Monster Paradise
250 Arrival Of The Saints
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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250 Arrival Of The Saints

The six of the Megalodon Wolves had been traveling in the golden desert for a few days.

Led by Du Feng, the Megalodon Wolves' active period was only about 10 hours. The rest of the time, they were recalled back to the monster taming token so that they could rest.

It was almost sunset by now and Du Feng instructed them to take a break again.

"There's a sand dune there. Let's set up our tent behind the dune." Du Feng pointed at the sand dune not far away from him. He then led the Megalodon Wolf towards the sand dune.

The youngsters immediately followed after him.

"Brother Du, we're too slow. We're only walking for 10 hours each day and the Megalodon Wolf can maintain a speed of about 70 kilometers. We didn't encounter any dangers all the way here. If the Megalodon Wolf were to lope at its full speed, we must have reached our training ground yesterday," grumbled Ai Peng, the skinny man. He was an impetuous man as he used to feel that Du Feng was being too cautious.

"Stop talking nonsense. Have a good rest tonight. We will reach our destination tomorrow afternoon if we maintain at this speed." Du Feng was lazy to explain his rationale.

"We have delayed the journey for at least two days because we're going at such a slow speed…" Ai Peng mumbled in a low voice.

"Get back to your own tent and rest!" Du Feng's facial expression changed. Liang Qian, who was standing beside Ai Peng, immediately pulled him away, not allowing him to continue talking. As the only female member of the team, she had been regulating everyone's relationship.

"Leader, I've always wanted to ask you why did you name our team ‘Dian Feng’? Is it because there's a ‘Feng’ in your name?" Liang Qian asked and changed the topic after Ai Peng had left.

"No, of course not. It's because the previous team that I joined is called Dian Feng as well. I hope that I can continue using this name…" Du Feng explained with a smile.

"Your previous team?" When the rest of them heard of their leader’s history, they immediately came over.

"Brother Du, why was the former team disbanded? Were there any conflicts between team members?" Duan Yang immediately asked.

"It was not because of conflicts, of course. We have a close relationship with each other like brothers." Du Feng smiled kindly. However, his face suddenly turned grave and he said, "The reason why the team got disbanded is that I'm the only one who survived…" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.


They were all shocked, gaping at Du Feng. They had joined Team Dian Feng for a few months and it was the first time they heard about this from Du Feng.

"Do you still remember the incident in Meteorite Desert that I told you about?" Du Feng glanced at the five of them.

They immediately nodded their heads.

"Our mission was to help a member of royalty kill a Transcendent monster so that he could be upgraded to the holy fire-level. There were a total of 53 gold-level hunters who joined the mission. I was the only hunter who was on silver-level. The rest of my team members had upgraded to the gold-level. But I hadn't made up my mind on which Life Seed monster to choose, therefore, I was not upgraded. I was only a handyman during the mission. I've told you that I joined the battle with the Transcendent monster. In fact, I didn't. I was standing at a few kilometers away, witnessing everything that happened…"

Everyone was quietly listening to Du Feng's story. None of them interrupted.

"The moment when they saw the monster, everyone pounced towards the monster. The leader told me to stay in my original position and not get involved in the battle because I couldn't use any relic yet and I could do no harm to the Transcendent monster. I understood that and agreed with him, so I witnessed the battle on the sand dune from a few kilometers away.

"I thought that it was not difficult to kill a commander-level monster as there were more than 50 Gold Hunters. I never expected that it was a Transcendent monster that had gone through a double mutation. Also, it was neither a white flame-level nor crimson flame-level Transcendent monster as recorded. It was of a higher level, the blue flame-level…

"At the beginning of the battle, the gold-level members had worn their defensive relics. However, with just one hit, they died. They had no chance of fighting back at all. The incident was a mass slaughter.

"The battle lasted for less than half a minute. As soon as the monster opened its mouth, half of the Gold Hunters were engulfed. Even those who found out that something was wrong and wanted to flee did not survive. They all became its food…

"Do you know what I did? I was a coward. As soon as I saw that, I immediately crept into the ground, hiding my head in the sand dune. Behind the sand dune, I maintained the same position for about three hours, only then did I dare to raise my head to see whether the Transcendent monster had left!"

