Monster Paradise
270 Yi Donglai
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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270 Yi Donglai

At foothold No.7A1 was the White Capital. There was a gigantic building that was like a giant pillar stood tall into the sky. It was not only the tallest building in the White Capital, but the tallest building in Division7 as well. It was more than 3,800 meters tall. Almost everyone who visited White Capital for the first time would look at it whenever they were nearby, wanting to see just how tall the building was. However, nobody could get an answer to the question they were all wondering about - Where was the top of the building?

Lin Huang stood at the plaza under the giant building and looked up to the sky.

"The Union Government’s headquarter is so cool!" Lin Huang could not help himself and exclaimed. His vision was almost covered by the clouds, he could not even see the top portion of the building.

"Such a big office building... The Union Government sure is generous!"

"They are, it’s a demigod-level relic after all." Mr. Fu smiled as he spoke.

"Master, are you saying this office building is a…" Lin Huang looked at Mr. Fu with his eyes wide opened.

"Of course, who would spend so much effort building a gigantic ordinary building. If the underworld organizations were to invade this place, any holy fire-level Transcendent could destroy it easily. Would anyone want to rebuild it again and again?" Mr. Fu said like it was no big deal.

Lin Huang thought about it and agreed. If it was a normal building, it would be destroyed easily. It would be troublesome if they had to rebuild it again and again after it was destroyed.

"Division7 is not the only division that has this. The Union Government headquarters in Division4 to Division12 have similar demigod relics that are functional defensive relics. The same goes for other major organizations as everyone is afraid that outsiders would invade their home turf." Mr. Fu added.

"If Division4 to Division12 have demigod relics... What about Division1 to Division3?" Lin Huang asked with an answer in his mind but he wanted to confirm with Mr. Fu.

"They have god-level relics of course. Division1 to Division3 are the core zones of the human race. Those guys are richer than us." Mr. Fu sounded a little off when he said that.

"Are Division1 to Division3 busy?" Lin Huang asked further.

"Of course they are!" Mr. Fu nodded.

"Do you see how busy the White Capital is?"

"Yes." Lin Huang nodded.

"The White Capital is the busiest foothold with the biggest area in Division7, it’s 15 million square kilometers. However, any A-grade foothold in Division3 is at least 12 million square kilometers and many of them are probably around 18 million square kilometers. Division3 is the biggest A-grade foothold and is 28 million square kilometers. It's almost twice the size of the White Capital."

"On the matter of how busy it is, any A-grade foothold in Division3 is comparable to the White Capital or is probably even busier. You'll find out when you get to Division3. Even a C-grade foothold there is more crowded than many of our B-grade footholds here. Their economic standard is on the next level."

"Division3 has the weakest ability as a whole amongst the three core zones. Division1 and Division2 are way beyond Division3's level. They're simply too far apart." Mr. Fu said while sipping from his wine bottle.

"Are the core zones really as crowded as this…" Lin Huang could not imagine that.

"The more crowded a place is, the more filthy it is. Don’t ever assume that crowded place is better. Since we’re on the topic, I'm going to warn you not to trust people easily when you go to the core zones in the future."

"Oh…" Lin Huang did not understand why Mr. Fu gave him such warning but he nodded anyway.

As they were chatting, there were more and more people on the plaza. Most of them came under different organizations with each group having 10 to 20 members while others even have hundreds of members. They were basically all gold-level rank-3 or a complete gold-level. Mr. Fu was the only one who brought one person and it seemed like Lin Huang was the only one there who was gold-level rank-2, making him stand out from the rest. It was clear that Mr. Fu had a high reputation as many transcendent leaders would come to him to chat but the conversations were very formal. Some of them asked about Lin Huang but Mr. Fu would always give them the same answer with a chuckle.

"He’s my apprentice."

Most of them were surprised when they heard this and they would look at Lin Huang.

When it was past eight in the morning, a big group of people was sent to the plaza. The leader was an old man with a white hair bun. Beside him was Zhu Nian who Lin Huang already knew. As the old man and Zhu Nian arrived, many transcendent approached them. The old man seemed to have a high reputation as well and Zhu Nian had just been promoted to a senior executive officer of the Hunter Association so many came to greet him along with the old man he was with.

"Is the old man a senior executive officer of the Hunter Association?" Lin Huang did not know Old Li but he knew about Zhu Nian after reading the news of him being promoted to a senior executive officer. However, it was the old man who led the team instead of Zhu Nian.

"Yes, his name is Li Yunlong. He’s the most senior among all the executive officers in Division7's Hunter Association. Some of the elders even have to give way to him."

"If he's Li Yunlong… I’m for visiting.

"Hello, everyone. I see many old faces here but I guess not many young people know my identity. I shall introduce myself then. My name is Yi Donglai, the founder of the Demon Slayer Legion in Division7. I'm also the first general of this army…"Chu Yunfei is the name of a Chinese actor


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