Monster Paradise
226 School Transfer
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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226 School Transfer

For the next 10 days, Lin Huang practiced Thunder Steps in the morning while he learned gunfighting techniques from Lin Xuan at night. He was beginning to master  Thunder Steps as he had been obtaining more and more skill card pieces every day. Within two weeks, he had accumulated more than 30 card pieces. During that same period of time, he had also managed to learn all 29 of the beginner-level gunfighting techniques.

It was finally the day for Lin Xin's enrolment to her new school. There were four hunter colleges in Winter City in the four zones. Since Lin Huang stayed on the east side, they were less than two kilometers away from the college. Lin Huang rode on the Viridian Wolf with Lin Xin and Lin Xuan to the college. When they arrived, there was a crowd at the entrance with at least 10,000 people.

Lin Huang managed to locate the information counter and got directions to the admission office and brought the both of them in with him. The school was much nicer than the one in Wulin Town. It was not only bigger but had an astonishing building architecture as well. The lush greenery reminded Lin Huang of the university that he went to on Earth. Lin Xin was excited, the school was much more majestic than the one in Wulin Town. As they stepped into the admission office on the eighth floor, there were five to six people queuing up. Soon, it was Lin Xin’s turn.

Lin Huang got Lin Xuan to wait at the door while he brought Lin Xin in.

"Have a seat."

The teacher responsible for school transfer did not bother to make small talk with them and got the both of them to sit down before asking all the necessary questions.

"Your name."

"Ling Xue."



Lin Xin had memorized her new identity, she managed to answer all the questions. The teacher scanned Lin Xin’s identity, school transfer application, and Lin Huang’s residential token before giving her the school ID.

"You will be going to the second graduating class which commences three days later. Report to the form teacher before 8:30 a.m.." The teacher briefed.

"If you have any special skills, do let your form teacher know so that you would be arranged to attend special courses. If you passed the course, you would have to go through an additional assessment before graduation, which is good for your school application." The teacher added.

"Understood. Thank you, teacher!" Lin Xin smile and nodded. They left the admission office.

When they stepped out, both of them saw Lin Xuan was looking at the students in combat class. He was envious.

"Brother, why not enroll Lin Xuan as well?" Lin Xin suggested. Lin Xuan looked at Lin Huang in anticipation.

"His condition is special; If he were to learn like the rest, his superb learning speed would be revealed which may cause trouble. Many would want to experiment with him, even the Hunter Association." Lin Huang turned down the suggestion.

"Xiao Xuan, if you’d like to learn, I could find some other ways to help. You really can’t be learning at a school." Lin Huang patted his head.

"I understand." Lin Xuan nodded.

As they were heading home, Lin Huang noticed that Lin Xuan was upset.

"Come here, Xiao Xuan. If you would like to learn combat skills, I’ll teach you a Life Skill." Lin Huang got Lin Xuan to come to him.

"This Life Skill is called Army Attack Tactics , practice this for a few days and see where you stand."

Lin Huang passed the Army Attack Tactics crystal to Lin Xuan. His eyes lit up and he immediately returned to his room with the crystals.

After settling Lin Xuan while Lin Xin was playing Gun Master in her room, Lin Huang headed straight into the wild zone. When he returned in the afternoon, Lin Xuan was sitting in the living room looking upset.

"What’s wrong? Is there any problem with your training?" Lin Huang asked.

"I’m stuck…" Lin Xuan said.

"Stuck?" Lin Huang thought it was strange as he managed to get to level 1 within a couple of hours and he did not encounter any issue when he was training level 2.

"Show me."

Lin Xuan nodded and performed the skill rotation. Lin Huang's jaw almost dropped; he finally understood what Lin Xuan meant. He was stuck on level 6 instead of level 2. Within eight hours, he managed to train from level 1 to level 5. It was always an obstacle when one arrived at level 6 as it requires one to transform their Life Power. Since Lin Xuan took such a short time to master up to level 5, his body had yet to adapt to the Life Power rotation which prevented him from moving up to level 6. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"You need to practice a couple more times and you'll reach level6 soon." Lin Huang explained, Lin Xuan understood what was the problem. After dinner, Lin Huang got Lin Xuan to teach him gunfighting techniques. Three days had passed and finally, it was the first day of school for Lin Xin. Within three days, Lin Xuan managed to train Army Attack Tactics up to level-8, which was the same as Lin Huang.

Seeing that Lin Xuan had already mastered Army Attack Tactics , Lin Huang downloaded a selection of battle videos from the first to the ninth floor of the Hunter Arena for Lin Xuan to watch. There were more than 30,000 videos with the longest one was half an hour while the shortest one was only a couple of seconds. Those videos would keep Lin Xuan occupied for a while. Meanwhile, Lin Huang focused on mastering Thunder Steps . He wanted to master that before leaving to hunt for the Life Seed monster.

He bought two more barbecue machines and he would prepare three sets of grilled meat for Lin Xuan and order dinner for Lin Xuan every morning before leaving. All he had to himself were snacks. Every day, he would train from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. Apart from the time he spent to eat for lunch and dinner, which was only 20 minutes, he spent 14 hours training.

As he slowly mastered Thunder Steps , the number of skill card pieces he obtained increased as the day pass. Finally, on the 28th day since Lin Xin started school, he had obtained 3,000 card pieces. He received a notification from Xiao Hei.

"3,000 Thunder Steps card pieces detected. Combine the cards for an Epic Movement Skill Card - Thunder Steps . Would you like to combine your card?"

"Yes!" Lin Huang replied without hesitation.

"Combining 3,000 skill card pieces…"

"Congratulations! You have obtained an epic movement skill card, Thunder Steps ."

Lin Huang checked the card immediately.

"Skill Card"

"Skill Card Name: Thunder Steps"

"Rarity: Epic"

"Type of Skill: Movement skill"

"Skill Level: Unknown"

"Status: Available"

"Card Remarks: Not bad"

"Finally!" Lin Huang let out a long breath. It was dark, Lin Huang just realized that it was 10 p.m. He did not want to stay in the wild zone any longer. He then summoned the Alexandrian Eagle and flew back home…


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