Monster Paradise
261 Lin Huang Leveled-Up To Gold-level
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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261 Lin Huang Leveled-Up To Gold-level

The sudden third mutation of the Ghastly Clown came unexpectedly to Lin Huang. However, he suspected the sudden mutation could have been caused by the intense battle it had with the silver-armored monster. The Ghastly Clown belonged to the psychic type and wasn't exactly good in a battle, especially close-quarter combat. On the other hand, the silver-armored creature was obviously a monster that was fast and an expert in close-quarter combat. Perhaps the immense stress from the silver-armored monster had triggered the Ghastly Clown to breakthrough.

As the Ghastly Clown left, the silver-armored monster was slammed into the ground with Lin Huang’s immediate reaction.


After summoning Bai, Lin Huang followed behind him as they walked closer to the place where the silver-armored monster had fallen. It was a big, deep spherical hole that was at least 20 meters in diameter. Lin Huang looked from far away, the silver-armored monster had returned to its usual form, clad in silver armor. There was no lightning sparking on its body and it was lying at the bottom of the hole quietly. Its chest was almost completely destroyed but as there was no notification from Xiao Hei informing him that he had obtained any monster card pieces or a complete monster card, he was curious if the silver-armored monster had been killed by the Ghastly Clown’s earlier slam.

"Bai, go take a look." Before confirming the silver-armored monster was dead, Lin Huang remained aware. Bai immediately jumped into the hole and glided down to the monster at the bottom of the hole. After observing the monster for a while, he nodded to Lin Huang, signaling that the coast was clear. Lin Huang then jumped into the hole and started to observe the silver-armored monster. He noticed that its chest was severely injured and it should have died from that hit. Although he had confirmed that the monster was not moving, Lin Huang was still worried as the monster just seemed too strong.

"Bai, tie up its wings and hands." Four Blood Spirit wings grew on Bai’s back and instantly transformed into four whips, tying the silver-armored monster’s wings and hands. Meanwhile, Lin Huang took out a Provisional Transformation Card as he looked at the remaining Life Power in his body.

"I didn’t want to waste a transformation card but I need this now as I don’t have sufficient Life Power to kill it."

As Bai watched, Lin Huang crushed the transformation card and transformed into Bai. He did not only have white hair but similar features as well. After Lin Huang transformed himself into Bai, he could feel that his Life Power was finally full again. While in his transformed body, he could still kill monsters to obtain their Life Seed. He had confirmed this when he killed the Purple Dressed Demon half a year ago.

He was unwilling to use a transformation card this time as he was sure that he was able to kill the silver-armored monster with his own strength, there was no need to waste one transformation card at all. However, he had inserted a total of four wheels of Life Power into Worldly Purification in order to break through the defense and since he had used up all of his Life Power, he had no more left to kill the silver-armored monster even though it was just lying there.

After he transformed, Lin Huang’s combat strength was upgraded to gold-level rank-3 like Bai. He could feel that he was much stronger than he was before and the gold-level rank-3 Life Power in his body was full. After taking a while to adapt to his body, Lin Huang’s eyes soon turned red with the four Blood Spirit wings growing on his back while the Life Power was continuously inserted into the top right wing.

Later on, the Blood Spirit wing transformed into blades and went at the silver-armored monster’s badly injured chest with lightning speed. Before Lin Huang arrived in front of it, it seemed to sense the danger and woke up. It started struggling in an attempt to escape from Bai. However, it was too late and the blade pierced into its chest and through its back. The silver-armored monster stopped struggling and Lin Huang then heard two notifications from Xiao Hei.

"Congratulations, you have obtained an Epic Monster Card - Nephilic Judge!"

"You are currently in a unique mode; the transformation will be lifted automatically."

Before Lin Huang got to look at his new card, white Life Power came out of the Nephilic Judge’s body into Lin Huang’s body. The Life Wheel in his body changed rapidly, the color was changing from a silver color to a majestic gold color. Rings were added to the nine Life Wheels that he had in his body. 10 circles, 11 circles… It finally stopped when 12 columns of circles were formed and the silver Life Power had become golden.

As the changes took place with his Life Wheels, Lin Huang could feel that his ability was also upgrading. As more Life Light was inserted, a golden seed fell from the Nephilic Judge’s body and into Lin Huang’s Life Wheel.

"New Life Seed detected. Would you like to transform the Life Seed into a card?"

"Yes!" Lin Huang replied without hesitation.

A few minutes later, the Life Light had stopped transferring into Lin Huang’s body and the changes were finally stabilizing. He could feel he was more powerful now with the silver Life Power now completely golden. The 12 circles of Life Wheels in his body were shining with columns of gold. They were a symbol that he had achieved gold-level. As he snapped out of it, Lin Huang looked at the new epic Monster Card that he had just obtained.