"I'm a damn coward!" After he had finished telling his story, he scolded himself.

"Brother Du, you can't blame yourself. Everyone will, of course, strive for survival…" Before Ai Peng could finish his sentence, Liang Qiang slapped him on the back.

"Leader, you didn't do anything wrong. I think that your decision is right. Staying alive is the only way to take revenge!" Liang Qian said to comfort him.

"I think what Qian Qian said is right!" Ai Peng immediately agreed with her while the rest of them nodded their heads too.

"The reason why I named the new team ‘Dian Feng’ is because I hope that I could pass on Dian Feng’s legacy. The revenge is my affair. I'll seek revenge on the monster after I've upgraded to Transcendent." Obviously, Du Feng did not want his team members to get involved in this.

"The main reason why I brought all of you to the Meteorite Desert is to meet my old mates. They must be happy to see all of you here if they find out that Dian Feng has new team members to carry on the legacy." Du Feng's mood turned better.

"So, we're not here for training?" Ai Peng frowned.

"You wish! Since we're here, of course, we have to train. We have to at least kill some monsters and earn some money," Du Feng said.

After dinner, they rested. The next morning, Du Feng woke everybody up.

After having some snacks for breakfast, the six of them rode on the Megalodon Wolf and headed towards their destination before 8 a.m.

After listening to Du Feng's story last night, even Ai Peng, who was the most impetuous ma, did not complain that he was slow anymore and the team became less lively than before. They were upset after listening to the story behind Du Feng’s past.

It was slightly after noon when Du Feng saw a withered tree and was agitated.

Getting off the Megalodon Wolf, he quickly ran towards the withered tree and stood still.

A few of them quickly followed after Du Feng on the Megalodon Wolf and arrived somewhere near the withered tree. Five of them then got off their Wolf and put it back into their monster taming token.

"Leader, are the elders buried here?" Liang Qian asked.

"Yes, they are buried under this tree. However, their dead bodies are all gone. Only the graves remain here…" Du Feng slightly nodded his head.

As he finished his words, he took out a bottle of wine, pouring the liquid in front of the withered tree and announcing, "Bros, Xiao Du came back to visit all of you!"

The rest of them kept quiet, looking at Du Feng until he had poured the wine and bowed.

"Guys, introduce yourself so that you will know each other." Du Feng waved his hand at them.

Ai Peng was the first one who walked forward. While he bowed, he said seriously, "Hi, my name is Ai Peng. I have low emotional quotient and I'm a straight-talking person. We’ll grow stronger together with our leader. The next time when we return, we’ll kill the Transcendent monster and take our revenge!" This was the first time that everybody agreed with him.

"Hi, my name is Liang Qian. I'm the new member of the Dian Feng team. Brother Du has taken good care of all of us. We'll try our best to take care of him in future. Don't worry…" After Liang Qian had finished, she bowed.

The rest of them came forward and introduced themselves as well. After they had bowed, they stood aside.

After everyone was done, Du Feng waved his hand and said, "Five of you may wander around here. Don't go too far. I have something to talk to my old mates about."

After listening to him, they left. Only Liang Qian did not leave, his gaze upon Du Feng.

"Dear old mates, I'm sorry that I didn't visit you during the past two years. I'll bring along the youngsters and come here more often…We now have the new teammates to join Dian Feng hunter team. The legacy will be passed down from one generation to the next…" Du Feng sat with his legs crossed in front of the withered tree and muttered as if he felt that his teammates who had passed away could still listen to what he had said.

"Brother Du, something bad has happened!" Ai Peng suddenly ran quickly towards him and shouted.

"Ai Peng, what are you doing?!" Liang Qian immediately stopped him.

Du Feng frowned, staring at Ai Peng. "What’s happened? Why are you shouting?"

"I saw two men dressed in white robes walking towards our direction. Judging from their attire, they look like they are the members of the Saints…"


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