Monster Paradise
222 Gun Fighting Technique
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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222 Gun Fighting Technique

In training ground No.02879 of Gun Master, Lin Huang prepared himself with a SilverPhoenix16. In the game, most of the guns were complimentary; only rare and modified guns required credit points to purchase. Lin Huang was only there for training so purchasing a gun would be unnecessary. A modified SilverPhoenix16 and an ordinary SilverPhoenix16 had an insignificant difference. Lin Xuan was using a SilverPhoenix16 too; since he was silver-level rank-3 like Lin Huang, using a SilverPhoenix16 would be appropriate.

Lin Xin who was watching from the side was envious of the both of them. Since she was not even at iron-level so she could not even use an iron-level gun, let alone the silver-level SilverPhoenix16. She could only watch.

"Which ones do you want to learn first?" Lin Xuan asked Lin Huang when he saw that he was ready.

"Let’s start with the easiest one since I don’t have the basics down yet." Lin Huang was not ambitious. Since he does not have the basics, he wanted to learn from the bottom up so that he would not be discouraged.

"I can teach you!" Lin Xin raised her hand. Lin Huang did not want to reject her after seeing her enthusiasm. He waved at her, "Alright then, come here and show me."

Lin Xin ran towards Lin Huang and smirked. She took out both of her GrayEagle17’s, turned them around and held them in the right position. Facing the 36 moving targets, Lin Xin opened fire without looking at them. Her hands would move a little from the recoil after every shot. Although she seemed clumsy, she managed to shoot the moving targets. Within seconds, she shot all the 36 targets on the floor. Lin Huang was shocked with her skill as he thought Lin Xin only knew the basics but it seemed like she had mastered the first basic gun technique. It was amazing that she managed to do that considering that she was not even at iron-level.

Lin Huang kept silent and gave her a thumbs up and Lin Xin blushed.

"I've checked on the network, the easiest gunfighting technique is called Potshot. The thing about Potshot is to not to try and overpower the recoil but using it to our advantage to save our strength as well as time to adjust our aim. Although it might look clumsy in reality, the aim of the muzzle will always be within our control…"

Lin Xin explained to Lin Huang confidently. Lin Xuan did not say a word. Lin Huang patted him on his shoulder, "Xiao Xuan, why don’t you show me."

Lin Xuan nodded and stood before the red line with one of his SilverPhoenix16’s. He pulled the trigger, sending bullets filled with Life Power speeding towards the targets at a terrifyingly rapid speed. Within a second, all 36 moving targets fell onto the ground.

Lin Huang's jaws almost dropped as he watched Lin Xuan’s speed; it was even faster than Explosive Female Demon. It was a terrifying mastery of the gun. Meanwhile, Lin Xin watched unhappily as she had finally had the chance to perform in front of her brother and was complimented but the limelight was stolen by Lin Xuan once again.

"Xiao Xuan, do it again." Lin Huang was unable to capture the full image earlier as Boundless Vision was deactivated.

Lin Xuan nodded and opened fire with his SilverPhoenix16 again and before long, all 36 targets were shot down within a second. With Boundless Vision and Third Eye, Lin Huang managed to capture the entire thing.

"Brother, you can get Xiao Xuan to slow down so that you can see all the details." Lin Xin reminded.

It’s alright, I can see it crystal clear now." Lin Huang shook his head and walked to the red line.

"Let me try."

Facing the 36 moving targets, Lin Huang opened fire continuously and shot all of them down within three seconds. He frowned as he was not satisfied with the result. Lin Xuan and Lin Xin did not say a word as they watched. Lin Xin could see that Lin Huang did not take advantage of the recoil. Instead, he was affected by the recoil. To be able to control his shots, he habitually tried to control the recoil. Although he managed to shoot down all the targets, it was not the true essence of the gunfighting technique, Potshot.

"I’m not used to such a shooting technique, I shall practice more then…" Lin Huang shook his head as he proceeded to practice. After three to four attempts, Lin Xin was concerned and Lin Xuan finally spoke.

"Brother… You have to forget about the target…"

Upon hearing that, Lin Huang finally realized his problem. He was worried about missing the targets so much that he focused on them and controlled the recoil to try and hit them accurately.

"That's right, I focused too much on hitting the targets. It’s okay not to hit the targets in a practice, I shouldn’t use the shooting style that I’m used to as well. I should consider myself as a beginner and start from square one!"

After realizing his mistake, Lin Huang lets go of his concerns and shot randomly. This time, he only managed to shoot two targets, however, he received a notification.

"Congratulations, you have received a gunfighting technique skill card piece x1 - Potshot"

The notification assured him that he was in the right direction. However, he did not expect to receive skill card pieces during practices in the game.

He was improving fast, his accuracy increased with every shot. After 30 practices, he finally shot down all 36 targets. A notification came from Xiao Hei.

"Potshot skill card pieces x30 has been detected. Combine the cards to receive a gunfighting technique - Potshot. Would you like to combine them?"

"Yes!" Lin Huang decided to combine the skill card pieces without hesitation.

Soon, a skill card appeared in his hand.

"Skill Card"

"Skill Card Name: Potshot"

"Rarity: Normal"

"Type of Skill: Gunfighting Technique"

"Skill Level: Iron-level Gun Technique"

"Status: Available"

"Remarks: No level limit"

"Card Remarks: Useless"

After taking the skill into his body, Lin Huang held up the gun and shot randomly. All the 36 targets fell to the ground, it took him less than two seconds. Lin Xin was clapping her hands while Lin Xuan was indifferent as he thought it was normal for Lin Huang to manage that.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Now that I have mastered the first technique, you can teach me the second one now. Teach me from the basics, I’m planning to put the fun, and my combat habits aside so that I could start from zero." Lin Huang said to Lin Xuan.

"Okay!" Lin Xuan nodded and started using the second gunfighting technique…


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