Monster Paradise
248 Free Man
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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248 Free Man

It was a cloudless sky. The azure blue was like a painting so beautiful that it was unreal. The sun that was hanging high up in the sky was shining its best golden glow across the land. While the temperature in the Meteorite Desert was not high, the sun at 10 in the morning hurt his eyes. Lin Huang put on his sunglasses while waiting next to the portable tent to build itself.

Bloody spent more than half an hour spreading out all the 100,000 leech pods far away. If Lin Huang had not asked it to remain low-key, it could have done that within two minutes. Later on, Bloody shrunk to its original length of two meters and plunged into the tent while tangling itself on Lin Huang’s left arm.

"How long does it take for all the pods to complete its parasitizing?" Lin Huang asked immediately.

"The desert is huge and the monsters don’t gather together. Without getting the transcendent’s attention, I slowed down their speed of flight to make them look like they were just wandering in the wind. Looking at the current situation, it'll take at least two to three days to be complete," Bloody wrote on the ground with its vine.

"Two to three days...I'll need more time to find the Starlight Beast…" Lin Huang planned in his own head.

"It seems like we’ll have to stay here then."

With the help of many parasites, Lin Huang decided to stay and wait patiently. After some deliberating, Lin Huang summoned the Enchanted Poisontail Scorpion to guard the tent outside. The Enchanted Poisontail Scorpion and the Golden Armored Skeleton were two gold-level cards that Lin Huang had accumulated on the Little Devil Island. The reason why he picked the Enchanted Poisontail Scorpion was that because of the fact that Tyrant side, it was the only monster that best suited the desert.

There was no desert in this area, so there were passers-by sometimes. On some level, Tyrant had evolved into a new species so any passer-by might take photos or videos if they saw Tyrant. As the last few summoning monsters that he owned, Lin Huang did not want it to be exposed. Furthermore, at the border of the desert, there were hardly any monsters of silver-level. Therefore, the Enchanted Poisontail Scorpion that was gold-level rank-2 would be the best to defend them if monsters were to invade. Therefore, there was no need for Tyrant to guard the tent.

"If anyone comes, don’t attack. Inform me or Bloody first. If there are monsters, you may kill them without informing us," Lin Huang instructed Enchanted Poisontail Scorpion. In reality, most of the monsters would not understand human language, especially the Enchanted Poisontail Scorpion which did not have high intelligence. The reason why it could understand Lin Huang was not because it could understand the human language, but it was owing to his summoning card which could read Lin Huang’s instruction on the surface.

However, it was a different story for Bloody. Ever since it had gotten the Supreme Intelligence skill, it could understand the human language. No matter if it was Lin Huang or other humans, it could understand them. The reason why it could not speak was either because its biological structure did not allow it to, or because there was no need for it to since it could write whenever it needed to communicate with Lin Huang.

After getting the Enchanted Poisontail Scorpion to guard the outside of the tent, Lin Huang took out his Emperor’s Heart Ring and projected the monster encyclopedia that Yi Zheng had given to him. He took it off and passed it to Bloody. After an Emperor’s Heart Ring was removed from the human finger, even with the authorization from the host, it could only work in offline mode. Communication, network, storage space, and other functions would be shut down with the basic function remaining. Such a restriction was for the safety of the user. If there was no such restriction, Lin Huang was more than happy to let Bloody learn by itself.

"If you are bored, you can look at the monster encyclopedia. This monster encyclopedia is so much more complicated than the basic one that I used to learn with. After you are done with this, I have another one that’s more detailed on parasites. You can take a look at that as well and think about which are the two skills that you desire the most." Lin Huang lined out the learning mission for Bloody.

"However, I have a suggestion. The best skills that you look for would be survival and defense. You could consider that yourself." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Sure, I will consider after I am done reading all the documents," Bloody responded.

"In the following days, I will be training my gunfighting technique in the gaming pod. My Emperor’s Heart Ring will be offline with the communication systems shut down, so you won't be able to contact me from the outside. If something happens, you can press the emergency stop button on the gaming pod," Lin Huang said and he activated the game outside the tent. A gaming pod that was three meters long appeared less than two meters away from the tent.

Lin Huang walked out of the tent and pointed at the red button that was covered with a transparent cap on the right side of the pod door. "There’s a red button that’s covered with a transparent cap. That’s the emergency stop button. If something happens when I’m inside the gaming pod, open the cap or smash the cap and press the red button. I will get out of the game right away."

"I understand!" Bloody nodded and wrote.

"If you have any news on the Starlight Beast, that’ll be considered an emergency as well. By then, you should also press the emergency stop button," Lin Huang added.

As the Starlight Beast was secretive about its whereabouts, Lin Huang hoped that him training his gunfighting technique would cause him to miss the monster. He could always train any time he wanted but if the Starlight Beast ran away, he would have to wait for days for its next appearance. He hoped to complete that as soon as possible so that he could go home.

"Sure," Bloody responded.

"If you need to eat, settle that yourself. Don’t bother me, I have my own snacks. If I feel like eating meat one day, I can always hunt myself," Lin Huang said that as Bloody was a summoning card which was different from a real summoning monster. They barely needed food or water to survive. As long as Lin Huang was alive and Xiao Hei’s card system stayed, it was basically immortal. It would not feel hungry or thirsty. Even if it needed to eat, it did so to satisfy its craving before it became a card.

"Please help me watch the Starlight Beast, that’s your top priority. Look at the monster encyclopedia when you have the time. If you don’t, you can always look at it in the future. Anyway, I am putting you in charge here while I train in the gunfighting technique."

Lin Huang became a free man after he put Bloody in charge. He then opened the door to the gaming pod and entered. Seeing that Lin Huang was already in the gaming pod, Bloody returned to the tent and started studying the monster encyclopedia…


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