Monster Paradise
246 The Saints
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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246 The Saints

It was six in the morning, Lin Huang sat on the rattan chair in the balcony while watching the sunrise. Since Qin Wei left, it was his third day staying in Luoxi City. For the past few days, he did not slack at all. Besides eating and sleeping, he was learning a gun-fighting technique from Lin Xuan in Gun Master. He had mastered one more intermediate gun-fighting technique, the Life Power in his body had finally stabilized.

"It’s almost time to leave, I’ll leave tomorrow morning after my last task today." After admiring the beautiful sunrise, Lin Huang returned to the room.

The Viridian Wolf was still sleeping in the room while Bloody had been up for a couple of days reading the documents and learning the humans’ language.

"Bloody rest if you’re tired. There’s no need to read them all at once." Lin Huang advised.

"It’s alright, I'm not tired. Unlike humans, I don’t really need to sleep." Bloody wrote on the coffee table using the tea in the cup.

"Alright then, I’ll go for breakfast now. I’ll be out the entire morning and afternoon and will only be back in the evening. Both of you stay in the room and don’t run around."

He planned to buy some souvenirs and food on his last day in the city so that he could bring something back for Lin Xin and Lin Xuan.

"Go, I’ll look after the Viridian Wolf." Bloody wrote on the coffee table.

Lin Huang nodded and headed out. After breakfast downstairs, Lin Huang called Liang Yin.

"What’s up? Speak quick, I’m a bit busy right now." Liang Yin picked up the video call, Lin Huang could see that she was dissecting a male body. The chest of the man was opened up and his heart could be seen.

"Oh…" Lin Huang was stunned at what he was seeing.

"Why are you working so early today? Isn’t it only 7:30 a.m. now?"

"Something happened in the city in the middle of the night. 33 people in the Luo family were killed. The forensic team for the city went there before 5 a.m., I was lucky that I managed to get a couple of bodies." Liang Yin explained as she proceeded to dissect the body.

"Killing so many people in the foothold? I guess only people from the underworld would do something like that." Lin Huang frowned.

"I heard they offended the Saints but I'm not sure what exactly happened. I’m busy right now, speak quickly please if you have anything to say." Liang Yin said. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Oh, I’m leaving Luoxi City tomorrow morning. Didn’t you ask me to treat you to a meal a few days back? Let me know if you’re free today." Lin Huang finally said telling Liang Yin why he was calling.

"You’re leaving tomorrow?" Liang Yin stopped what she was doing and looked into the screen.

"Unfortunately, I’m really busy today. I’ll try my best to find the time, however, I think I’d only be free at night and I’m not sure if I can spare some time right now, I’ll contact you again when it’s eight at night."

"Sure!" Lin Huang agreed immediately.

"I won't bother you then. I'll talk to you tonight."

After hanging up the phone, Lin Huang left the hotel restaurant and shopped at the stores that he saw on the map buying many souvenirs and food. It was past seven at night when he returned to the hotel. As he arrived in his room, he took out a roasted pig. The size of the roasted pig was comparable with the one he made at home. The Viridian Wolf stood up immediately, starred at the roasted pig while drooling.

"Don’t eat all of it, put away some for Bloody." Lin Huang patted the Viridian Wolf’s head. Since it had gotten Lin Huang’s approval, it started feasting on the roasted pig. Meanwhile, Bloody just looked in their direction and proceeded to read. Lin Huang sat on the couch while reading the news, the top local news read - Murder of 33 People from the Luo Family . Lin Huang frowned as he read the news.

The Luo Family was a family known by many in Luoxi City. Although there were no transcendents or royalty in the family, they had a very successful business and well known throughout the city. The family home was in the middle of the foothold, which was the most crowded place in the city. Many people had seen two people in white robes kill their guards, invade into the house and leave in less than 10 minutes.

With the description from the witnesses, the duo should be members of one of the underworld organizations, the Saints. The Saints were easy to recognize, they wore a white robe with a cross on their faces. Nobody would dress as one of the members because if someone did, he or she would be hunted down by the organization and savagely killed.

"The Saints…" Ever since he arrived in this world in the past year, Lin Huang had encountered the Purple Crow and the Heretics. His impression of the underworld was not good.

The Saints had a bad reputation, which was almost the same as the Purple Crow.

"I shouldn’t spend any more time here; the other hunters can handle this." Lin Huang didn’t want to have anything to do with such an organization as he’d be bringing trouble to himself.

It was almost eight as he read the news, Liang Yin called as she promised. Lin Huang picked up the call immediately.

"I’ve finally finished with my work, where are we meeting?" Liang Yin asked right away as the call was connected.

"Let’s meet at the Union Government entrance, I’ll pick you up."

"Sure, I’ll wait for you." Liang Yin nodded.

Lin Huang then patted the Viridian Wolf who was still eating, "Buddy, we need to head out for a while."

The Viridian Wolf was unhappy as it transformed into a card. Through the three-day-long experiment, Lin Huang confirmed that his pods had the same effect as Bloody’s. As long as it wasn’t recalled, the parasite would remain there forever. However, compared to Bloody, his version of Leech Pods was the weaker version where he had to touch the host’s body to make it work. Moreover, he could only put in one seed at a time.

"Bloody stay here and don’t forget to eat when you’re hungry." Lin Huang pointed at the remaining one-third of the roasted pig on the floor. Bloody nodded and Lin Huang left. When he got out of the hotel, Lin Huang immediately summoned the Viridian Wolf. Seeing that there was still a parasite in it, Lin Huang frowned. He rode on its back and headed to the Union Government.

Lin Huang then spoke to Xiao Hei.

"Would the parasite stay even if I’ve recalled the card and summoned it again?"

