Monster Paradise
223 Gold-Level Life Seed Monster
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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223 Gold-Level Life Seed Monster

Lin Huang had learned 28 introductory-level gunfighting techniques from Lin Xuan after spending more than 10 hours in the afternoon. The introduction to gunfighting was also called iron-level gunfighting technique. This technique did not require Life Power so that iron-level hunters and above would be able to use it. However, it was rather difficult to learn.

At Lin Xin’s level, she would need two to three days to master one technique and the reason Lin Huang managed to learn them so fast was because he only needed 30 skill card pieces to obtain one skill card. If he learned at the speed of regular people, he would not learn the skills any faster than Lin Xin. However, Lin Xin had always thought that her brother was talented so it was normal for him to learn much faster. On the other hand, Lin Xuan was not surprised as he learned all the techniques by looking at them once. He did not think that Lin Huang was talented. If outsiders knew that Lin Huang managed to learn 28 techniques in 10 hours, they would find it impressive even though it was an introductory-level skill.

It was 10:30 p.m. when they logged out of the game. To reward the both of them, Lin Huang made supper. The three of them then went to bed after taking a shower and Lin Huang received a video call from Mr. Fu when he was having his breakfast the next morning.

"Boy, are you having breakfast right now?" Mr. Fu saw something that looked like oats in the bowl in front of Lin Huang.

"Yes. Have you had your breakfast, master?" Lin Huang smiled as he asked politely.

"It has been years since I last had breakfast…" Mr. Fu shook his head. He seemed distracted as he thought of his past.

"Have you finished watching the videos that I sent you?" Lin Huang put down his spoon.

"Yes, I have. Don’t worry, please carry on with your breakfast." Mr. Fu waved his hand.

Lin Huang did not pick up his spoon, "Please, master."

"Alright then…" Mr. Fu saw that Lin Huang did not plan to continue eating and he continued to speak.

"I’ve watched all the videos from the beginning until the end. You’ve surprised me!"

"I have always thought that you’re a powerful Imperial Censor. You may have a great potential but your combat strength isn't strong enough. I’ve assigned you a mission that required you to get into the top 10 without using any summoning monsters; simply as a target but I didn't expect you to achieve it. I wanted to see how you’d perform in the arena and observe your true ability as well as how you’d fare during practice battles."

"The only way to complete the mission within two months was through winning. I estimated that you could achieve a 50-win streak at most and you would lose to the keeper of the 60th battle and that you’d achieve 50-win streaks repeatedly until you manage to collect the targeted points. As the battle continues; you’d be paired with stronger opponents and I didn't think you were capable of winning."

"However, you managed to defeat all the keepers and achieved a 90-win streak. That was totally out of my expectation…"

Lin Huang felt embarrassed as Mr. Fu complimented him. He had never thought that failing the mission was an option. He wanted to give his best to the mission that was assigned by Mr. Fu.

"I’m curious. Your performance was not that outstanding from the 1st to 50th battles. There were many flaws but within a month's time, you looked like a totally changed man from the 51st battle. You’ve never failed to surprise me since then. What did you do in that one month ?" Mr. Fu asked.

"I downloaded all the videos of the top 10 players and studied them one by one. I even made notes and practiced them in my room… Anyways, I just studied each and every one of the combat styles to see if there was anything that I could learn and adapt into a style of my own so that I can use them in the battles." Lin Huang explained.

"You sure are outstanding." Mr. Fu smiled and nodded.

"I’ve watched all of the videos. Although I can find some flaws, I don’t see the need to for you to change. I'll only advice you."

"Yes please, master" Lin Huang sat right up and listened carefully.

"As a whole, the most outstanding part about you would be your sword skill. You have mastered a great sword skill so I won’t be teaching you other sword skills at the moment. You have a great physique as well, the only flaw that you have would be your speed. Although your speed is slightly faster than a normal silver-level rank-3, you were much weaker when you encountered those who had the advantage in speed. You can overcome that with your movement skills but the two movement skills that you possess are not that special. I'll make a video of a movement skill for you to train on later."

