailed by Yi Yeyu and Li Lang.

Bloody led them forward for about 20 minutes and finally, they arrived at the foot of a big volcano. As soon as it saw that three of them had caught up with it, it immediately moved towards the volcano.

Yi Yeyu and Li Lang were shocked. However, Lin Huang could roughly understand Bloody's meaning. "Let's follow it!"

They immediately followed Bloody and climbed up the volcano.

A few minutes later, they arrived at the top of the volcano. Bloody then wound itself around Lin Huang's left arm again, pointing a vine down at the crater.

"The monsters are in the volcano?" Lin Huang asked.

Bloody then nodded with a vine.

Standing on the edge of the volcano, Yi Yeyu and Li Lang frowned. Their line of sight was completely blocked by the smoke coming up from below. They could not see what was happening there. People were most afraid of the unknown. Moreover, the active volcano could erupt anytime. If it happened to be a volcano that possessed spiritual powers, an eruption would definitely kill them all.

"We can't fight in the volcano. Places with lava are the Forsaken Skeleton's home. Furthermore, a high energy collision will most likely cause the active volcano to erupt. If it's a volcano with spiritual powers, we'll most probably die here. Even if it's just an ordinary volcano, we will be in big trouble if it erupts," Lin Huang immediately analyzed the situation, "We must think of ways to lure the monsters out of the volcano!"

Yi Yeyu and Li Lang agreed with him.

"Do you guys have any good ideas?" Lin Huang looked at the both of them as he could not think of any way to attract the Forsaken Skeleton at that moment.

While Yi Yeyu had fallen into deep thought, Li Lang rolled his eyes and said, "I might."

"However, we're not going to lure the monsters out. We're going to force them out of the volcano!" Li Lang grinned.

"How?" Lin Huang and Yi Yeyu immediately shifted their gazes to him.

"Before joining the training, I bought some stuff from the night market. One of the items is called a nuclear bomb…"

It sounded like a nuclear weapon and Lin Huang's eyes were twinkling with excitement. "Have you confirmed the item's attack range and power? Don't get us involved in this. We don't have the defenses of the Forsaken Skeleton."

Lin Huang had already heard about the power of nuclear weapons on Earth. He was on alert regardless of how powerful the nuclear bomb was.

"Don't worry, it covers a range of up to three kilometers, so it'll be fine as long as we run for it right after we drop the bomb." Li Lang immediately summoned his Ashenquill Eagle.

Lin Huang and Yi Yeyu then summoned their flying mounts as well and rode on them.

Li Lang rode on the Ashenquill Eagle and took out an item that looked like a bomb with a length of more than 30 centimeters and was as thick as an adult's thigh.

When Lin Huang saw the bomb, his senses were heightened as he sensed how dangerous it was. However, Li Lang grasped it in his hand as if it was a plastic toy.

"What are both of you afraid of? It's just a bomb!" Li Lang swung the nuclear bomb around.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Stop talking nonsense. Quickly throw it," Lin Huang urged.

Li Lang’s mouth twitched. He then flew into the sky, stopping right above the crater. He released the nuclear bomb in his hand and the bomb raced downwards.

As soon as the nuclear bomb had been released, Lin Huang shouted at the both of them and told the Alexandrian Eagle to leave. "Run!"

A few moments later, a red flame shot up into the sky and a loud explosion was heard.

Lin Huang and the rest of them then looked at the volcano. It had collapsed in an instant. An intense flame spread quickly everywhere, resembling ripples on a water surface. In just a split second, it had exceeded the range mentioned by Li Lang earlier, spreading towards them five kilometers away.

"Gee…" Lin Huang's heart sank and he immediately yelled at the both of them, "Get out fast!"


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