Monster Paradise
253 Killing Saint“s Members
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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253 Killing Saint“s Members

Lin Huang took aim at one of the Holy Light Lions and the muzzle of his gun emitted a silver flame into the sky. After a few moments, a loud thud was heard followed by an explosion that spread throughout the bloody desert. Holy Light Lion roared in pain and it soon fell onto the ground.

Lin Huang did not even look at the shadow that was falling and immediately shifted his aim at the second Holy Light Lion.

"Damn!" Cao Yang did not expect that Lin Huang would attack them.

As the Holy Light Lion that Mu Ping was riding fell after being shot by Lin Huang, Cao Yang noticed that Lin Huang had taken aim at him. He immediately shifted his direction to dodge the attack.

Lin Huang grinned and soon, two beams of silver from the muzzle of the shoulder gun barrel flashed into the air one after another.

In mid-air, despite the Holy Light Lion managing to dodge the first beam of glow, it was then struck by the second beam. In an instant, half of its head exploded and died. The carcass then slumped hard onto the ground.

After killing two of the Holy Light Lions, Lin Huang instructed, "Bao, Ghastly, show up!"

Two of the epic monsters, Bai and Ghastly were instantly being summoned.

Lin Huang knew that although two of the Saint's members had fallen to the ground, they would definitely not die. Despite the fact that they had no defensive relics with them, they had the gold-level equipment at the very least. Since it was just a short fall, their bodies would only experience a mild shock instead of death.

"Control the bearded man and kill the other one," Lin Huang quickly instructed.

Thanks to Ghastly's ability to control, the battle became much easier.

The three of them ran towards the direction where Cao Yang had fallen. As soon as they saw Cao Yang, a face mask appeared in the Ghastly Clown's hand. Before Cao Yang could even react to them, the face mask was put on him.

The next moment, the three versus two battle had immediately become a one-sided four versus one battle.

Just as when Lin Huang was about to lead the monsters to kill Mu Ping, the Ghastly Clown blocked his way, expressing a wry smile.

Lin Huang was startled and at the same time, Cao Yang ran towards Mu Ping.

"Mu Ping, are you okay?"

Mu Ping did not realize that Cao Yang was acting strangely. He struggled to move the Holy Light Lion away as it was pressing on his leg. Cao Yang then extended his hand and pulled him up.

Mu Ping extended his hand as well. At that very moment, Cao Yang's hand suddenly shifted aside and a sharp blade appeared in his hand. While Mu Ping was still trying to comprehend what was happening, the sharp blade that was about 10 centimeters long pierced through the left side of his chest and went straight through his heart and out his back.

"Cao Yang, you…" Soon, Mu Ping's eyes grieved. Even after he died, he still would not know why Cao Yang had killed him.

Removing the sharp blade from Mu Ping's body, Cao Yang wiped it with his hand. The weapon immediately returned to the state before it had been activated which was in the form of a gold ring.

Even Lin Huang felt that the Ghastly Clown's killing rate was unbelievable. Of course, even without the Super Intelligence, the Ghastly Clown's intelligence could not be underestimated.

He was stunned for a short while. As soon as Lin Huang recovered from his thoughts, he said, "Bring him over, I have something to ask him."

Controlled by the Ghastly Clown, Cao Yang slowly walked towards him.

Lin Huang took out a lounge chair from the storage space and started questioning him.

"What's your name?"

"Cao Yang."

"Which organization are you from?"


"What's your identity in Saint?"

"I'm becoming a reserve member soon. I’ll be upgraded to Transcendent after killing a holy fire-level monster," Cao Yang explained in detail.

"After joining Saint, have you ever violated the Saint's principles?" Lin Huang would always ask questions about privacy to make sure that he was telling the truth.

"I've eaten meat three times…"

Meat was prohibited in the Saint's principles as they believed that one was unable to be spiritually pure if they consumed meat. Therefore, all the Saint's members were vegetarian. They would be severely punished if they were found out. The punishment would be to cut off the same amount of meat that they had eaten from their body. The meat that was removed from their body would then be fed to the swine beast. If they had eaten meat that weighed more than one-third of their body weight, they would be put to death. Other than the equal weight of meat which would be used to feed the swine beast, the remaining parts would be used as an oblation to serve their god. To them, they would be able to cleanse themselves from impurities by removing the same amount of body part so that the remaining body would be pure. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Obviously, he was not lying as he had told him about this.

Lin Huang continued questioning.

"Did you kill the Luo family in Luoxi City?"


"Why did you kill them?"

"They deserve it as they insulted the Saint!"

Lin Huang frowned when he heard the answer.

"What's the purpose of coming to Meteorite Desert?"

