Monster Paradise
282 Second Round of Training Has Started!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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282 Second Round of Training Has Started!

After 24 hours, Si Kongjian glanced at the clock projected from his Emperor's Heart Ring. His body gradually floated mid-air and his voice rang out across the area.

"The 24-hour deadline has passed. I'll now announce the results of the first training.

"The total number of people who have passed the training is 978. There are only three of them who arrived at the destination within three minutes after I reached. They are Yi Yeyu, Lin Huang, and Li Lang. The three of them will gain 1,000 points from the first round of training.

"Four people managed to reach within four to 10 minutes and they will gain 500 points.

"28 people arrived within 10 minutes to half an hour and they will gain 300 points.

"89 people arrived within half an hour to one hour. They will gain 200 points.

"Within one to three hours, 238 people arrived and they will gain 100 points.

"593 people reached within three to five hours, so they will gain 50 points.

"26 people reached within five to 24 hours. No points will be given to these people.

"The rest of you who failed to arrive on time are eliminated!"

As soon as Si Kongjian had announced the results of the assessment, he continued, "I've completed my task. The second examiner will be in charge of what's coming up next."

Right after he had finished his sentence, Si Kongjian gradually descended from mid-air and a muscular man floated into the sky to take his place.

He looked strict and had a height of at least two meters. Even though he was dressed in his military uniform, his muscles rippled through very obviously. He was more than double the size of Si Kongjian.

"My name is Zang Bing and I'm your second examiner. I don't care how much Life Power you've used up during the first round of training. I don’t care where you're from either, be it the Union Government or somewhere else. I won't even care who is there to support you as all of that has nothing to do with me! I don't care how many people have addressed you as a genius before this. To me, if you can't meet the requirements of the second round of training, you're rubbish!"

Zang Bing instilled fear in everyone. When he announced that rudely, Lin Huang and the rest of them then murmured about the personality of the examiner amongst themselves.

"Stop talking nonsense. I'll talk about the rules of the second round of training."

They immediately kept quiet, paying attention to what he said as they were worried that they would miss out on something important.

"The objective of the assessment is simple: to kill a Transcendent monster!"

When they heard that, many of them opened their mouths wide as they thought that they had heard it wrong.

Although most of them were elites, requesting those who were at gold-level rank-3 or even those who were at complete gold-level to kill a Transcendent monster was impossible! Probably only a genuine genius could do it. The assessment was definitely way too difficult.

Just as everyone was about to raise their objections, Zang Bing then continued with the following rules, "Of course, I wouldn't ask you to kill a Transcendent monster alone. If I wanted to do so, none of you would pass the assessment."

"During the assessment, you're allowed to form a team of three to five to kill the Transcendent monster. The period of training is 10 days. After 10 days, the number of carcasses that each team will have to hand in will be double the number of your team members. If you form a team of three, the team will have to hand in six Transcendent carcasses. For instance, if it's a team of five, the team will then have to hand in 10 Transcendent carcasses. If the team fails to hand in the exact number of carcasses, everyone in the team will be eliminated!"

"Once you've chosen your team members, you can't change it. The team members aren’t allowed to leave the team while you cannot dump any of your team members as well. Even if the team member has died, the team will still have to hand in two of the Transcendent carcasses from him or her. Otherwise, the team will be considered to have failed the assessment!"

When they heard that it would be a team training, many of them were relieved. However, upon listening further, they realized that the assessment would not be that simple.

Given limitless time and the number of monsters to be killed, everyone would definitely choose to form a team of five as the probability of getting a Transcendent monster killed would certainly be higher.

However, only 10 days were given for the assessment. The greater the number of team members, the more they had to kill. If they formed a team of five, this meant that they had to kill 10 Transcendent monsters in 10 days. On average, they would have to kill a monster a day. If they were to form a team of three, they would only have to kill six Transcendent monsters in 10 days. As long as they managed to kill one monster in 1.5 days, the task would be considerably much easier.

Another concern was that based on the assessment rules, once a team was formed, they were bound together regardless of their willingness. They had to complete the task given to them in order to pass the assessment together.

Therefore, choosing a team member became crucial. If there was any disagreement among them or they found themselves with a teammate with relatively weak abilities, they would be in trouble.

Lin Huang then wondered if he should leave the team and complete the mission alone. Since he was only at gold-level rank-2, perhaps nobody would want to be on the same team with him.

As the thought flashed through his mind, Yi Yeyu exchanged glances with Li Lang.

"Should the three of us form a team?" Yi Yeyu asked first.

