Monster Paradise
238 Wild Beauty
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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238 Wild Beauty

Lin Huang frowned when he saw the image that Yang Ling had sent him. He did not think that the lady in the photo was the murderer that he was looking for. It was a middle-aged woman who looked like she was at least 47 years old. She was fat, and although it was a photo of her upper body, Lin Huang could tell that she was not tall. She did not look like she had any combat strength. No matter what, Lin Huang thought her body was too different from the lady in black robes that he saw in the surveillance camera footages. Although her body had been covered by the big robes, Lin Huang could see the shapeliness of her body. If this middle-aged woman was to put on the same robes, she would look completely different.

Moreover, among the four hunters that had died, the oldest one would be in his 30’s while the youngest one was not even 20. If they were really met the woman in the photo, they would have probably run away instead of following her to an underground hotel. Besides, Lin Huang had asked the security guards in the apartments that the Brain Eater used to stay in with the help of illusion, and all of them had said that the lady was beautiful with a nice body.

Perhaps the victims and the security guards like this type of women. Just as Lin Huang was puzzled over this, Yang Ling called.

Lin Huang picked up immediately.

"Is that a mistake? Are you messing with me?"

"No, it’s not a mistake. The fingerprint belongs to this aunty," Yang Ling said.

"However, she’s not the culprit, but the owner of the house. She must have touched the stuff that you retrieved after the Brain Eater left. I was shocked when I found the identity of the woman and realized that she’s not the one that we’re looking for after I checked the registration of her Emperor’s Heart Ring," Yang Ling explained.

Lin Huang was relieved after he heard Yang Ling’s explanation. It would be hard to accept if the culprit was that aunty.

"I’m still looking for the information that you asked for this morning. I will contact you again once it’s done."

After hanging up the phone, Lin Huang summoned the Viridian Wolf and headed to the hotel. Awhile after he got into the hotel room, Yang Ling called again. He picked up immediately. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"I have looked at all the surveillance cameras. All the four victims went to the underground hotel alone on the day they died without any companion. Also, I have also looked at the surveillance cameras around the area the culprit was staying in the day the bodies were dumped. Until past five in the morning, nobody appeared. It seems like the culprit never returned home after she got rid of the bodies," Yang Ling told Lin Huang the result of his investigation in all seriousness.

"That means that before the Brain Eater carried out the murder, it was ready to move away…" Lin Huang frowned as the investigation came to a dead end again.

"However…I followed the way you think and investigated the four underground hotels. I found something…" Yang Ling smirked.

"What did you find out?" Lin Huang asked.

"I found out that the hotel owner of one of the underground hotels had surveillance cameras secretly installed in every room. The stuff that I saw was interesting. Even a professional like me learned a couple of new positions." Yang Ling smirked again.

"You saw the face of the murderer?!" Lin Huang’s eyes flew wide open.

"Hehe, not only her face, I saw the entire process of the murder. Unfortunately, a great porn video turned into a horror movie abruptly. I couldn't take it." Yang Ling patted his chest as a gesture of fear.

"Send it over right now!"

"Look at you…Would you want videos of other rooms as well? They are all high-definition, it’s complimentary for you." Yang Ling winked at Lin Huang.

"I'll tell you what, if I were to upload all these videos to the network and make them available for download for 10 credit points, I would make big money from that…"

Lin Huang stared at him without saying a word.

"Alright then, it’s no fun to talk to you! I will send it over now." Seeing Lin Huang ignored him, Yang Ling stopped his nonsense.

A moment later, Yang Ling sent a couple of photos, a video and some personal details to Lin Huang.

"The Brain Eater went to the black market a few months back and got her location system on her Emperor’s Heart Ring removed. Even if we got her identity and her Emperor’s Heart Ring’s code, as long as she doesn’t launch the Chilly Night app, we can’t locate her at all.

"However, I’m trying to get into Luoxi City’s surveillance system to look at the areas that she had appeared in before. Hopefully, I can get the location of her current accommodation. I’ll contact you once there’s news."

After they hung up, Lin Huang looked at the photos immediately. In the first photo, a naked lady was walking out of the bathroom. Her hair was wet and she seemed to have just showered. There was a naked man on the bed. He was the fourth victim who had died more than 20 days ago. He was the one with the nicest body according to Liang Yin. In the second photo was a naked lady closing the curtain at the window. As she was very close to the camera, Lin Huang could even see the pores on her face. He finally understood why Yang Ling said that the videos were of high-definition. From the quality of the photo, the owner of the hotel had spent big money on the surveillance equipment.

The lady had long, dark brown hair that reached her waist and she was pretty but she was not the type with sharp features. Her eyes were big and she had a high nose bridge. Although her lips were not small, after she put on red lipstick, she seemed extra sexy. She had a healthy tan on her body with long, toned legs. The killer feature on her body were her boobs; perhaps 99% of the ladies in Luoxi City would have low self-esteem when they saw her boobs. She exuded a wild kind of beauty, and even Lin Huang was drooling when he looked at the photo.

After looking at the photos, Lin Huang started watching the videos. In the video, the lady got out of the shower. She used a hairband to tie up her hair and got onto the bed to kiss the man…

Their bodies got closer together and the man was breathing heavily as he indulged in the lady’s multiple kisses.

Suddenly, the lady opened her eyes. There was a silver antenna-like thing the size of a thumb extending from the top of her head and it made its way to the back of the man’s head. After staying mid-air for a moment, the antenna plunged and pierced into the man’s head. The man experienced a sudden death before he could even react. As the antenna pierced into the man’s head, it was like a snake slithering deeper into his head. There was no blood coming out of the wound.

Around 10 seconds later, the silver antenna came out of the man’s head. In the video, Lin Huang could clearly see that the antenna was slick with blood and brain juice. After the antenna returned to her head, the lady let go of the man softly, let down her hair and showered in the bathroom. Later on, she slowly cleaned up the scene in her naked body. She kept the man’s body in her storage space while looking around to see if there were any blood stains. After cleaning the room and keeping the man’s shoes and socks in her storage space, she put on her clothes. She then put on a big, black robe and looked into the mirror. Confirming that nobody could see her face, she left via the hotel back door…

After finishing the complete video that was 20 minutes long, Lin Huang opened the last document that Yang Ling sent. It was the lady’s identity…


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