Monster Paradise
273 The Beginning - Training
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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273 The Beginning - Training

After a short self-introduction, Si Kongjian started talking about the content of the training.

"The objective of the first round of training is to train your stamina and tolerance. It’s simple. All I need you to do is to run a couple of rounds with me."

Everybody looked at each other as nobody believed that the training was as simple as what Si Kongjian had just said.

"Don’t look at me with such doubt. It’s really just running. However, the result of the first round will determine if you can enter the second round of training…" Si Kongjian added when he saw the disbelief on their faces.

Everyone present listened carefully as Si Kongjian was speaking.

"The final destination will be the location of the second round of the training. If you can’t catch up with me, then you’ll be sent away before the second round starts. Let you give you a friendly reminder that the ground in this ruins isn’t solid, so it’s possible to fall into the lava if the ground breaks…" Many of them were alert when they heard what Si Kongjian said.

"The rule is simple and there’s only one rule. You’re not allowed to use any sort of transportation including summoning monsters, flight weapons and relics, dimensional equipment and relics as well as all sorts of transportation. Those who cheat will be disqualified and blacklisted. You’ll never be able to participate in any activities in the Union Government!"

Some of them who intended to cheat gave up their tricks when they heard the severity of the punishment.

"In a nutshell, all you have to do is to follow behind me until I say the training is done." Si Kongjian looked seriously at the people there.

"Is everyone clear?"

All of them nodded and replied, "Yes!"

"Please ask any questions you may have now." Si Kongjian looked at them again.

Lin Huang was the first one who raised his hand.

"Go ahead." Si Kongjian nodded at Lin Huang.

"I would like to know how many rounds of training are there. How long round of training is and after the training is done, are we allowed to stay in the ruins?" Lin Huang asked all three questions at once.

"I can only answer a portion of your questions," Si Kongjian said, "There are a total of three rounds in the training. The first round will take three days while the other two will depend on the examiners. About staying in the ruins, I can’t answer that question."

Lin Huang nodded. He was not satisfied with the answer but Si Kongjian had already done his best.

"How does the point system work? We heard Mr. Yi saying that this training goes by a point system earlier," somebody asked.

"I thought I would only tell you about that when the assessment started, but since you asked, I shall tell you now then."

Si Kongjian started to explain, "As the assessment ends, those who are late for less than 3 minutes after me will obtain 1000 points.

"Those who are late for 3 to 10 minutes will obtain 500 points.

"After 10 to 30 minutes, you’ll obtain 300 points.

"After 30 minutes to an hour, you’ll get 200 points.

"Those who are late for one to three hours will obtain 100 points.

"If you’re late for three to five hours, you’ll obtain 50 points.

"Those who are late for five to 24 hours will not get any points but will still pass this round’s assessment.

"And those who are late for more than 24 hours will be considered as having no result and therefore, disqualified."

Hearing the how the point system worked, many of them realized that the points were difficult to get. Otherwise, the highest points for the first round of training would not be merely 1000 points. Some of them asked a couple of questions on the point system while Si Kongjian gave vague answers which made it impossible to determine what the accumulated points could be used for in the next two rounds.

Seeing that nobody was raising their hands anymore, Si Kongjian was ready to start the training. Suddenly, he thought of something else.

"Oh yeah, you guys should already know about this but just in case anybody isn’t aware, I shall remind you. The communication and network functions on the Emperor’s Heart Ring won’t be available in the ruins. Same goes for the maps and coordinates, they are not usable here. The only use of the ring is for you to store things and look at the time.

"That’s all I have to say, there should be nothing else. Do any of you have any more questions?" Si Kongjian checked the time on his Emperor’s Heart Ring.

Everybody shook their heads as they had basically asked everything that they wanted.

"Alright then, it’s 9:12 a.m. now. The cut-off time for the first round of training will be at 9 a.m. three days later." Switching off the time, Si Kongjian descended from the sky.

"The first round of training has officially started!"

After he said that, Si Kongjian turned around and dashed away. Many of them followed him in an instant.

"Quick, don’t be left out!" Li Lang waved at Lin Huang.

"You go first, don’t bother about me." Lin Huang waved back.

Li Lang thought about it and figured that Lin Huang might have his own strategy of preserving his strength as his combat strength was the lowest among everyone in the training. His body physique was not comparable to gold-level rank-3 and a complete gold-level. He nodded and left without him.

Lin Huang sprinted and headed to where Yi Yeyu was.

