Monster Paradise
249 A Small Incident In The Deser
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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249 A Small Incident In The Deser

On an early morning, the sun had risen in the sky and it shone on the Meteorite Desert, reflecting a red radiance like it was the Red Sea itself.

In the red ocean, there were six Megalodon Wolves lined up in order, resembling six boats slowly crossing the ocean.

Upon closer inspection, on each of the six Megalodon Wolves' back was a person. There were five young men and a young woman.

They were led by a man that was about the age of 25, with a muscular body and short hair.

"Brother Du, we are at the periphery of the Meteorite Desert. You don't have to be on alert and let the Megalodon Wolf run so slowly. We left the desert at five o'clock. It has been three hours and we've traveled less than 200 kilometers…" said a skinny, young man in his early twenties as he rode the Megalodon Wolf closest beside him.

"You know nothing!" Du Feng immediately turned his head back and scolded, "Do you know how dangerous the Meteorite Desert is? It is not an ordinary wild zone! It is a moderate danger zone."

"When I was still a Silver Hunter, I followed the gold Hunter team here. I witnessed a team of 20 gold-level rank-3 members being engulfed by a Transcendent monster. This incident remains clearly engraved on my mind. I can't forget it."

"Little brats, you have just leveled up to gold-level rank-1 and you think that you're indestructible. I brought you to the Meteorite Desert so that you know how powerful the monsters in this world are. They are beyond imagination. Of course, there must be a reason for the danger zone to be regarded as one. Don't fool around here…"

"Brother Du, there…" The skinny young man suddenly pointed towards a direction that was not far off.

The rest of them were startled, looking towards the direction as well.

"What's it? Don't interrupt while the leader is talking!" Du Feng scolded again.

"It seems like there is a Gun Master game cabin over there," said the only female member of the team to the young man next to her.

"Yes, you're right. It's a game cabin. From its appearance, it must be an outdoor deluxe edition," answered the young man next to her softly.

As the team members started whispering to each other, Du Feng finally glanced towards the direction they were looking at and he was shocked.

What's happening? Playing Gun Master in the Meteorite Desert! Was the person crazy?!

Lin Huang had woken up just after eight o'clock in the morning. After washing up, he immediately activated the game cabin.

He did not enter the game cabin right after that though. He ate his breakfast instead.

He never expected that a hunter team would pass by right after the second day he entered the Meteorite Desert.

Seeing the six of them riding on the Megalodon Wolf, Lin Huang did not pay much attention to them. After taking out the oven, he started to reheat his breakfast.

He ate snacks in the afternoon and at night during the first day. He then decided to make some changes in his diet.

At that moment, the fragrance of the food was wafting out of the oven.

"How fragrant!" the six of them exclaimed at the same time.

"It smells like cake!"

"It's a special local product from Luoxi City, quick-frozen cake. I've tried this before and I can still remember its taste," reminisced a young man immediately, "The cake is quickly frozen right after it is baked. You can either eat it cold or after it has defrosted in the oven. It’s delicious both ways."

"He’s living the good life. Why do we only have snacks?" the woman complained.

"What if…we take some from him? The smallest of this cake is 10 inches. He won't be able to finish it alone. We don't have to eat until we feel full. It's good enough to eat it for breakfast," the young man who recalled the taste of the quick-frozen cake suggested.

"It's not that good..." She turned shy upon hearing his suggestion and her face reddened a little.

"There's nothing to feel bad about. We can even pay him 10 times the credit points since the cake is relatively cheap. It costs less than 500 credit points. 10 times of that is only 5,000 credit points," the man beside her suggested.

"What if he only has one cake and he doesn't want to sell it?" The woman was still hesitant.

"If he doesn't want to sell it, we can't force him. We’ll eat our snacks then," the skinny man said with his palms up in mock surrender.

"Alright then…"

"Eh, do you know that your leader is standing right here?" Du Feng never expected that they would have completely ignored him because of food.

"Brother Du…" The few of them suddenly realized that their leader had not raised his opinion at all.

"I've told you that you have to be alert all the time while you're outside. The guy there looks strange. He's only a silver-level but he's eating cake leisurely in the moderate danger zone. He's even playing games as if he's on a holiday. He has no sense of danger at all. There must be something wrong with him…"

As Du Feng was talking, Lin Huang cut a piece of cake and blew a whistle.

An Enchanted Poisontail Scorpion drilled out from the sand and Lin Huang passed him a big slice of cake.

He took out a lounge chair from the storage space, then he enjoyed the cake and drank his beverage. He indeed looked like he was on a holiday.

"I thought that it was a sand dune but it's a scorpion instead! One can hardly notice it if it had not come out on its own," one of them remarked in surprise.

"It is a gold-level rank-2 Enchanted Poisontail Scorpion. He is an Imperial Censor…" Du Feng said in fear.

An Imperial Censor could summon a monster of a higher level. Despite the fact that the young man was only a silver-level hunter, he could control gold-level rank-3 monsters. Furthermore, the number of monsters that he could summon was more than one, putting Du Feng on alert. Du Feng then understood why he looked like he was on a vacation in the desert.

"It is such a waste to give the slice of cake to the scorpion." The woman was staring hungrily at the cake in Lin Huang's hand.

"Do you really want to eat that?" Du Feng frowned as he asked.

They immediately nodded their heads.

"Alright. Wait over here. I'll ask and see," Du Feng compromised.

He then rode on the Megalodon Wolf and headed towards Lin Huang. The rest of them waited at their original position.

Lin Huang leaned back in the lounge chair, feeling cautious as he saw that a man was approaching him.

