Monster Paradise
241 Fight!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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241 Fight!

Lin Huang was speechless when he saw the photo of the man Yang Ling sent. He was the partner of the female hunter who was staying in the hotel room next to Lin Huang. The same tall man that he had bumped into in the elevator. Lin Huang was staying in Room 28 and the female hunter was staying in Room 27 while the man who asked Brain Eater out was staying in Room 26.

"Does he know that Waist Length Hair is Brain Eater or is it a coincidence that he’s having a one night stand with her?"

If it was the former the man would kill it immediately but it was the latter, not only would the man become Brain Eater’s food but probably its host too. He was a gold level rank-3, who was more outstanding than Zheng Yihan in any way. Moreover, now that Brain Eater knew it was being hunted down, it would not let go of such an outstanding host that came its way. No matter what it was, Lin Huang could not let any of that happen.

Seeing that Lin Huang was silent, Yang Ling asked. "Did you recognize him? Who is that guy?" Clearly, he was unhappy that he got c*ckblocked.

"He’s a hunter who lived next to me at the hotel, I’ve met him before in the elevator." Lin Huang explained.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"I'm not sure if it was a coincidence or he knew that she’s Brain Eater."

"It’s quite impossible that he knew as her accounts fresh, it had been less than half an hour since she’d created the account. I don’t think anyone could’ve found her as fast as I could!" Yang Ling was confident in his ability.

"Moreover, I've hacked into the man’s account, he’s been asking other women out during these last couple of days."

Lin Huang was speechless. "I don’t think you should violate his privacy…"

"It’s he who c*ckblocked me! I’ve shown him mercy by not informing his fiancee!" Yang Ling was pissed.

Lin Huang was sure that Yang Ling researched the man.

"Alright, please focus on what’s important here. Get the man’s location and I’ll follow him." Lin Huang reminded Yang Ling that he could have asked Brain Eater out but Yang Ling was talking too much and she got away. Yang Ling shared the location with Lin Huang while he proceeded to mumble to himself. The man was moving, he had left the hotel and was headed far away. Lin Huang left the hotel immediately and chased after him.

Lin Huang was worried that he’d be exposed so he didn’t follow too close. He walked hundreds of meters away from him. 15 to 16 minutes later the signal on the map suddenly stopped. Lin Huang slowed down but soon the man’s signal had disappeared.

"What happened?" Lin Huang asked while Yang Ling ran to the signal’s location. When he arrived, the tall man had disappeared.

"The lady might have a signal isolator with her. Besides, the area we’re currently in has no surveillance within a couple of kilometers… I have always heard people saying that monsters are smarter than humans but I didn’t believe it, now I have to believe it. This Brain Eater is much scarier than I imagined." Yang Ling sounded disappointed.

"Then you have never encountered a Ghastly Clown then…" Lin Huang thought to himself.

"Since they’re meeting here it's definitely not to chat with each other. Go and check to see if there’re any underground hotels around." Lin Huang said.

"There’s one 300 meters on your left and another one just 400 meters on your right. I have marked them both on the map for you although there are more than 600 rooms in total. Do you plan to look one by one?" Yang Ling was doubtful.

"There’s nothing else I can do, I’ll have to search the rooms one by one."

After hanging up the phone, Lin Huang walked to an empty alley and transformed himself into the Spectre. He then dived underground and headed to the underground hotel on his left. When he arrived, he hid within the walls and started looking one by one. 20 minutes later he’d managed to look at more than 300 rooms but they were nowhere to be seen. Lin Huang headed to the other underground hotel just up on the right.

After searching half of the hotel, Lin Huang found his target. It was no good he was too late. Lin Huang didn’t see Zheng Yihan but you could smell her perfume scent in the room. The tall man was adjusting his clothes in front of the mirror. Clearly, Brain Eater had completed the change of host and must have kept Zheng Yihan’s body in its storage space. Lin Huang headed to the room entrance and transformed back to himself. He summoned Bai and took out the modified GoldEagle11.

He kicked open the room door and started shooting at the man. As the door crashed open Brain Eater knew that it was exposed. It then tried to get away towards the back door of the room. Before he could escape, Bai had transformed his Blood Spirit wing into a curtain to block the backdoor while the other wing transformed into a whip, tying the man’s left arm. As the man’s movement was restricted, Lin Huang seized the opportunity and used the intermediate gun-fighting technique Tidal Wave and opened fire at the man. Silver bullets flew out of the gun like a silver tidal wave devouring the man.

As the shots were fired people in the hotel started screaming. Some of the people in the rooms nearby thought they were being attacked and left through the back door, naked. Although the man’s movement was restricted, he managed to avoid all the bullets coming his way. Some of the bullets hit his body but they were blocked by his gold-level armor. After attempts at trying to break away from Bai, he activated the gold-level battle sword on his finger and slashed at Bai’s Blood Spirit whip. There was golden sparkle that flashed out from the collision.

Now that he was sure that he could not break away from Bai, the man chopped off his arm. Blood was all over the floor. Staring deadly at Lin Huang and Bai, the man plunged towards the window and escaped. Lin Huang did not expect him to come up with such sudden decision to get rid of his arm. As Lin Huang got to the window, the man ran into the crowd. After recalling Bai, Lin Huang hopped out of the broken window, summoned his Viridian Wolf and chased after the man…


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