"Please excuse me, I would like to talk to my friend. You guys go ahead," Yi Yeyu said to the men and slowed down while waiting for Lin Huang to come to her.

The men did not want to risk anything, so they ran quickly behind Si Kongjian immediately.

"Not bad, you managed to level-up to gold-level in such short period of time. You’re now a gold-level rank-2…" she checked him out as he ran towards her.

"My luck was good." Lin Huang smiled.

"Bullsh*t, save it for yourself." Although a portion of Yi Yeyu’s memories had been wiped away, she figured that there was something Lin Huang did that he did not tell anyone.

As he managed to level-up from barely an iron-level to his current gold-level rank-2 within 11 months, that was 11 ranks that he surpassed, taking less than a month on average for every rank. Such speed was unusual. However, as his friend, Yi Yeyu knew that she should not ask him about his secret.

"Has Bro Yi Zheng leveled up to Transcendent?" Lin Huang asked since Yi Zheng was already a complete gold-level 10 months ago. It was impossible and unnecessary that he still remained at gold-level.

"He was already a Transcendent half a year ago," Yi Yeyu replied.

"How about you? You should be a complete gold-level as well. Why haven’t you leveled up?" Lin Huang thought it was strange as Yi Yeyu was already a gold-level rank-3 10 months ago. No matter how much time the Life Power compression took, three to four months would be sufficient. Even for the less talented, it would not take them more than half a year.

"I have been a complete gold-level since eight months ago. I have been dragging it as there’s something wrong with my body. The Transcendent monster that my family wanted me to get doesn’t suit me, so they have been looking for a monster that suits me. I heard that there’s a Fire Phoenix in this ruins so I decided to join this training," Yi Yeyu explained.

"So, that means we are free to roam around when the training ends?" Lin Huang asked.

"Yes, but my great-grandfather did not tell me the exact content of the training. He only told me to find a partner to kill the Fire Phoenix together whenever there’s an opportunity."

"So, the general of Union Government, Yi Donglai, is really your great-grandfather?" Lin Huang’s eyes flew wide open.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Yes, but he's retired a long time ago with the designation of a general. If not for me, he wouldn't have shown himself this time." Yi Yeyu did not hide the fact as she knew that it would be useless to do so.

"I’ve got so much respect for you." Lin Huang gave her a thumbs up.

"Oh yeah, do you need my help to kill the Fire Phoenix?"

"You? Although your speed of leveling up is fast, forget about helping me. The Fire Phoenix is a double mutated Transcendent monster and it's a phoenix-type monster. Its ability is similar to a sky dragon of the same level. My great-grandfather has arranged a couple of Demon Slayer Legion reserve members to help me, but I’m not sure if we'd be 100% successful. You’d better not mess around with such things," Yi Yeyu shook her head and rejected Lin Huang’s offer. She honestly thought that Lin Huang might be a burden to her. It would be already troublesome if she were to bring Lin Huang just for exposure but she did not even have the confidence to complete the task. It was a double mutated monster after all. Moreover, it was a phoenix-type Transcendent monster.

"Alright then…" Lin Huang knew he was being underestimated again.

"Enough about me, let’s talk about you. I only knew about you leveling up to bronze-level with Fatty a few months back and I forgot everything else that happened after that. You seemed busy so I didn’t contact you." Yi Yeyu was curious about what Lin Huang had been doing for the past couple of months.

"I was captured by the Purple Crow, but it’d be ridiculous if you knew that!" Lin Huang thought to himself.

"Nothing much, I’m training mostly. I spent my time training my Life Skill and killing Life Seed monsters," Lin Huang lied.

"I remember you were trained in Army Attack Tactics until level-6, am I right? You should be level-7 now, I guess?" Yi Yeyu remembered that he asked her about the Army Attack Tactics earlier and that he was already on level-6.

"I’m on level-8 now," Lin Huang told the truth this time. The card pieces for level-9 were too much; he needed 810,000 card pieces. Throughout the six months, Lin Huang allowed his Life Power to rotate by itself and he was hardly working on it at all. Until now, he had only accumulated 150,000 Army Attack Tactics card pieces and he was still far from his target of 810,000 card pieces.

"Level-8?! You have such terrifying abilities!" Yi Yeyu looked at Lin Huang in obvious envy.

"No wonder you could level-up so fast…"

Lin Huang did not explain much about this as Yi Yeyu’s misunderstanding would save him the time and effort to. The both of them were the last two people in the training to leave and time passed by as they chatted…


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