Monster Paradise
258 A Powerful Silver-Armored Monster
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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258 A Powerful Silver-Armored Monster

Although Lin Huang had some idea of what the monster standing on top of the black rock was, he wasn’t completely sure. The Starlight Monster was rare and their numbers limited. Throughout hundreds of years, they’d only been seen less than 10 times in the entire Division7. Before Lin Huang, nobody in the whole of Division7 had even seen a mutated Starlight Beast. Regarding the double mutated ones, they were nowhere to be found in any of the monster encyclopedias. There were no documents about double mutated Starlight Beasts at all.

Therefore, Lin Huang couldn't determine if the silver-armored monster was a double mutated Starlight Beast or another type of monster that was living with the Starlight Beasts. In the monster world, there were monsters that lived together in peace. Besides monsters of the same type, there were also different monsters living together. They could benefit from each other or their preys were completely different which had no conflict… Under such circumstances, it was normal for monsters to live together.

Although many of the Starlight Beasts were worshipping this monster, it wasn’t sufficient enough to determine whether this was a double mutated Starlight Beast or not. It could be another powerful creature with a unique ability that could get all the Starlight Beasts to obey it. If Bloody was a gold-level rank-3, it could easily do the same as long as it spread the parasites into the Starlight Beasts’ bodies. Unsure, Lin Huang decided to risk it anyway. It would be his lucky day if the creature was a double mutated Starlight Beast and if not this monster seemed to be much more powerful than the rest, the Life Seed gift that he’d obtain from the kill would be a powerful addition.

After putting in some thought, Lin Huang had made up his mind and without saying a word, he poked the Ghastly Clown who was in the form of a palm-sized doll with his finger and pointed at the silver-armored monster that was standing on top of the rock. Ghastly Clown understood what Lin Huang meant and within the next second, a small mask appeared on its hand which it then put in on its face. Suddenly, the wings on the back of the silver-armored monster shook and flew up into the sky. It lunged out of the doorway with a silver glow around it.

The Starlight Beasts that were worshipping panicked but none of them dared to chase after it. Lin Huang quickly followed bringing Bloody and Ghastly Clown to the exit of the dimensional ruin. They soon arrived at the top of the lake after leaving the dimensional ruin and swam to the shore. The silver-armored monster stayed in the air, looking down at Lin Huang and his two summoning beasts.

Once Lin Huang arrived at the shore he turned himself back to a human while Ghastly Clown changed to its original form with Bloody hiding inside Lin Huang’s left sleeve.

"Ghastly, bring the monster down." As Lin Huang spoke, a gold-level sword activated in his hand. Under the Ghastly Clown’s control, the silver-armored monster descended slowly and stood at the side of the lake less than five meters away from Lin Huang.

It was his first time seeing the monster close-up. Roughly 2.5 meters tall with silver armor covering its body. Besides its joints, there were no gaps at all. The armor seemed to be sticking to its skin covering every corner of its body. The mask on its face was half red and half blue. Although there was nothing on its face, Lin Huang could sense that it was watching him.

After observing closely, Lin Huang frowned as he could not find any gaps that he could attack. The armor was perfect, it felt like it was a creature whose body was made of armor. Even Lin Huang was doubtful of his own ability now.

"Seems like I have to try using Wildfire Sword now…"

Lin Huang kept his sword and stepped back 10 meters. Soon, his eyes were blood red and four red Blood Spirit wings grew out of his back.

After inserting one full wheel of Life Power into the red Blood Spirit wings, a golden spark on a wing began burning and transformed into a blade. Seconds later, Lin Huang leaped in front of the monster and with the help of the level-2 sword realm, he lunged towards the monster's heart with Worldly Purification, all the while looking like a shooting star. Just when the blade arrived at the monster’s chest, a purple light shone.

"Ding!", it collided with the blade leaving Lin Huang stunned, without having any time to figure out what had happened, the golden spark from Worldly Purification shot out from the blade. However, a stronger force came from the tip of the blade. After the golden spark exploded, Lin Huang was tossed back by the force, smashing into more than ten big trees.

Lin Huang puked blood. He wasn't badly injured but his organs were affected. However, with his strong body physique, such injury wouldn't affect his combat strength.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

He stood up slowly and looked in the direction of the silver-armored monster with a frown. When he attacked using Worldly Purification, the monster did not move at all. It remained on the ground like nothing happened. Although everything had happened too fast, Lin Huang knew that the monster had used a spear to defend itself as it was still there. It remained in the same position where Lin Huang’s Blood Spirit wing had collided with it.

"It managed to break free from the Ghastly Clown’s control?!" Lin Huang was upset, that was not good news. Bloody seemed to have sensed that something was wrong and came out of Lin Huang’s sleeve showing Lin Huang what it had written on the writing board.

"It didn't break free from the Ghastly Clown, it’s just that its strong will to live allowed her to break free from Ghastly Clown temporarily. However, the more it manages to break free, the more immune it will be to Ghastly Clown's control. Master, you’ll have to use your most powerful attack on her or else it will break free from the Ghastly Clown soon."

As Bloody was explaining to Lin Huang, the Ghastly Clown managed to get the silver-armored monster to withdraw its purple spear and kick it aside. It seemed to miss the earlier moment when it managed to break free from the Ghastly Clown.

"This monster is too powerful. As long as the person or monster is not one level higher, the Ghastly Clown could totally control it. However, this monster was the same with Ghastly Clown which is gold-level rank-3 and it had managed to break free…"

Lin Huang looked at the monster with burning desire as he knew that the more powerful the monster was, the more powerful the Life Seed he would get after killing it.

"Worldly Purification is already my strongest ability but it managed to defend against that just now. Without the spear, it could still defend with both its arms. I'll insert two wheels of Life Power this time, I don’t believe I can’t kill it with that!"


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