Monster Paradise
225 Thunder Steps
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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225 Thunder Steps

The next morning, Lin Huang woke up at seven to prepare breakfast. Lin Xin woke up at 7:10 a.m. on her own and woke Lin Xuan up as well.

"Brother, are you not practicing your gun skills today?" Lin Xin asked at the dining table while talking into the milk bottle.

"Not today, I’ll have to practice the movement skill that my master sent. We'll see." Lin Huang nodded and smirked.

"Have you learned the third gunfighting technique yet?"

"I have learned that last night, I'll be learning the fourth one today." Lin Xin nodded. She does not seem interested to discuss further with him. After gulping down the milk, she went upstairs and brought Lin Xuan with her.

Meanwhile, Lin Huang took his time to finish his breakfast. After cleaning the kitchen, he went into the living room and started studying the movement skill that Mr. Fu sent him on the couch. It was a video that Mr. Fu recorded himself. In the beginning of the video, Mr. Fu introduced the movement skill

"This movement skill is called Thunder Steps. Just like its name, its speed is as fast as thunder. Another origin of its name is the thunder-like noise that it makes…" As Mr. Fu spoke, he moved at lightning speed; followed by a loud thud.

Lin Huang was stunned. He thought something exploded but he soon realized that the thud came from the movement skill itself. Soon, another thud was heard. Mr. Fu returned to his initial position.

"Did you see that? That’s the effect of the movement skill. The sound could be heard even before you arrived at the second point from your initial position! A powerful person should be able to make his entrance …"

"Can I get a quiet movement skill instead…" Lin Huang was speechless as he felt that the movement skill was attention seeking.

Since the video was pre-recorded, Mr. Fu could not hear what Lin Huang was saying; he proceeded to explain the movement skill. The video was one and a half hour long. Since Mr. Fu put in a great amount effort to explain and demonstrate the movement skill, Lin Huang felt bad for requesting another movement skill. He continued to watch the video anyway.

The tutorial was very detailed as Mr. Fu had answered all the questions and doubts that Lin Huang had in detail; nothing was left out. Lin Huang continued watching the video until the end even though he realized that there were two to three minutes left before the video ended.

Mr. Fu demonstrated Thunder Steps on the deck of his spaceship several times before returning to speak to Lin Huang in the video recording.

"Oh right, there’s something that I must say. The thud that came with the movement skill was initially a flaw when it was invented. Nobody could find a solution to it for hundreds of years. This movement skill relies on Life Power to create such a speed so it's normal to have the explosive noise. However, a genius modified the release of Life Power for this movement skill, creating a silent version. Now, I'm going to teach you how to do that…"

Lin Huang only realized that the last two minutes of the video was crucial after finishing the video. If he was to ignore the last two minutes, he would have practiced the version with the noisy thud.

"I almost got tricked by him…" Lin Huang did not expect Mr. Fu to be so playful. He turned off the video and went to the courtyard. To prevent himself from destroying his shoes from the lack of Life Power control, he removed them.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

As long as he could master the force of Life Power under his feet, he would have mastered 80% of Thunder Steps. The remaining parts would be the mastery of smaller details. However, controlling Life Power was not an easy task. He lost control and dove head first into the trashcan at the entrance on his first attempt.

"It seems like I need a bigger space for this…"

Lin Huang showered, got changed and bid farewell to Lin Xin and Lin Xuan. He rode on the Alexandrian Eagle and headed to a wild zone outside the foothold.

Upon landing in an empty wild zone, Lin Huang recalled the Alexandrian Eagle and started practicing Thunder Steps. His mastery of Life Power was much stronger than a common silver-level rank-3 as he had mastered level-8 of Army Attack Tactics which gave him a 96% increment in the rotational speed of his Life Power. It was four in the afternoon; after seven to eight hours of practice, he had finally stopped tripping over the ground.

However, he was far from mastering the skill as he had only obtained slightly more than 10 skill card pieces of Thunder Steps. Since it was almost dinner time, Lin Huang summoned the Alexandrian Eagle and rode it home. When he got home, he saw Lin Xin pouring herself a cup of water in the kitchen.

"What’s wrong with you?"

Lin Xin was puzzled as she looked at Lin Huang’s messy clothes. She wondered if he was beaten up as he looked like he had been rolling on the ground.

"Nothing, I fell down when I was practicing the movement skill… I’ll go shower now." Lin Huang waved his hand and went straight to the bathroom on the second floor.

In the shower, the water washed away the black soot that covered his body. It took him some time to clean up. Later, he threw the dirty clothes away after he changed.

"Brother, what kind of movement skill are you practicing now?" Lin Xin was curious but she did not have the opportunity to ask Lin Huang since he went straight into the shower after he got home.

"That’s the movement skill that my master sent me. You can’t learn it now; it requires Life Power and a high mastery of it I've been training since morning and I’m finally not tripping over anymore." Lin Huang explained.

"Oh…" Lin Xin was relieved that he was not beaten up.

Lin Huang was not in the mood to cook so he ordered takeaway instead while he looked for ways to better control his Life Power by watching the video. After dinner, Lin Huang joined Lin Xin and Lin Xuan in Gun Master instead. He was thinking of learning gunfighting techniques to relax. In four hours, Lin Huang managed to learn another nine introductory-level gunfighting techniques. He had finally learned all of the introductory-level techniques.

It was 10 at night, he went to bed exhausted…


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