"Yes, some of the parasites can only be removed by a Cleansing Card. Returning it to its card form will not change anything."

Lin Huang just realized that his experiment did not require him to summon the Viridian Wolf all the time. However, since he could not remove the parasite himself, that also meant that other people could use parasites to take over his monster. He didn’t like that.

10 minutes later, Lin Huang arrived at the Union Government’s entrance. Liang Yin was already waiting. Riding on the Viridian Wolf, she asked.

"Where are we having dinner?"

"I know of a place that makes good offal dishes, you should have been there before, it’s not far from here." Lin Huang knew Liang Yin loved such food that’s why he picked the restaurant.

"Do you mean Tang Sanzhang?" Liang Yin asked.

"Yes, that’s the one." Lin Huang nodded.

"But it’s expensive, are you sure you want to treat me there?" Liang Yin was unsure.

"Don’t worry about it. Although it’s a little bit pricey, I can afford it." Lin Huang nodded and smiled.

Lin Huang had researched the place before; it was pricey because all the food was fresh from iron level to gold level monsters. Silver level hunters like Lin Huang would need at least tens or hundreds of Life Crystal for a meal there. It was not for the ordinary people.

"Since you insist, I won't decline." Liang Yin said.

After riding on the Viridian Wolf for another four to five minutes, they stopped at a cross junction. Lin Huang recalled the Viridian Wolf and headed to the luxurious restaurant. It wasn’t even 8:30 p.m. yet and it was already crowded inside. However, Lin Huang had made reservations earlier after speaking to Liang Yin on the phone. After confirming his identity, a tall female service crew brought them to a table for two.

As they sat down, Lin Huang started ordering. Most of them were intestines of different monsters which were Liang Yin’s favorite. Besides that, they ordered a plate of meat, vegetables, and fruits.

"See if there’s anything else that you want." Lin Huang passed the menu to Liang Ying after ordering.

"It’s okay, it’s enough, I don’t think I can finish all of it." Liang Yin didn’t take the menu Lin Huang passed her.

"What would you guys like to drink?" The service crew asked while smiling.

"I would like a cup of passion fruit juice. How about you?" Lin Huang looked at Liang Yin.

"I’ll have the same, I like passionfruit too."

As the service crew left, Lin Huang laughed.

"I thought you would have some exquisite drink preference as well."

"You’re overthinking things. Girls usually love drinks that are sweet and sour, I'm like that as well. What about you, why don't you drink any alcohol?" Liang Yin asked him.

"I've something to do tomorrow morning once I have left Luoxi City, I must maintain my peak performance." Lin Huang didn’t dislike alcohol but he disliked the hazy feeling he got after drinking. Especially in this world where anything could kill him, he did not want to let his guard down.

"Why not you stay for a couple days more? Although the city isn’t bustling, it isn’t bad at all." Liang Yin asked.

"Maybe in the future. It’s true that this city has an odd sense of peace that I don’t feel in many of the footholds." Lin Huang nodded as he said what he felt.

"I thought so too. Unfortunately, the peace was broken this morning." Liang Yin smiled awkwardly.

"You mean the Saints? The Hunter Association will send someone to handle the situation. Don’t worry about it, the Union Government would do something to get them too." Lin Huang comforted her.

"These underworld organizations are too much! I heard that the family was killed just because one of the sons published a post called Cult Religion  on the Heart Network. There were only two sentences about the Saints in the post which read - The so-called Saints are just a bunch of lunatics who show off about their religion . What they are doing is the total opposite of what moral and decent religions have. They are just a bunch of lunatics who do whatever they want . Just because of that, the two Saints members killed his entire family." Liang Yin knew the entire incident.

Lin Huang frowned as he listened.

"We can never understand what such people are thinking, the way they think is different from ordinary people."

"You’re speaking as if you are related to many people from the underworld organizations." Liang Yin looked at him.

Lin Huang smiled without saying anything. Soon, the food was served and out of the many different intestine dishes, Lin Huang only tasted a few pieces. Two of the dishes were good and he could not tell that those were intestines.

It was almost 10 at night when they were finally done with dinner. As they walked out of the restaurant, Lin Huang asked her.

"Where do you stay, do you need a ride?"

"It’s alright. If my mom sees you, she might bring me to try on wedding gowns tomorrow. She’s afraid that I might not marry anyone." Liang Yin rejected.

"Alright then…" Lin Huang hailed a monster car for Liang Yin.

Hopping on the monster car, Liang Yin turned around and smiled widely at Lin Huang before she even sat down.

"Safe journey!"

"Okay, thanks." The monster car left leaving Lin Huang waving goodbye to her.

After sending her off, Lin Huang summoned the Viridian Wolf and headed back to the hotel. It was past 10 when they arrived at the hotel. As he went into his room, Bloody wrapped itself around his arm and pulled him towards the couch.

"What’s wrong?"

Bloody used some water in the cup and wrote on the coffee table again.

"I have learned all 120,000 words; the human language is really profound. I would need a couple more days to be able to use all of them.

"I’m envious of such a learning ability…" The main reason why Lin Huang wanted the Supreme Intelligence skill was because he wanted the learning ability of a transcendent. There were 120,000 words in this world’s most common language. So far Lin Huang had only mastered 8,000 words. However, Bloody had managed to learn 120,000 words within three days.

"We'll be leaving Luoxi City tomorrow morning. I'll have to put you away and let you out when we arrive at the Meteorite Desert. I'll need your help then." Lin Huang said.

Bloody nodded and wrote on the coffee table again.

"Sure, let me know if you need anything."

After recalling Bloody, Lin Huang cleared up the mess in the living room that the Viridian Wolf had made. It was almost 11 when he was done, he took a shower and went to bed…


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