Monster Paradise
231 Forensic Lady
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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231 Forensic Lady

Lin Huang spent the entire morning visiting the four sewer workers and got the same answers from all of them. They did not know much as the sewer was dark, hence they could not identify the genders of the deceased, let alone see the dead bodies clearly. The only thing they knew was that the first body was that of a man. They knew nothing about the rest. However, Lin Huang was glad that the four of them kept the secret pretty well, not even spilling a word to their wives, so it was unlikely that the news would leak to the public.

It was almost 12 noon when Lin Huang left Little Wang’s house. He was the last sewer worker that he visited. After lunch at a random store, Lin Huang summoned the Viridian Wolf and headed to the Union Government division. He was brought to the forensic department after the staff checked his license and investigation ID. When the door opened, there was a lady in black-framed glasses watching videos while eating snacks at her desk. The lady seemed young, about 17 or 18 years of age. Her face was small with sharp features. However, the glasses, which occupied half of her face, covered most of her features. She was indulging in a battle video that seemed like the Hunter Arena. As she watched, she was grabbing a box of food that was covered in red chili oil with her gloves.

Lin Huang knocked on the door. The lady looked at him uninterestedly. "You’re at the wrong place, this is the forensic department."

"I’m looking for the forensic department." Lin Huang smiled and walked over to the lady’s desk.

"Hi, my name is Ye Xiu. I’m an investigator sent by the Hunter Association."

"Give me a second, let me finish this video." The lady waved her hand at him.

As the background of her video was set to be semi-transparent, as he walked closer, Lin Huang could clearly see that it was the battle of himself defeating Yu Moli. It was his 90th battle. Lin Huang frowned as he watched the screenplay. Since the battle was ending soon, Lin Huang pulled a chair and sat across the lady while waiting for her to finish the video. Two to three minutes later, a golden glow flashed across the video. Soon, the arena announced Sword Genius’s victory.

"My prince charming is the best!" the lady screamed and paused the scene where Sword Genius was disappearing. She then kissed the screen with her oily lips. Lin Huang could not bear to see her disturbing actions. After turning off the video, the lady looked at Lin Huang who sat across her. "You’re from the Hunter Association? Show me your ID."

Lin Huang projected his hunter license and the investigation ID from the Union Government.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Following the protocol, I should check your work ID as well."

"Go ahead then." The lady projected her work ID from her left hand in an apathetic manner.

Her name was Liang Yin and she was 17. It showed that she graduated from the advanced medical school of the Union Government majoring in forensic science. She was not wearing glasses on her working ID and she looked much prettier in her picture.

"Alright." Lin Huang nodded after checking thoroughly.

Liang Yin then turned off the projected and said while eating, "Just ask whatever questions you have. If you’d like to see the dead bodies, we can do that after I finish eating this bowl of red chili lung slices."

"What’s the investigation result of the four bodies? Was it done by Brain Eater?" Lin Huang asked directly.

"99% was done by the Brain Eater," Liang Yin replied while eating.

"How about the remaining 1%?" Lin Huang asked.

"The remaining 1% would probably be a lunatic who mimics brain eating cases. If that’s so, the person must have drilled a hole on top of the head and sucked the brain out using a straw." Liang Yin proceeded to eat while she explained, her appetite not at all affected by the gruesomeness of what she was saying.

"Were all of the victims men? Besides that, are there any similarities among them?" Lin Huang asked.

"All of them were strong men and there were a couple of similarities. First of all, all of them were naked when they were found. Secondly, all of them were…having…intense sex before they died. Thirdly, all of them were well trained. Two of them were at bronze Level while another two were at silver level. The Hunter Association has confirmed that the four of them held Regular Hunter licenses." Liang Yin was checking out Lin Huang as she spoke. As she was also a silver level, she could sense that Lin Huang was on the same level too.

From the sewer workers, Lin Huang already knew that they were all naked and Liang Yin had just confirmed it. After listening to her explanation, Lin Huang could confirm that the flesh of the Brain Eater was at least a silver level.

"Is it possible to determine which rank both the silver level victims were?" Lin Huang asked.

"One was silver level rank-1. while another was rank-2. We could tell that they did not struggle before they were killed. They should have been attacked when they were having sex," Liang Yin explained.

"Since it could pierce through a silver level rank-2’s skull, the Brain Eater should at least be a silver level rank-3 or even higher," Liang Yin added.

What she said at the end implied that Lin Huang would not be able to fight such a monster.

"Were there any wounds on the bodies?" Lin Huang ignored her insinuation and continued to ask.

"There were light wounds including scratches and whipping. Those should have been caused by the sex since they were just light surface injuries which were not fatal." Liang Yin explained with her eyebrow raised.

"The only fatal injury was the hit on the head which pierced through the skull into the brain."

"What was the time of death?" Lin Huang asked.

"The earliest one was four months ago while the latest one was a month ago. That’s about one body per month. Looking at the Brain Eater’s hunting habit, it would be doing it again within these couple of days." Liang Yin answered.

Lin Huang noticed that she had finished her food so he said, "I guess you could bring me to the dead bodies now."

"Sure, give me a second." Liang Yin then threw the box filled with red chili oil into the trash can together with her gloves.

Lin Huang thought she was ready to go. However, she walked to the refrigerator and took out a few boxes. After a pause, she decided on one and kept the rest in the refrigerator again. With the box in hand, she then waved to Lin Huang. "Let’s go!"

"That’s food, isn’t it?" Lin Huang was speechless.

"It’s intestine gravy, would you like some? It’s delicious, you may try, but you can only have a piece," Liang Yin said.

"It’s okay, thanks," Lin Huang rejected her right away.


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