"Three years ago, one of the Saint's reserve members stole the ruin key and betrayed the organization. We have found his whereabouts last month, knowing that he last appeared in the Meteorite Desert. We came to the Meteorite Desert as we wanted to kill the traitor and take back the ruin key."

Lin Huang's eyes brightened as he heard about the ruin key.

After the Virtual Eye was opened, due to human interference or some other reason, the Virtual Eye was not completely closed. It continued to exist in some special way, creating an independent small space. It was called the ruins or the dimensional ruins.

In the small space, there were monsters everywhere. Moreover, if the number of monsters fell below a certain percentage, new monsters would be sent to the ruins. Therefore, many of the strong adventurers would train there.

As for the ruin key, it was the only item that could open the dimensional ruins. Each of the dimensions would have one key. Lin Huang had no idea how the key was formed. However, owning the ruin key would be the equivalent to possessing the resources of the entire dimensional ruins.

"So, have you found the traitor and taken away the key?" Lin Huang asked about as he felt that they would not be chasing after Liang Qian for a few days if they had not completed their task.

"The traitor has died. His dead body and the ruin key have been buried. Fortunately, he would have no way to store the ruin key in any storage space and we have dug it out a few days ago."

What Cao Yang said matched what Liang Qian had told him previously. The traitor must have been one of the guys who had joined Du Feng’s team to kill the Transcendent monster two years ago. Therefore, what he left behind had been kept by Du Feng, buried together with the bodies in the grave. This was also the reason why they dug up the burial site.

Lin Huang gave a new instruction "Take out the ruin key and everything valuable you have in your storage space.".

Cao Yang then gave him everything he had in the storage space.

Lin Huang quickly looked through each item. He then stored the valuable items in his storage space, including the 3,000 Life Crystals he received.

Lastly, he finally found the ruin key. It looked like a conical magic cube and it was black in color. If Cao Yang did not mention the ruin key, he would have treated it as rubbish and thrown it away. Perhaps this was the reason why Du Feng did not retrieve it and buried it instead.

Keeping the key in his pocket, Lin Huang checked again to make sure that there was nothing valuable left. He then gave the rest back to Cao Yang. He continued asking, "Why did you want to torture and kill the hunters a few days ago?" As Lin Huang asked this, he had a cold, stony expression on his face.

"We have no intention of killing them. However, the skinny guy insulted us when he saw that we killed one of his companions. He said things like how the Saint's members are mad dogs that are not even comparable to the swine beasts. That's why we killed the other teammates in front of him. However, the guy did not stop insulting us. I've tried all sorts of ways, torturing him from the afternoon until the next morning. He was stubborn. He only stopped insulting us right after he died," Cao Yang explained in detail.

After asking another few questions, Lin Huang gave a new instruction after he confirmed that he had nothing else to ask, "Take me to the place where you killed the hunters."

After recalling Bai, Lin Huang summoned the Viridian Wolf. He rode on the Viridian Wolf with Cao Yang and the Ghastly Clown, heading north.

They were led by Cao Yang and three days later, the Viridian Wolf finally arrived at the withered tree where the graves were buried.

Lin Huang frowned as he saw the dead bodies. However, he noticed that although the dead bodies had been there for several days, they had not been engulfed by the monsters.

Getting off the Viridian Wolf, Lin Huang asked, "Why didn't the monsters eat the dead bodies?"

"We've sprayed drugs to banish all monsters as we wanted to stop them from eating or dragging away the dead bodies. We are waiting for the runaway girl to witness this," Cao Yang said.

Lin Huang did not say anything. He then took out an empty storage ring and stored all the dead bodies in it. The corpses were emitting a foul odor as they had been exposed to the sun for many days. However, Lin Huang did not mind.

Du Feng's skull was the last skull that he put away. After taking out his reproductive organ from his mouth, Lin Huang sighed emotionally. He had never expected the person that he met a few days ago would die so distressingly.

"In this world, humans are sometimes scarier than monsters…If there's such a thing as reincarnation, I hope that all of you can live in a peaceful world when you start a new life. Live where there are no battles and no fights. Everyone can live a peaceful life there…"

After storing the corpses, Lin Huang turned back and looked at Cao Yang. However, the next instruction was directed at the Ghastly Clown, "Ghastly, make him commit suicide."

The Ghastly Clown nodded. In an instant, the gold ring that Cao Yang was wearing had transformed into a sharp blade.

He held the handle of the blade tightly and made it penetrate hard through his own chin.

In an instant, the cold, sharp blade pierced through his chin and part of the blade had gone through the back of his head. The blade was stained with sticky white fluid as well as some blood…

After recalling Ghastly Clown and the Viridian Wolf, Lin Huang then summoned the Alexandrian Eagle.

The Alexandrian Eagle had transformed back into its card form a few days ago after sending Liang Qian back to Meteorite City.

"Let's go to Meteorite City."


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