"Yeah, I think that's fine!" Li Lang immediately agreed with her.

Lin Huang raised his brows, staring at the both of them. "Aren't you worried that I'll slow you down?"

"It's just a training. Worst case is that we won't qualify for the third round but we aren't going to lose anything." Li Lang looked like he did not care at all.

"He doesn't care but aren't you here for the Fire Phoenix?" Lin Huang turned his head, looking at Yi Yeyu.

"I don't even know where the Fire Phoenix is. Even if I manage to find it, it’s unlikely that I could kill it." Yi Yeyu shook her head. "I'll look for other monsters to level-up with after I've left this place. Since I've waited for half a year, I don't mind waiting another one to two months."

Of course, Lin Huang knew that the both of them treated him as their friend. They were worried that he would be alone, which was why they suggested forming a team together. However, he hesitated if he should join them. If they were to form a team together, he would definitely have to show some of his abilities to them unless he was not going to do anything and let them complete the job on their own. Of course, he would feel bad for doing that.

While Lin Huang was still hesitating, a few young men who were wearing Demon Slayer Legion uniform, walked towards Yi Yeyu.

"Miss Yi, let's form a team to figure out the location of Fire Phoenix during these 10 days," the leader said, completely ignoring Lin Huang and Li Lang.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"I've chosen my teammates for the assessment, so I can't form a team with you," Yi Yeyu rejected their suggestion.

They were stunned. Soon, they noticed Lin Huang and Li Lang standing beside her. The leader could immediately recognize Lin Huang and could not help but notice that his combat level was only at gold-level rank-2.

"Miss Yi, your friend's combat level is only at gold-level rank-2. Even if he's good at movement skills, that'll be all that he has. Encountering a Transcendent monster, he’ll be of no help. He'll only slow you down…"

"You're not qualified to comment on my decision," Yi Yeyu interrupted while the leader was still talking. She was angry at his comment that Lin Huang would slow them down as she feared that Lin Huang would feel belittled after listening to him. "Please leave. I don't need your help for leveling up!"

"This…it's hard for us to explain." The man's face turned grave. They were part of the army and members of the army was bound by duty. Before joining the training, they had received a mission to help Yi Yeyu in leveling up. However, because Yi Yeyu had said that, she was putting them in trouble.

"You don't have to explain anything. I'll explain it to my great-grandfather. I'm the one who said that I don't need your help." Yi Yeyu's face turned cold.

Even after she had said that, they dared not leave as they were worried that Yi Yeyu would complain about them. If that happened, it would be difficult for the Demon Slayer Legion to continue operating. Yi Donglai was the founder of the Demon Slayer Legion. The chief of the army was his disciple's disciple as well.

At that moment, Zang Bing cleared his throat and said, "You may form your groups later. If you have any questions, please raise them now."

Lin Huang raised his hand again.

Seeing that the one who raised his hand was a young man at gold-level rank-2, Zang Bing was startled. He then glanced at Si Kongjian and nodded his head. "Please go ahead."

"May I use any skills during the assessment? Are there any restrictions?" Many of them were curious about this as well.

"You may use any skills you want and there's no restriction. Even if you have a god-level weapon in hand, you may also use it."

After getting his reply, Lin Huang raised his hand again.

"Is there any other question?" Zang Bing asked.

"Can I not join any team during the assessment and kill the monster alone?" Lin Huang asked.

Zang Bing squinted his eyes and looked at Lin Huang while the rest of them laughed at him. They felt that Lin Huang asked that question because he knew that nobody was willing to form a team with him and not because he was capable of completing the task alone. However, Si Kongjian started sizing up Lin Huang as he felt that he was confident, hence the question.

"No, you can't. It's a team assessment. If you can't form a team of three or more, you'll be directly eliminated!" Zang Bing rejected.

Lin Huang frowned. It was not easy for him to discover the lava that possessed sufficient spiritual power. Of course, he did not wish to be eliminated so fast.

"Are you satisfied with the answer? Can you form a team with us now?" Li Lang raised his eyebrows and asked Lin Huang.


Hearing his agreement, Yi Yeyu's mood turned slightly better. He then told the people who were from the Demon Slayer Legion, "I won't follow you, at least not during this round of assessment. After this round of assessment has ended, I'll contact you if it's necessary."

They saluted upon hearing her answer and left.

Right after they had left, the people from the Hunter Association came over to look for Li Lang. However, Li Lang rejected them as well.

A team of three had officially been formed.This is the unsealing condition for Tyrant, he needs to soak in it for 12 days.


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