Monster Paradise
277 Undying Bloodoak
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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277 Undying Bloodoak

At night, many people felt uneasy about the shadows that appeared from afar as it was less likely that there would be plants surviving at such a place with lava underground.

As usual, Si Kongjian was smirking as he approached the forest-like area at a constant speed.

When the people that followed Si Kongjian approached the forest, they panicked.

All the trees in the forest had withered, resembling crystals. The trees did not even have any leaves. Each of the trees looked like they had been burnt by extremely high-temperature flames and become cooked in an instant. However, the tree branches still remained in its original form. The trees looked ferocious and spooky like a haunted forest.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Most of them did not know the name of the forest. Only Lin Huang and a minority of them knew Si Kongjian's intentions.

"It seems like many people will be eliminated this round. The squinty-eyed guy…" Lin Huang did not expect Si Kongjian to bring them to this place.

"What's happening? What's wrong with the forest?" Yi Yeyu asked as she heard Lin Huang mumbling.

"Can't you recognize the Undying Bloodoak?" Lin Huang asked with a strange expression.

"Is that the Undying Bloodoak?!" Yi Yeyu's eyes flew wide. Of course, she had heard about this monster before but she did not know how they actually looked like. "Is that the monster that can directly extract Life Power from bodies of various creatures?"

"Not only that. The Undying Bloodoak will only live in places with an adequate supply of energy. Therefore, I think that the lava underneath the Undying Bloodoak possesses spiritual powers. If anyone happens to fall into the lava, perhaps they shouldn't be so worried about just having burn injuries anymore." Lin Huang shifted his gaze towards the ground beneath the Undying Bloodoak.

Normal lava was merely scorching hot and did not consist of Life Power. Most of the injuries caused could be isolated by the protective layer of Life Power produced by their armors. Therefore, despite having a temperature of more than thousands of Celsius, the effect it had on the gold-level hunters was limited. A burn injury might be all it could cause.

However, lava with spiritual powers was different as it could attack one's Life Power. Moreover, its temperature was even higher than that of the ordinary lava with a temperature of more than 3,000 Celsius. Under such a high temperature, only Transcendents with defensive relics would be capable of defending against it as even gold-level weapons would decay. Therefore, be it at gold-level rank-3 or at complete gold-level, one might die if they fell into the pool of lava associated with spiritual powers.

The first thing that Lin Huang thought of right after he had seen the forest was not about how dangerous the place was; it was about Tyrant's advancement instead. He had now found the lava with spiritual powers and the requirement for Tyrant to level up could be met. However, the forest was a hindrance. He had to clear it. Otherwise, if Tyrant fell into the lava, he would probably become prey in this forest.

Although Tyrant was strong, there were more than ten thousand Undying Bloodoaks in the forest. Moreover, all of them were at gold-level, possessing the ability to extract Life Power, so it was dangerous to place Tyrant in such an environment. Therefore, Lin Huang's main concern was different from the others as he did not think of how he should overcome this difficulty. He was considering how he should clear the forest instead.

"The Undying Bloodoak is not afraid of flames. Other than Life Power, they can absorb most of the fire element energy. Only physical attacks will have a greater impact on them…However, the Undying Bloodoak is an undying species. Most of the undying species and soul species are afraid of pure energy…" Just as he was pondering over this, Si Kongjian disappeared into the forest.

Although many of them had no idea what was wrong with the trees, when they saw that some of them had started to take out their weapons, everyone followed suit and stayed alert.

Even Luo Yuan had taken out a gold saber. Yi Yeyu then took out a gold long saber that had a black saber handle.

A customized weapon would usually have better functions than Lin Huang's weapon besides fitting the user better. Since it was custom-made, the material used to forge it would be of better quality as well. Of course, the price would be at least 10 times higher.

However, to Lin Huang, it was unnecessary to own a customized weapon. His speed of leveling up was too fast. He took less than a year to upgrade from iron-level to his current level. If he was to use a customized weapon, he would only use it for a few months and it would be a complete waste of effort.

Unlike Yi Yeyu, since they were royalty members, they had to be conscious of their image. It was normal for them to own a customized weapon for all intents and purposes of status.

"Be careful, just attack using your physical strength. Don't attack them with your Life Power," Lin Huang reminded Yi Yeyu, "This type of monster is very sensitive to energy. They will bug you if you're using Life Power to attack them."

"I know. Though I didn't pay much attention to the monster guide, I've heard about this monster before." Yi Yeyu nodded.

Right after they had entered the forest, the burnt black withered trees seemed to have been awakened by the people. They could smell the aura of Life Power advancing towards them.

Despite the fact that the Life Power being released during the rotation of the movement skill was weak, the Undying Bloodoaks that were sensitive to energy could still sense it.

When Lin Huang saw that the Undying Bloodoaks surrounding them began to twist its branches, extending towards their legs, he immediately noticed the problem. He then told Yi Yeyu, "Stop using the movement skill…"

Both of them immediately stopped using their movement skill, running simply using their own strength.

Only a small group of people realized that as well so that the Undying Bloodoaks would not be aware of them. However, the majority of them had no idea what the Undying Bloodoak was and they did not know the characteristics of the monster either. They wanted to get out of the forest as soon as possible, so they inserted more Life Power into their body instead.

As that happened, the reaction of the Undying Bloodoaks became more intense.

Initially, the tree branches were just looking for their targets. After they had confirmed their targets, they started to tangle around their legs.

The people who were attacked by the Undying Bloodoaks then wielded their weapons to chop off the tree branches. Consequently, a more severe problem arose. Attacks associated with Life Power attracted more attention.

Furthermore, it seemed like the Undying Bloodoaks possessed incredibly fast regenerating ability. After they were chopped off, they managed to regenerate in less than a second and soon, they twisted around the people's legs again.

Seeing so many of them being attacked, Lin Huang shook his head. He then glanced at Yi Yeyu and said, "That's the consequence of not reading the monster guide carefully. They can actually easily pass through the forest but this is what happens to them."

Yi Yeyu stared at Lin Huang. She did not refute him though as it was a fact. If all of them knew the characteristics of the Undying Bloodoak like the back of their hands, they would have definitely chosen to quietly walk through this area.

She could only watch the people in front of her get entangled by the tree branches of the Undying Bloodoaks. Some of the tree branches had even penetrated through their bodies, extracting their Life Power. Yi Yeyu then asked, "Nothing will happen to them, will it?"

"Yes, they'll be fine. The speed of absorption of Life Power by the Undying Bloodoak is slow. It takes them at least one week to absorb the Life Power of creatures that are on the same level as them. There are only two days remaining until the end of the training. They will be rescued and sent out of this place when the training ends."

Lin Huang shook his head and continued, "Moreover, those who joined the training are elites. There must be people looking after them here."

Although they were running with just their strength, they were not that much slower than those who ran using the movement skill.

In addition to the attacks that they encountered, both of them had overtaken those who got entangled by the Undying Bloodoaks. Also, they were consuming a large amount of Life Power to attack the tree branches that bugged them. He shook his head. "They just can't stop making people worry about them…"


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