Monster Paradise
259 Silver-Armored Monster VS The Ghastly Clown
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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259 Silver-Armored Monster VS The Ghastly Clown

After deciding on the plan, Lin Huang didn't execute right away but instead, contacted Xiao Hei in his mind.

"Xiao Hei, is there any way that I can increase the chances of me getting a complete card?"

After fighting with the silver-armored monster, Lin Huang was sure that it was definitely a double mutated monster. Whether it was a double mutated Starlight Beast or not, this monster had a powerful ability so while he was hunting a Life Seed monster, he hoped to obtain a complete monster card as well.

"With your authorization level and the number of card pieces that you have, the only way to do that is to redeem a Probability Enhancing Card."

"Each Probability Enhancing Card can increase the chances of obtaining a specific complete card by 1% of, the maximum enhancement is at 50%"

"You'd need 10,000 card pieces to redeem one Probability Enhancing Card if your level is under transcendent. You've got a total of 42,813 card pieces right now, the most you can redeem will be four cards."

"More than 40,000…. Isn’t that the total amount of card pieces from iron-level to gold-level? Can I use all of them to redeem Probability Enhancing Cards?" Lin Huang didn't expect himself to be able to redeem four cards.

"Yes, from iron-level to gold-level. As a whole, all of them are under the same category. Besides redeeming Monster Cards of the same level, redeeming Function Cards and Special Cards would also fall under the same category. However, if you obtain the card pieces by killing monsters that are lower than your combat strength, they won't work as you can only redeem Monster Cards of the same combat strength."

"This restriction must be to prevent any people from obtaining lower level card pieces which is easier than obtaining higher level card pieces when they leveled up…" Lin Huang understood the reason for the restrictions immediately.

"If I can only redeem four cards, that means I can only enhance the probability to 4%… It’s still too low."

After giving it some thoughts, Lin Huang asked again.

"Oh yeah, can I use this Probability Enhancing Card together with a Double Reward Card?"

"Yes, but you could only use the Double Reward Card on the Probability Enhancing Card once. You cannot use more than one."

"If that’s the case, the 4% can only increase to 8%…" Although the probability was still low, Lin Huang decided anyway.

"Alright, then I shall redeem four Probability Enhancing Cards!"

"Are you sure you want to consume 40,000 card pieces to redeem four Probability Enhancing Cards?"


"Deducting 40,000 card pieces, you have obtained Probability Enhancing Card x4"

"Probability Enhancing Card: Within one-hour of activation, the probability of obtaining complete cards from killing monsters will increase by 1%"

"Remarks: Can be used in mass quantities with a maximum probability enhancement of 50%"

"Use all four Probability Enhancing Cards!" After checking out the cards for awhile, Lin Huang used them immediately.

"Probability Enhancing Card x4 had been consumed. Your probability of obtaining complete cards increased by 4%. The time limit is one hour."

"Use a Double Reward Card!" Lin Huang used a Double Reward Card without thinking twice.

"Double Reward Card x1 has been consumed. Your probability of obtaining a complete card has increased to 8%. The time limit is one hour."

"Although 8% is still very low, that’s better than nothing…" Lin Huang looked at the silver-armored monster.

Two wheels of Life Power were released into the blade that was transformed from one of his Blood Spirit wings. Lin Huang plunged towards the silver-armored monster with his strongest sword skill, Worldly Purification . A golden spark was going after the silver-armored monster at the speed of light. The air where the blade passed by cracked into patterns like a spider's web. The attack was quick, it was two to three times faster than his previous attack.

The blade with a golden spark arrived at the silver-armored monster’s chest in an instant. However, the silver-armored monster managed to break free from the Ghastly Clown’s control once again. The six golden wings on its back that looked like countless blades combined into a golden hemisphere. Lin Huang’s fatal attack collided with the golden defense. The golden glow spread like an explosion, it was so bright that one couldn't look at it directly.

Standing in the middle of the spark, Lin Huang was not affected at all. He saw his attack pierce through the golden defense, but it hadn't pierced deep enough. There was something hard blocking the tip his Blood Spirit wings. It felt like there was another defensive layer within its defenses.

"Break it!" Lin Huang shouted and released the remaining two Life Wheels of Life Power into his Blood Spirit wing.

The golden spark was getting more and more intense while the blade that had transformed from the Blood Spirit wing pierced further in. Suddenly, the Ghastly Clown grabbed the back of Lin Huang’s collar and tossed him behind. It then plunged towards the silver-armored monster. At the same time, the silver-armored monster’s wings opened wide, a clear palm appeared from thin air and collided with the Ghastly Clown. The both of them backed up stopping when they were 10 meters away.

When Lin Huang managed to see what happened, he saw the both of them back up and understood what was happening. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"The monster had completely broken free from the Ghastly Clown!" Lin Huang thought it was unbelievable, he didn't expect it could have developed to this level. He thought he would have obtained the Life Seed easily with the help of the Ghastly Clown. He stared at the silver-armored monster solemnly, he wanted to know what the second defensive layer was that he had encountered just now.

Soon, he saw something shocking. Besides a hole on the silver-armored monster’s wings, there was also a hole on the left side of its chest near its heart. Lin Huang could see there was purple light flowing inside the hole.

"Seems like I almost killed it just now but she managed to escape…"

After glancing at Lin Huang, the silver-armored monster looked at the direction of the Ghastly Clown. It knew very well that the monster in the mask was far more dangerous than Lin Huang. As long as it killed the Ghastly Clown, it would be able to kill Lin Huang easily.

Although it had some fatal injuries, the silver-armored monster didn't seem to have a plan to escape at all. It was unclear this was because its lair had been discovered and it was afraid that its secret would leak or perhaps it was fighting because it was furious from almost getting killed. The purple spear that was kicked away by the Ghastly Clown disappeared as it performed the clear palm attack earlier and appeared in its hand again. With its spear, it pointed downwards towards the Ghastly Clown’s direction. Its golden wings shook in the air and appeared less than one meter in front of the Ghastly Clown in an instant…


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