Monster Paradise
281 The First Round Of Training Is Over
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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281 The First Round Of Training Is Over

"Your movement skills are incredible!" Li Lang exclaimed once they made it to the other side of the river.

"Such speed is on par with those who were on holy-fire level. I don't think movement skill alone can achieve such an effect. Are you a genius in speed-type abilities!?" It was apparent that Yi Yeyu could not calm herself down. However, deep down, she knew what the skill was.

"I've indeed activated my talent, Rapid Speed . This can only be achieved by complementing different speed-type movement skill," Lin Huang replied. He did not know that Yi Yeyu would discover his secret but he admitted anyway. However, he did not tell her that his talent was actually Seraphic Speed and claimed that it was Rapid Speed instead.

"You're only at gold-level rank-2. Does that mean that after you've leveled up to gold-level rank-3 and even after achieving complete gold-level, your speed can still be increased?" Li Lang asked.

"Theoretically, it’ll work that way." Lin Huang nodded his head with a smile. He did not tell them that what he displayed was not the true limit of the speed, though. Be it the gifted ability, Seraphic Speed or Thunder Steps, he had not activated them to their maximum capabilities.

"At such a speed, it's no longer a problem for you to escape when encountering any powerful enemies," Li Lang said, giving Lin Huang a wink.

Yi Yeyu rolled her eyes at Li Lang after she heard that.

Lin Huang gave them a smile. To him, nobody below Transcendent level could fight him. Even the Genius would be incapable of defeating five double-mutated monsters that were at complete gold-level. If he encountered a Transcendent that was unconquerable, even if Seraphic Speed and Thunder Steps were activated to their maximum limit, the possibility of escaping would not be very high as well.

"When we were about to fall into the mouth of the Crimsonfire Alligator, you sped up in mid-air and escaped its attack. Was that Rapid Speed ?" Yi Yeyu suddenly recalled that he had suddenly increased his speed mid-air. It was the first time that she saw such a skill that allowed acceleration in mid-air.

"Yes, by using Rapid Speed , my speed can be controlled and randomly adjusted. My speed can even be adjusted even when one is hanging in mid-air."

"I've heard that the Crimsonfire Alligator has an incredible defense. What’s the skill used? The head of the Crimsonfire Alligator exploded after you stepped on it! How could you generate such terrifying power?" As Yi Yeyu interrogated about the acceleration, it reminded Li Lang that Lin Huang had killed the Crimsonfire Alligator in a split second.

"It's Fatal Tactics . It has to be used with Army Attack Tactics . The damage caused is still so-so. The reason the head was crushed is not that my attack is powerful. It was because I stepped on its weak point," Lin Huang explained as he wanted to hide his true abilities.

In fact, there was a weak point on the Crimsonfire Alligator's head. However, Lin Huang did not attack its weak point. He had crushed the strongest bone in the Crimsonfire Alligator's body, causing it to die on the spot.

Since the Crimsonfire Alligator had its carcass eaten by the alligators of the same species right away, Li Lang would be unable to find any evidence. Therefore, he told him that he had attacked its weak point.

Yi Yeyu had heard of a weak point on the Crimsonfire Alligator's head as well. However, she was not sure on which position it actually was. She did not pay attention to the position where Lin Huang stepped on as well. Therefore, she would have no way to verify that as well.

"Let's go. The examiner has left some footprints on the ground. He must be hoping that we can still catch up with him after crossing the river," Lin Huang changed the topic, pointing at the footprints on the ground. He was afraid that he might say something wrong if they continued asking.

As a trainer, although Si Kongjian had purposely asked them to cross the river to increase the elimination rate, he would not have hoped that the passing rate was zero. If he did not leave the footprints behind, the people following him would not be able to know where he had been and this would not be his desired result.

"If we are able to catch up with him so soon, will the squinty-eyed guy continue to test us?" Li Lang started to follow the way Lin Huang addressed the examiner, calling him the squinty-eyed guy.

"I don't think so. The elimination rate is high enough. After crossing the lava river, other than three of us, the majority of them already have a significant amount of their Life Power drained away. Even if he doesn’t like us, it’s less likely that he'll put us in another difficult situation. Not many of them can still bear the torture." Lin Huang shook his head as he knew that the squinty-eyed guy would have such a ruthless plan. It was still a training program and he could not just do whatever he liked.

Li Lang was relieved as he heard what Lin Huang said.

The three of them then looked at the people at the other side of the river. Li Lang looked helplessly at them, waving his hand at the people on the other side of the river. However, as he turned back, Lin Huang and Yi Yeyu could see that he was grinning.

Both of them shook their heads. They then followed the direction of the footprints and ran. Li Lang immediately followed after them as well.

Seeing that Lin Huang and the people were leaving, the rest of them panicked.

After leaving the lava river, the three of them then followed the direction of the footprints. In less than an hour, they caught up with Si Kongjian who was leisurely strolling.

Obviously, Si Kongjian was startled when he saw the three of them. However, none of the staff had reported to him that three of them had broken the rules. This indicated that three of them had passed the test based on their true abilities. He did not say anything but then led the three of them and took off running.

They then followed Si Kongjian at a distance of about 10 meters away, chatting about topics that were not related to the training.

"Is Yi Donglai your great-grandfather?! No wonder your surname is Yi!" Li Lang's eyes widened as he looked at Yi Yeyu. As Li Lang shouted in surprise, Si Kongjian turned around and took a glance at Yi Yeyu.

As an examiner, Si Kongjian had heard about somebody from the Yi family joining the training. However, he had no idea whether the person was male or female. He did not even know what the person's name was. This was because of the fact that other Transcendents were not allowed to be present during the process of Yi Yeyu leveling up to become a Transcendent. Otherwise, she would be unable to ignite her Life Fire. Yi Donglai had never revealed this and the others did not dare ask about it as well; they had only heard the rumors. Si Kongjian even doubted if it was true.

However, as he sized up Yi Yeyu, he could quickly confirm Yi Yeyu's identity. As he knew Yi Yeyu's cousin sister, he found that Yi Yeyu looked somehow similar to her cousin sister.

"I didn't know that you're from the head of the armed forces, the Yis. After leaving this place, can you get an autograph from your great-grandfather for me?" Li Lang asked with an eyebrow raised.

"No!" Yi Yeyu rejected.

"Why? Aren't we friends? I'm just asking for a signature. Why are you being so petty?" Li Lang bugged her.

"Who's your friend? We’ve only known each other since yesterday." Yi Yeyu never expected Li Lang to be so shameless.

"Then, let me ask you, are you friends with Lin Huang?" Li Lang suddenly asked.

"Err…I think so!" Yi Yeyu took a glance at Lin Huang and replied.

"You've admitted that you're Lin Huang's friend and I'm Lin Huang's friend too." Li Lang gave a sly grin and continued to annoy her, "Friend of a friend, so we're friends too!"

"No, we aren't!" Yi Yeyu rejected again.

When it was about five o'clock in the afternoon, there were finally people catching up with them. A group of bald men was a few kilometers away from them, looking weak.

Si Kongjian stopped adding trouble to their journey. He then maintained at the same constant speed that he ran at on the first day. He continued to run until the next day at nine o'clock in the morning. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The first round of training had finally ended…


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