Right when the Enchanted Poisontail Scorpion saw this, it raised its tail, preparing to fight.

"Relax. He has no bad intentions." As Lin Huang saw that he was coming alone, he guessed that he was harmless. The Enchanted Poisontail Scorpion then retreated.

Du Feng got off the Megalodon Wolf as he approached him and slowly walked towards him.

"What's up?" Lin Huang had no idea why he was coming to him.

"Err…Bro, do you still have the cake that you were eating just now?" Du Feng's aged face blushed as he asked.

"Oh, yes, I do. Haven't you had your breakfast yet?" Lin Huang then knew that they must have smelled the aroma of the cake. He then nodded his head with a smile.

Du Feng told him the truth, "We actually have some snacks but the cake smells so appetizing. So…"

"It's alright. I have a lot with me. Otherwise, I wouldn't have given it to the scorpion." Lin Huang nodded and took out two cakes. "There are six of you there. Two should be enough."

"One is actually enough," Du Feng immediately said.

"There are two ways to eat the cake. You can either defrost it or eat it directly. Try it both ways so that you'll have no regrets," Lin Huang explained with a smile.

Du Feng did not reject his offer.

Lin Huang took out a table, placing one of the cakes into the oven and putting the other on the table.

He then simply cut the cake that had yet to defrost into six equal pieces. His cake-cutting technique was amazing.

Du Feng was also good in swordsmanship. When he saw Lin Huang's cutting skills, his eyes brightened.

"Bro, are you trained in swordsmanship?" Du Feng immediately asked.

"Yes, I majored in swords." Lin Huang nodded with a smile. When Du Feng got off the Megalodon Wolf, Lin Huang already knew that he majored in swords as well.

"So, you're not an Imperial Censor? Did you not summon the monster?" Du Feng kept asking.

"I majored in swords and I'm also an Imperial Censor," Lin Huang explained with a smile.

"Oh, I almost forgot that many of the Imperial Censors have other occupations as well."

A sound from the oven signaled that the cake had been defrosted. Lin Huang immediately took out the defrosted cake and placed it on the table. He then cut them into six equal pieces as well.

"You can bring this to them or ask them to come." Lin Huang knew that he had purposely come here on his own out of caution.

He turned back, waving his hand at them.

They immediately rushed over, riding on the Megalodon Wolf.

Lin Huang took out a few chairs and placed them in front of the table. He sat back on the lounge chair and continued to drink his beverage.

Once they arrived, the area near the tent became lively.

"Brother Du, he is such a kind-hearted person. You're overthinking," a young man said, smiling at Du Feng.

Du Feng stared at him and said, "Just eat your cake!"

"Brother Du, are you the one who cut the cake? They are cut neatly and all six pieces have exactly the same size as if they were measured," flattered the young man said.

"No, I didn't." Du Feng stared at him again.

The young man immediately shut up, knowing that he had flattered the wrong person.

They then shifted their gaze to Lin Huang, feeling curious.

Du Feng did not eat the cake. He moved the chair t nearer to Lin Huang and ate his snacks.

Lin Huang took a glance at the snacks that he was eating, smiled and remained silent.

"Don't misunderstand me. I'm not used to eating dessert," Du Feng immediately explained.

"I don't actually like dessert too. I can only eat a piece of the cake. I'll feel grossed out if I ate too many." Lin Huang nodded as if he could understand him. In fact, he did not actually care whether he liked dessert or not.

Soon, both of them kept quiet.

After a moment, Du Feng asked, "Why are you playing the Gun Master here? Is this a performance art?"

"No, of course not." Lin Huang shook his head with a smile. He then explained, "I've been waiting for a monster to appear. I'll be here for a period of time and it's too boring to stay here alone, hence the game."

"Oh, I see…" Du Feng did not continue asking as he felt that it would be invading his privacy.

"Why did you come here? For training?" Lin Huang knew that other than Du Feng who was at gold-level rank-3, the five of them had just upgraded to gold-level rank-1.

"Yes, so that they can walk around the Meteorite Desert and gain some knowledge as well."

Both of them chatted for a while. Five of the youngsters had finished their portion of the cake. There were two remaining pieces for Du Feng.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Leader, we left two pieces of cake for you. Come over and have a try!" the female member turned back, shouting to Du Feng.

"Didn't you know that I don't like dessert? You have it." Du Feng waved his hand.

They shook their heads and smiled, keeping the cakes in a fresh food bag.

"Oh yeah, we've been chatting for so long but I don't know what's your name." As they had finished eating, he stood up, putting his snacks away.

"My name is Ye Xiu." Lin Huang stood up too.

"Thank you for serving us. My name is Du Feng." Du Feng extended his hand.

Lin Huang shook hands with him.

Then, Du Feng took out a Life Crystal and gave it to Lin Huang. "I'll pay you for the cake."

"It's okay. I'll treat you and your team members. The cake is cheap. If you pay me one Life Crystal, I don't have any change for you," Lin Huang rejected, pushing Du Feng's hand away gently. "If there's a chance, treat me back."

"Alright. I'll add your contact number, let's keep in contact." Of course, Du Feng knew that the hunters would not actually care about the credit points that he had spent to buy the cakes. Nevertheless, he did not want to owe him, so he could only treat him next time.


After adding each other as friends, Du Feng asked the youngsters to clean up the space and they left.

To Lin Huang, the appearance of Du Feng and the rest of them were simply a small incident that had happened during the journey.

After they had left, Lin Huang quickly entered the game cabin of the Gun Master and started practicing his gunfighting technique…


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