"Monster Card"

"Rarity: Epic"

"Monster Name: Nephilic Judge"

"Type of Monster: Half-angel"

"Combat Level: Gold-Level Rank-3 (Complete)"

"Skill 1: Spearheart"

"Skill 2: Seraphic Speed"

"Skill 3: Seraphic Wings"

"Skill 4: Judgement Spear"

"Skill 5: Lightning Control (Advance)"

"Skill 6: Elemental Transformation (Lightning)"

"Summon Authority: Activated"

"Remarks: Monster skills have yet to be fully discovered, two more skills are on the way"

"Card Remarks: Trainable"

"Spearheart: Enhance the understanding of spears; allowing one to achieve Spear Dao from within."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Seraphic Speed: Once activated the movement and attack speeds will have an explosive increase and the neural responses will be immensely increased."

"Remarks: The skill is the result of a double upgrade of Rapid Speed."

"Seraphic Wings: The passive six wings can be used for flying and as a weapon as well as a defensive shield."

"Remarks: The wings can change modes up to a certain level."

"Judgement Spear: An epic-level spear skill, a complete set of spear skills in fighting and defense."

"Remarks: Two spear combat forms will be obtained in the next upgrade."

"Lightning Control (Advance): Can use this skill to control the elemental force of lightning."

"Elemental Transformation (Lightning): Can be used to transform the body into lightning."

"Remark 1: After the transformation, the body will be immune to basic physical attacks."

"Remark 2: If the physical attack contains any energy of a different kind; the two energies would collide, resulting in injuries."

Lin Huang was doubtful after reading the description of the card, he turned around and looked at Bai next to him and asked Xiao Hei.

"Xiao Hei, since I’m now a gold-level, why didn’t my epic-level cards also upgrade to holy fire-level following the upgrade of my combat strength? This seems to be the case for both the new gold-level rank-3 Nephilic Judge complete card that I just obtained along with Bai. Bloody aside, I thought that all the other cards with epic-level combat strength would be upgraded to at least the holy-fire level?

"The usual combat strength of epic-level cards are holy fire-level or above. However, the upgrade of a level won't automatically upgrade your Monster Cards as you would need to unseal those cards first. Since you're now gold-level, you can look at the unsealing conditions on the back of your cards."

Lin Huang immediately turned the card around and saw a golden lock in the middle of the card. He thought it was just decorative so he did not bothered to look any further. Now that Xiao Hei reminded him, he tapped on the golden lock.

"This card is currently sealed, you'll have to unseal the card to be able to upgrade it to the holy fire-level."

"Unsealing Condition: Get the Nephilic Judge to complete one judgment!"

"Description: Get the Nephilic Judge to kill a dark creature that is holy fire-level or above."

"Remark 1: You can lead other summoning monsters to help with the kill but no other parties are allowed to help."

"Remark 2: The assistants have to be lower than holy fire-level."

"It’ll have to kill a transcendent dark creature?" Lin Huang frowned as he read the terms.

"Do these dark creatures mean demons, undead, and spirit type monsters?"

"Demons, undead, and spirit type monsters… All of them are dark creatures with negative energies." Xiao Hei explained.

"Each monster has different unsealing conditions them, right?" Lin Huang asked directly without looking at Bai and the other monster cards.

"Yes, the unsealing conditions for the cards are related to the monster itself." Xiao Hei answered with certainty.

"Alright then, I'll extract the skill first." Lin Huang wanted to settle this and then check on the Ghastly Clown as soon as he could.

"Skill extraction activated… Randomly picking a skill… Skill has been chosen… Congratulations, you've obtained - Lightning Control (Advance)."

"Err, a skill to control the elements?" Lin Huang did not expect that he would obtain such a skill randomly. What he actually desired the most was Seraphic Speed. However, recalling the scene of the Nephilic Judge summoning the lightning, he had to admit that having the ability to control the elements was rather powerful.

"I’m not sure what I got for my Life Seed card…" Lin Huang then looked at his Life Seed card.

"Life Seed Card"

"Life Seed Name: Seraphic Speed"

"Rarity: Epic"

"Type: Intensification"

"Talent Effects: Once activated, the user's movement and attack speed will have an explosive increase along with an immense improvement in neural responses."

"Card Remarks: Not bad"

Lin Huang was relieved as the Seraphic Speed Life Seed was the upgrade of Rapid Speed that he had wanted earlier. After confirming that there was no problem in the Life Seed that he obtained, he looked towards the lake.

"I'm not sure how the Ghastly Clown is doing, let’s go and check it out together."


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