Monster Paradise
280 The Lava River
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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280 The Lava River

Si Kongjian then ran for another few hours, maintaining his current speed. About 20 to 30 of those who were at complete gold-level were about a kilometer away from him. 1,200 of them who were at gold-level rank-3 straggled far away, not even their shadows could be seen.

However, Yi Yeyu and the rest of them had left footprints on the ground, so as long as they had sufficient Life Power and strength, they would be able to catch up with them.

Li Lang was running out of breath as he followed after Lin Huang, soaked in sweat. Yi Yeyu was faring slightly better than him but her back was all slick with sweat as well.

Both of them then looked at Lin Huang who was running in front of them with a strange expression. Lin Huang was running leisurely. He did not feel tired at all, let alone sweat.

Ahead of them, Si Kongjian had noticed something strange about Lin Huang earlier. He seemed to have confirmed that Lin Huang possessed a talent for speed-type abilities and it was a passive ability within his body. Otherwise, as a gold-level rank-2 hunter, he would not have been able to exceed the speed and stamina of those who were at complete gold-level.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

What he did not know was that Lin Huang did indeed possess such a talent but had never used it before.

"What's in front of us?" Li Lang breathed heavily as he shouted. As he raised his head and looked towards the front, he saw something odd.

Lin Huang activated his Boundless Vision and peered out. He then glanced at Si Kongjian who had never intended to change his route. In an instant, he knew his intentions.

"From its color, it looks like it's a lava river…" Yi Yeyu frowned.

Not only had Lin Huang and the two of them noticed that. Even the rest of the team discovered the strange situation that appeared in front of them.

"It looks like lava. Is the examiner not going to change his direction?"

"Is he going to ask us to swim across the river?"

"Hey, keep your big mouth shut!"

A few minutes later, the team arrived in front of the lava river.

The lava river was hundreds of kilometers away and it had a width of more than 10 kilometers. Si Kongjian's eyes were so small, leaving only two small lines on his face as he squinted. However, he had no intention to stop at all. He took a leap, stepping lightly on the lava. In just a few breaths, he made it to the other shore of the river.

Upon arriving at the other side of the river, Si Kongjian stopped and shouted to the team, "You can use any method to come over here. However, you're not allowed to go against my rules. You can't use any flying, dimensional or transportation relics. Summoning monsters are prohibited in the assessment as well."

The moment he finished his sentence, Si Kongjian turned around and jogged away.

Seeing that Si Kongjian was getting further away from them, everyone's face turned grave.

"The lava river is so wide. We can't fly, so how is it possible for us to cross the river? Should we swim?" Li Lang said bitterly.

Yi Yeyu frowned, thinking of how to cross the river.

Part of them had chosen to walk along the riverside. Although they had to run hundreds of meters on top of the existing route, it would be better than swimming across the lava river.

Also, there were some of them who had put on their defensive relics and jumped into the lava river, swimming to the other side of the river. Their defensive relic could be used directly by consuming their Life Crystal instead of using their Life Power.

Of course, Yi Yeyu and Li Lang had such relics as well. However, they were unwilling to swim across the lava river. This was because even the defensive relic would not be able to completely isolate them from the high temperature. Although they would not get hurt, they could not avoid getting their hair burned off of them.

"Are there any other methods?" Yi Yeyu looked at Lin Huang hopefully.

Li Lang shifted his gaze to him as well.

"Yes, there is. But the main thing is, do the both of you trust me?" Lin Huang smiled.

"What's that? Tell me!" Li Lang panicked.

"I can't tell you, I can only do it." Lin Huang shook his head. "That's why I asked if you trust me."

"Yes, I do!" Li Lang ground his teeth. He did not want to walk along the riverside and he did not want to become bald either. Therefore, he could only choose to believe Lin Huang.

Lin Huang then looked at Yi Yeyu.

"Fine, I'll have to believe you for once." Yi Yeyu had no idea what Lin Huang was going to do.

"Give me your hand," Lin Huang told the both of them.

Both of them turned suspicious but they still extended their hands. Lin Huang then grasped their wrists.

"What are you going to do?" Li Lang was confused while Yi Yeyu's face blush.

"Don't struggle. I'm not going to bother if you fall into the lava and turn bald."

Then, he activated Seraphic Speed which was one of his abilities. He carried the both of them and soon, he leaped over the lava river.

Yi Yeyu and Li Lang immediately shouted in fear, struggling to get rid of Lin Huang’s firm hold on them. However, they realized that Lin Huang's fingers were holding their arms tightly as if his fingers were made of steel.

"Please, can you both not move?" Lin Huang said in a low voice.

Both of them were speechless as Lin Huang dragged them and they were inches from falling into the lava river.

Just before Lin Huang's feet approached the lava, he activated Thunder Steps and stepped lightly on the surface of the lava before springing again like an arrow leaving a bow.

Yi Yeyu and Li Lang, who thought that they were going to fall into the lava river, were startled as they gaped at the lava beneath their feet. "Didn’t we fall in?!"

Before the both of them could react to it, Lin Huang had taken the second and third step, stepping on the surface of the lava lightly. Each stride he took was about 100 meters apart, approaching the other side of the river at a speed that was even faster than the examiner. It seemed like the lava beneath his feet was merely decoration as if lava and the regular ground was no different at all to Lin Huang.

Lin Huang continued moving forward with the two of them while those who were standing at the riverside were stunned.

"Damn, that’s an incredible skill!" Li Lang finally reacted and whooped in astonishment.

Out of the blue, a gigantic alligator suddenly emerged from the lava. Its huge body jumped up into the air to a height of about 10 meters and it opened its big jaw as it was about to attack the trio.

The body of the giant alligator was blood red in color. The length of its body was about 30 meters and it was a gold-level rank-3 gigantic monster. Its humongous mouth could engulf the three of them at once.

Many of them who were watching this scene from the riverside shouted in fear the moment the giant alligator appeared.

However, when Li Lang and Yi Yeyu were prepared to attack it, Lin Huang stopped them, "Don't move!"

The next moment, Lin Huang accelerated in mid-air and dodged the gigantic alligator’s attack. He then stepped on the gigantic alligator’s head, jumping over it at a speed that was even faster than before.

Although it was a gold-level rank-3 gigantic alligator, its head exploded abruptly and the rest of its body fell back into the lava after Lin Huang stepped on it. The other bloody gigantic alligators that were in the lava then snapped up its carcass.

"There are Crimsonfire Alligators in the lava river?!"

"The Crimsonfire Alligator which was a monster at gold-level rank-3 is known to have terrifying defense power. Even those who are at complete gold-level have to put in some effort to break its defense down. How could the Crimsonfire Alligator's head get crushed after being stepped by the fellow…?"

Many of them who were watching at the riverside were shocked. They were afraid of the lava river and at the same time, they were terrified by Lin Huang’s ability.

After a short moment, three of them had crossed the lava river that was more than 10 kilometers long. They then descended steadily on the other side of the river.


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