Monster Paradise
276 The Evil Squinty Eyed Guy
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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276 The Evil Squinty Eyed Guy

At noon, the scorching sun was hanging high in the air, causing the temperature of Volcano Hell that was already burning hot to skyrocket even further.

As the sun shone, the bald men who did not even have eyebrows became even more obvious and their heads reflected dazzling colors. What made most people speechless was when the group of people was running, their body would bob up and down, resembling waves of bald heads.

The rest of them including Lin Huang could not stop laughing as they saw the bald men.

However, the group of people that got their hair burnt off did not feel happy at all and they glared at them.

After running through the night for more than 20 hours, a large amount of Life Power had been depleted. In addition to the influence of the high temperatures, other than Lin Huang and a few of them that remained unaffected, most of them were fatigued. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"All of you are weaker than I expected. It has only been one day and all of you are already so tired?" Si Kongjian insulted with a smile and his voice rang out clearly.

However, only a small group of people was triggered while most of them did not bother at all.

"I'll bring all of you to a place that’ll make you feel excited." As they did not seem to be motivated by the words he uttered, Si Kongjian's eyes turned to crescent-shaped moons. Obviously, he had some bad intentions again.

Right after they heard what he said, they panicked.

"Again?" Lin Huang had expected this to happen.

Yi Yeyu, who was standing beside Lin Huang, then stared at him as she did not expect that what Lin Huang had said to really happen.

Standing in front of the team, Si Kongjian suddenly took out a bottle of green elixir from his storage space, pouring it on himself. He suddenly turned back, heading towards two o'clock. The group of people behind him had no choice but to follow after him as they were afraid that they would be unable to catch up with him.

They then ran for another half an hour. Soon, the group of people saw monsters beginning to appear from afar. They instantly knew Si Kongjian's intentions and their faces turned grave.

"He’s trying to make use of the monsters to increase the consumption of our Life Power!" The moment Lin Huang saw the monsters, he knew why Si Kongjian had brought the team to this area. "The squinty-eyed guy is indeed evil."

In fact, as Lin Huang expected, Si Kongjian led the group of people to break into the area where most of the monsters gathered. Many of the monsters started to attack them when the humans entered. However, none of the monsters attacked Si Kongjian. With no obstacles, he kept running forward without even reducing his speed.

The people who followed after Si Kongjian noticed that something was strange. They recalled the green elixir that he had poured on his body earlier.

"Is that a monster repellent elixir?" Lin Huang noticed that as well although he could not recognize what it was previously. However, as he saw that all the monsters were ignoring Si Kongjian, he instantly knew what the green elixir was.

The monster repellent elixir could not actually keep all the monsters away or completely avoid monster attacks but most monsters did not like the smell of the elixir. Therefore, when there was a group of people, the monsters would choose to avoid those who had the elixir and attack those who did not have the scent of the elixir on their body instead. However, without Lin Huang and the team, Si Kongjian would be attacked as well if he broke into the monster crowd.

The situation was similar to having several dishes served on the dining table. The leftovers would probably be the food that tasted bad as no one would go for those. However, if the food that tasted bad was the only dish being served and the diners were hungry, they would still eat it regardless of its taste.

When Si Kongjian led everyone to break into the area, most of the monsters were gold-level rank-3. There were only a small number of gold-level rank-2 monsters. Apparently, he had planned the route in advance.

It was a group of Crimsonblood Boas that first attacked Lin Huang and the rest of them.

The Crimsonblood Boa was categorized as an elemental monster according to the elemental charts. To be more accurate, it was a fire element monster based on the charts.

They lived in lava and they looked like they were completely made of flames. Normally, the length of their body ranged from 10 to 30 meters and their combat abilities varied from gold-level rank-1 to rank-3. If they upgraded to Transcendent, their body would grow beyond 100 meters. Therefore, there was a different name for the Transcendent Crimsonblood Boas – the Gigantic Crimsonblood Boa.

The main form of attack of the Crimsonblood Boa was control of the fire element and long-range attacks.

Right after the Gigantic Crimsonblood Boa discovered Lin Huang and the rest of them, it immediately chased after them. Soon, many of the Crimsonblood Boas spat red fireballs from their mouth at the group of people.

Seeing the team being attacked, they could not ignore it. As Si Kongjian did not run very quickly, they could not get rid of the Crimsonblood Boas directly. If they did not kill the monsters, the monsters would not stop chasing them.

The people who were being attacked had left the main team, pouncing towards the Crimsonblood Boas.

Other than Lin Huang, basically all of them who attended the special training were gold-level rank-3 or were complete gold-level. Despite the fact that the combat abilities of the Crimsonblood Boa were not that weak and that there were quite a number of them, they were still being killed one after the other.

The people who killed the Crimsonblood Boas quickly returned to the team after they had killed the monsters. Although it did not take up much of their time, the consumption of their Life Power had increased.

The monsters did not attack Lin Huang and Yi Yeyu. They were not involved in the slaughter as well. Yi Yeyu then understood the importance of saving her Life Power after Lin Huang reminded her to do so. She would try not to strike if it was not necessary to do so.

Life Power could be used up quickly. However, a long period of time was required to replenish the Life Power.

The Crimsonblood Boas were the first group of monsters that they encountered. After encountering that attack, Lin Huang and the team were attacked by six more groups of monsters in the afternoon once every hour.

The people had become clever after being attacked by the monsters for several times. Before the monsters attacked them, they would not kill the monsters as they were all afraid that they would use up their Life Power.

After having their dinner, the sky turned dark.

Many of them were fatigued as they were supposed to rest at night. After running for more than 30 hours, of course, most of them were exhausted beyond belief. In fact, even Lin Huang started to feel sleepy. Yi Yeyu could not even stop yawning. She seldom stayed up late at night since she was young, which was why she could hardly adapt to life without rest.

Even though they were sleepy and tired, they dared not let their guard down. They were worried that they would be stepping on the wrong place as well as the monsters attacking them.

"Eh, why is there a forest here?" Seeing that Si Kongjian had led them to a forest, Lin Huang started to frown…


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