Monster Paradise
242 Killing The Brain Eater
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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242 Killing The Brain Eater

It was past 11 at night with very few people out on the streets as there was not much of a nightlife in Luoxi City. Lin Huang’s Viridian Wolf’s chase was smooth; it had managed to catch up with the man in a nick of time. Seeing that it was an area without surveillance like Yang Ling said earlier, Lin Huang summoned Bai again.

"Beat him up but don’t kill him." Lin Huang instructed.

Standing on the back of the Viridian Wolf, Bai nodded while transforming one of his Blood Spirit wings to a spear, piercing through the middle of the man’s chest from his back…

He stopped running. Bai lifted him up with his spear and while staring coldly at him Bai turned him around. The man was like a piece of meat hanging on a hook, he panicked as he looked at Lin Huang and Bai beneath him. The people around who saw started screaming and running away. They thought it was a vampire invading the foothold; some of them even called the Hunter Association for rescue. Lin Huang did not bother to explain as his target was to kill the Brain Eater.

The man lost his ability to fight as he was badly injured, Lin Huang then summoned his Demonic Dandelion Vine.

"Bloody, take the Brain Eater’s Supreme Intelligence." Lin Huang instructed. The appearance of a Demonic Dandelion Vine scared the man even more. As a parasite itself, a double mutated Demonic Dandelion Vine would naturally be a threat to the Brain Eater.

The vine on Bloody bent like it was nodding. Suddenly, Bloody extended a couple of vines and lunged towards the man’s brain. Just when the vines were reaching the man’s head, a golden glow flashed in the air. Bloody’s vines were broken and a person stood before the man, it was his female partner, a gold-level sword in her hand and equipped with gold-level armor staring deadly at Lin Huang.

"How dare you kill someone in this foothold?!"

Lin Huang gave a deathly stare back at her too. "His body has been taken over by a Brain Eater, he’s not human anymore."

The lady was confused, she turned around and looked at the man behind her. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Qin Wei, don’t listen to him. I’m a gold level rank-3, how’s it possible that the Brain Eater could take me over? Think about it, the victims before were not even a gold level rank-1. This guy is the one who has been taken over by the Brain Eater. I knew something was wrong with him so I followed him today and found out that he was killing again. I tried to stop him but it was too late the lady was dead."

"I wanted to kill him but he’s an Imperial Censor, he has a powerful summoning beast. I couldn’t fight him so I took the dead body with me and ran here. If you don’t believe me, I can show you the dead body in my storage space!"

Qin Wei believed in him.

"How could he turn the whole situation around…" Lin Huang shook his head. He hadn’t expected Brain Eater to be this intelligent and manage to point its fingers at him instead.

"The lady is called Zheng Yihan, she’s your previous host. Since you killed her and changed into another body, it’s natural that you can’t leave the dead body aside." Lin Huang said.

"Before I agreed to get on board with this mission at the Hunter Info Network, a friend of mine had created an elixir that could identify parasites, I brought some with me."

"This elixir is transparent, it’s similar to water. Nothing would happen if it touches people but if it touches a human with a parasite, the person’s skin would turn yellow that looks like it was smeared with a yellow powder. I’m not sure about the theory behind this but I have seen the videos that he sent me. This elixir works on a human who has been taken over by a Brain Eater too." Lin Huang added.

He then took out a half bottle of mineral water from his storage space. He slowly opened the bottle cap and smiled at the both of them.

"Since you said I’m the Brain Eater, let’s test it."

Lin Huang poured the water on his palm, nothing happened seconds later. He closed the bottle cap and tossed the bottle at Qin Wei.

She was stunned but she opened the bottle anyway and poured some water on her hand. Nothing happened as well.

"Why not you ask your partner if he’s up for this test?" Lin Huang smirked while he looked at the man.

"Wu Hao, let’s try this…" Qin Wei hesitated and walked towards the man with the bottle.

"You would rather believe in a person that you don’t know than me?" The man attempted to distract her.

"Why bother talking to him…" Lin Huang walked to Qin Wei and took the bottle out of her hands and splashed the water on him.

"Noooo!" Wu Hao used his hands to block the water.

"Did you see that?" Lin Huang looked at Qin Wei.

Qin Wei looked at Wu Hao with a complicated expression.

Seeing that the both of them were looking at him, Wu Hao looked at his body to see if there were any changes however, everything was normal.

"You don’t have to look around, it’s just normal drinking water although your response had said everything." Lin Huang explained.

Qin Wei took a step closer.

"Could you let me kill this Brain Eater? I would like to use its body to commemorate Wu Hao."

"I’m sorry, you can take the body with you but I must kill him. I have been waiting for many days for its monster skill." Lin Huang did not plan to give in.

"Alright…" Qin Wei hesitated but she decided to give in. Since the Brain Eater was discovered by Lin Huang, she shouldn’t steal his thunder.

"Bloody, take his Supreme Intelligence !" Lin Huang instructed again.

A couple of vines lunged again from Bloody and pierced through Wu Hao’s head. Suddenly, black shadows were escaping from his head and attempted to run away.

" Reproductive Fission ?!" Lin Huang frowned.

Reproductive Fission was the second reproduction method of a Brain Eater. When facing fatal attacks, it would split its body into tens of pieces to reproduce separately. That was the main reason why the Brain Eater tribe had yet to become extinct. As long as one of them managed to find a host, their genes would live on.

Without waiting for Lin Huang and Qin Wei’s reaction, Bloody plunged its vines again and transformed them into spears, killing all of the divisions. Soon, Bloody recalled all its vines and transformed back into a card placing itself into Lin Huang’s body. Since Qin Wei was around, Lin Huang didn’t look at the card immediately.

"Bai put down the body."

After placing Wu Hao’s body on the ground, Bai removed his Blood Spirit wing from his chest. Lin Huang then recalled Bai.

"You can have the body, I’m done here. I shall make a move."

"Wait, I will go back to the hotel with you. Wu Hao is dead, I need to submit a report to the organization. I’ll need some information from you, I hope you can cooperate." Qin Wei stopped Lin Huang.

Lin Huang thought and agreed to Qin Wei’s request. "Sure, I’ll try my best. I apologized for not being able to reveal some parts of my doing." Qin Wei kept the body and the both of them returned to the hotel…


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