"Sure!" Lin Huang was over the moon; since Mr. Fu was going to teach him a movement skill, it had to be at least epic-level.

"However, to be able to strengthen yourself to gold-level and fight a holy fire transcendent, relying solely on movement skills aren’t enough. You’d have to improve on your speed as well. Therefore, I’ll suggest you choose a speed type Life Seed when you level-up to gold-level…"

"Master, it doesn’t make sense to improve my speed and physique before I become transcendent, does it?" Lin Huang voiced his doubts; he was taking his the condition he would be in when he leveled-up to holy fire-level into consideration.

"That’s true. You’ll experience a flesh transformation when you reach the holy fire-level. This is why people are called transcendents when they achieve the holy fire-level. The body of a transcendent is much stronger than those below that stage." Mr. Fu nodded.

"However, the speed type Life Seed that I suggested isn’t an ordinary speed type Life Seed, but one that would be able to transform into a secret skill that’ll enable you to move in a flash."

Lin Huang was excited upon hearing this.

"This Life Seed monster is called a Starlight Beast. It’s very rare and hard to catch. I’ll send you more details and videos about this monster, take your time to learn about it and see if it suits you." Mr. Fu said. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"If you’ve chosen your gold-level Life Seed, please share it with me."

"I’ve been busy for the past few days so I didn’t have the time to look at it yet. However, the Starlight Beast that you mentioned sounds interesting." Although Lin Huang had read the Monster Encyclopedia, it was the first time he heard about the Starlight Beast. He planned to decide only after he finds out what it was exactly.

"I’ll send you the details later so you can decide for yourself." Mr. Fu added, "Is there anything else that you’d like to ask pertaining to your training?"

"Not at the moment. I’m focusing on stabilizing my Life Power before upgrading to gold-level." Lin Huang shook his head.

"However, since you know that I’m an Imperial Censor, I have a question regarding summoning the monster." Lin Huang added.

"Please do ask. Although I’m not an Imperial Censor, I have many Imperial Censor friends. If I can’t answer your question, I could always ask my friends." Mr. Fu nodded.

"I have obtained a parasitic summoning monster earlier but it comes with several parasitic skills. I’m not sure how I’m going to train this summoning monster and what kind of skills it would get." Lin Huang had been wanting to ask someone who was expert in monster training regarding his Demonic Dandelion Vine.

"I have killed many parasites before and aside from some other parasitic skills, there aren’t many other attack skills it can obtain. They basically rely on defensive skills, regeneration skills and camouflaging skills to increase their chance of survival. Some can even master learning type of skill."

"The best way to train monsters would be by looking at their nature. Since you’re an Imperial Censor who can control more than one summoning monster, there’s no need for you to train all of your summoning monsters to their peak. I suggest you follow its nature and look for skills that of a defensive, regenerative or camouflage nature. If it is a double mutated monster with a higher intelligence, you can look for learning-type skills."

"I understand now," Lin Huang replied after Mr. Fu gave Lin Huang a clear direction.

"Do you have any other questions?" Mr. Fu raised an eyebrow.

"Not at the moment. Thank you, master!" Lin Huang said.

"I shall not interrupt your breakfast then." Mr. Fu ended the call.

Lin Huang hung up the phone and continued with breakfast.

"Who were you talking to?" Lin Xin and Lin Xuan just got downstairs after a shower.

"My teacher." Lin Huang smiled.

"Your teacher… He must be powerful?" Lin Xin found it odd.

"I think so, I'll introduce you to him in the future." Lin Huang waved at the both of them.

"Come here and eat your breakfast!"

The two of them went to the dining table. Soon, he received a couple of messages from Mr. Fu. He browsed through them, one of them was about a movement skill called Thunder Steps, the other was a complete set of details on the Starlight Beast while the final message was some information regarding parasites. He did not read them but sent Mr. Fu a thank you message. He switched off his phone and carried on with breakfast. Later on, he checked the messages again.


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