Monster Paradise
274 All Squinty Eyed People Are Monsters
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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274 All Squinty Eyed People Are Monsters

Si Kongjian looked like he was taking a stroll because every stride he took was more than 10 meters apart. The people behind him trailed him closely. Even Lin Huang and Yi Yeyu who were the last among everyone were less than 500 meters away from Si Kongjian. It was soon time for lunch. However, the examiner Si Kongjian did not seem like he was going to stop anytime soon, so many of them proceeded to follow him.

Most of them had decided not to eat and have something good at night instead when they got to rest while some of them took out snacks from their storage space and started eating as they ran. Lin Huang was one of them who was snacking on the move. He opened a packet of dried meat and passed one to Yi Yeyu. She then waved her hand at him.

"I shall eat at night. It feels weird to eat while I run."

"What’s wrong with that? Nobody is going to watch anyway. What if he doesn’t stop at night? Are you not going to eat as well?" Lin Huang asked with his eyebrows raised.

"Even if he doesn’t stop for dinner, wouldn’t he stop for sleep at least? I'll eat something before we sleep since it’s just going to be three days on the move," Yi Yeyu said, insisting on not eating.

"What if he doesn’t stop for sleep?" Lin Huang mumbled as he stuffed a piece of dried meat into his mouth.

"He wouldn’t be this ridiculous... I hope!" Yi Yeyu looked at Lin Huang with her eyes wide open.

Lin Huang shrugged his shoulders and passed her the packet of dried meat again.

"You sure you don’t want any?"

"No, maybe I will eat some at night." Yi Yeyu turned her head away.

"There won’t be anything left later, let alone at night. Don’t you know I'm hitting puberty now? I eat a lot," Lin Huang said in all seriousness.

"Why would I want your snacks? I have my own." Yi Yeyu huffed.

"Alright, then. It’s up to you, it’s not I who is hungry anyway." Lin Huang put another slice of dried meat into his mouth.

"Go away, I don’t need your sympathy!" Yi Yeyu was not mad at what Lin Huang said but at the irritating expression on his face.

Time passed by. Soon, it was past six in the evening and it was almost time for dinner. Finally, some of them realized that something was amiss as the examiner Si Kongjian did not seem to be stopping.

The person who was running in front decided to ask, "Examiner, are we not stopping for a while to rest or to eat something?"

"You can rest whenever you want, I’m not forcing you to follow me," Si Kongjian replied.

The person was shocked when he heard Si Kongjian’s reply while people nearby started to mumble among themselves.

"Will he do the same to us at night when we’re supposed to sleep?"

"Examiner, do we get to sleep at night?"

"As I said, you can rest whenever you want as long as you manage to keep up with me. However, I will not rest," Si Kongjian replied.

Shock rippled through the crowd when they heard what he said and they finally realized how tough the training was. Soon, the news was passed to the back and Yi Yeyu’s jaw dropped when she heard his reply.

She then turned around and said in a deadly tone to Lin Huang, "Look at your big mouth has done!"

"What does that have to do with me? I said there’s such a possibility. It’s the examiner who decided that." Lin Huang’s arms were spread wide open as he feigned innocence.

"Of course, I would want to sleep at night."

"Three days and two nights…It seems like we’ll have to put up with two torturous nights," Yi Yeyu said helplessly.

"Would you like to eat now?" Lin Huang took out another packet of dried meat.

"I have my own." Yi Yeyu looked away again.

Seeing Yi Yeyu take out her own snacks, Lin Huang put away the packet in his hand.

"I think the first round of training wouldn’t be as simple as not getting to sleep…" Lin Huang mumbled which eating some dried vegetables.

"What do you mean?" Yi Yeyu looked at him.

"We are all at gold-level. Looking at the speed of the squinty-eyed examiner, it doesn’t really exhaust much of our strength and Life Power. Even if we don’t rest for three days and two nights, our bodies should be able to take it. If that’s the only criteria of the training, the passing rate will be 100%. Therefore, I think there’ll be some other unknown challenges in this round of training," Lin Huang explained confidently as he munched on the dried vegetables. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Can you stop saying stuff like that!" Yi Yeyu glared angrily at Lin Huang.

"It’s not I who wants to jinx it. Squinty-eyed people are usually difficult." Lin Huang recalled a famous saying in an anime on Earth that went - All squinty-eyed people are monsters, which was the reason he had his guard up when he met the examiner.

"Nonsense!" Yi Yeyu scoffed and did not care about Lin Huang while eating her snacks.

The sun set in the ruins and night finally arrived. Seeing that the sky was dark, Si Kongjian who was leading the participants smirked and turned in another direction out of nowhere. Those who followed behind him turned with him without thinking twice. It was not even 8 p.m. and the sky was completely dark. Although all of them were at gold-level and their visions were not affected much, they still could not see as clearly as during the day.

Si Kongjian proceeded to speed up and he brought all of them to an open flatland. Suddenly, a macho man from the crowd following him stepped into the ground and got half his leg stuck. As he was attempting to pull his leg out, his leg was covered by boiling lava. If not for the gold-level armor that he was wearing with the Life Power covering him, his right leg would have been destroyed. He rolled on the ground while using some of his equipment to get rid of the lava residue on his leg. The hair on his leg was all gone, making his whole limb bald.

Many of the people who knew him saw and teased him, "Wow! Such a smooth leg you’ve got there!"

"Go away!" the macho man shouted.

Although there was gold-level armor protecting him and he managed to pull it out fast enough, there was a slight burn on his leg. He applied some elixir on it and changed into a new pair of pants as well as fresh shoes before starting to run again.

However, some people ran into the same lava ground that he did later on. They suffered similar injuries like him, some even falling completely into the lava, havingtheir hair and eyebrows burnt off. If not for their gold-level bodies which were stronger than regular people, coupled with the protection of their gold-level armor and Life Power, many people would have died.

Lin Huang and Yi Yeyu saw what was happening from far behind, so they were extra careful. Yi Yeyu accidentally stepped into the fragile ground but she did not step into the lava as she reacted quickly.

"This is all your fault!" Yi Yeyu complained as she almost injured herself.

"How could you blame me? It’s the squinty-eyed man’s fault." Lin Huang looked innocently at her.


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