Monster Paradise
247 Meteorite Deser
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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247 Meteorite Deser

Dawn in Luoxi City was extremely peaceful. Lin Huang woke up at seven in the morning and walked to the balcony to stretch his body. The sun had just risen as a red ball but it did not hurt the eyes. Instead, it shone down on him with warmth. Looking into the distance, half of the city was within his field of vision. There was a tall clock tower far away and houses close to him as well as people on the streets…Perhaps, the lack of bustle made the city oddly peaceful.

"It’s time to leave…" Lin Huang sighed.

After washing up, he returned to his room and looked around, making sure that he did not leave anything behind before heading out. Taking the elevator to level 3, he spent around 10 minutes at the breakfast buffet line before checking out of the hotel. As he stepped out of the hotel, he summoned the Alexandrian Eagle and headed in the direction of the Meteorite Desert.

The Meteorite Desert was located around 1,800 kilometers from the west-north of Luoxi City. With the speed of the Alexandrian Eagle, Lin Huang arrived at the destination in less than three hours. The gold level Life Seed monster than he picked was the Starlight Beast that Mr. Fu had recommended. The Starlight Beast was rare whereby it was only spotted in the Meteorite Desert in the entire Division 7. The Meteorite Desert was 12 million square kilometers and if it was placed on Earth, it was bigger than most countries. Even here, it was much bigger than an A-grade foothold.

Though barren, many powerful monsters existed in this wide land. In reality, the Meteorite Desert surpassed the level of the wild zone; it belonged to the danger zone that most hunters would not step into. In this world, there were no Transcendent monsters in the wild zones, so there were only four levels where the most powerful one would be at gold-level. Those areas with Transcendent monsters were labeled as danger zones.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

There were three grades of danger zones. The mild danger zone would usually have one to four commander-level monsters. One commander-level monster was comparable to the combat strength of a human holy fire-level. The moderate danger zone would usually have more than five commander-level monsters or one chief-level monster. The chief-level monster’s combat strength was comparable to a human immortal-level. Meanwhile, the severe danger zone would usually have more than 10 commander-level monsters or more than three chief-level monsters. Such a place was considered an extremely dangerous zone and only the top hunters would dare to enter.

A danger zone that was even higher would be considered forbidden land which was terrorized by a king-level monster. It was comparable to an imperial-level transcendent. Only the general of the Union Government or the elder of the Hunter Association would be able to fight such a monster. The Meteorite Desert belonged to the moderate danger zone. While there were only seven Transcendent monsters that were identified, there could be more.

With Lin Huang’s ability, he had to be careful as he entered the zone. Although Bai and Charcoal were powerful, they were not powerful enough to fight a Transcendent monster. Under his instructions, the Alexandrian Eagle landed in the southeast zone of the desert, not venturing any deeper. The reason why they decided to land based on the document that Lin Huang had shown was because someone had witnessed a Starlight Beast near the coordinates. Recalling the Alexandrian Eagle, Lin Huang looked into the distance. There was nothing, not even weed or a dead tree; it was just endless sand all the way to the horizon.

"This is such a huge area. I’m not sure when can I find the monsters that are secretive…" Lin Huang mumbled to himself and summoned Bloody. Bloody curled around his arm and looked around curiously. This was its first time coming to a desert, so this was something new.

"Master, is this the desert?" Bloody extended an antenna and wrote on the ground.

"Yes, this is the desert. It’s called Meteorite Desert, a danger zone with many transcendent monsters," Lin Huang nodded as he explained.

"It’s even more beautiful than it was described in the books. Although it looks barren, it’s majestic," Bloody wrote.

"It seems beautiful but danger is everywhere." Lin Huang smiled sagely.

"Master, what do you need me to do this time?" Bloody wrote.

"My purpose of coming to this desert is to kill a gold-level Life Seed monster called the Starlight Beast. However, it’s very rare and elusive. It was last seen 17 years ago right where I'm standing. So, I need your help to find this monster," Lin Huang explained.

"So, Master, do you need me to release my parasites onto the monsters here and get them to look around?" Bloody knew what Lin Huang was thinking immediately.

"Yes! This desert is too big, so that’s the only way," Lin Huang affirmed. Without Bloody’s help, it would take too much of his time and strength.

"Sure, can I take a look at its picture?" Bloody agreed. Lin Huang projected the photo of Starlight Beast immediately.

Starlight Beast looked like a robot. Most of its body was orange in color and had a unique metal reflection under the light. Its face was turquoise and it looked like it was wearing a mask. Besides its eyes, there was nothing else on its face. There was a purple crystal the size of a fist under its neck. On both sides of its chest were four antenna-like arms in blue and green. It had a long torso and its waist was so tiny that it could be completely held by both adult hands. Both its legs were long like two thick antennas with no soles, so it had to balance on its pointy limbs.

After some observation, Bloody asked, "Are all of these monsters the same color?"

"Yes, the majority of them."

"So far, I've never heard of any other color."

"Alright, I shall look for them with this reference," Bloody confirmed.

It glided from Lin Huang’s arm, its body enlarging. Soon, it grew to the thickness of an adult thigh and unraveled to become up to 1000 meters long, looking like a giant boa.

Bloody coiled around on the ground and there were buds growing out of its body. At a speed that could be captured by the naked eye, purple flowers that looked like dandelions grew out of the buds. Within seconds, the purple flowers bloomed and flew far away, carried on the wind.

"Bloody, try to be low-key. There are many Transcendent monsters in this desert, so let’s not get their attention," Lin Huang reminded, looking at the purple flowers flying in the air.

"I understand!" Bloody responded and slowed down the speed of the purple flowers. The density of the leech pods was more than 10 times less than before. Looking at the seeds that were numbered to be at least 100,000, Lin Huang stood where he was and exclaimed, "What an amazing ability that Bloody is born with!"


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