Monster Paradise
221 A Man’s Secre
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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221 A Man’s Secre

"Congratulations! Sword Genius has defeated keeper Yu Moli on the sixth floor of the arena and won 90 battles consecutively!"

The announcement of the results turned the arena chaotic, especially on the sixth floor. Many of them checked Sword Genius’ scoreboard and found it unbelievable that he currently ranks No.3 on the leaderboard with 20308 points; they found it unbelievable.

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"Sword Genius is too powerful! He even defeated Yu Moli!"

"I’ve told you that Yu Moli hasn't got a chance in defeating the Sword Genius, it came true!"

"Sigh, I thought Yu Moli would win this time, I didn’t know that Sword Genius is that powerful…"

It was not only the sixth floor, but everybody else on the other floors were also discussing about Sword Genius. He was now a legend as he managed to go from a 60 to an 80-win streak within a day. Now that he had achieved a 90-win streak, he was the third person who had managed to come this far since the establishment of Division7. The last time a player got a 90-win streak in Division7 was 186 years ago. Many of the transcendents who were playing from the ninth floor and above started to talk about Sword Genius as well. The 12 senior executive officers were silent when they read the news.

After leaving the arena, Lin Huang was sent back to the main hall. He was not wearing a mask so nobody could tell who he was. He looked at his scoreboard before signing out.

"Nickname: Sword Genius"

"Combat Strength: Silver-Level Rank-3"

"Battle Count: 90"

"Accumulated Points: 20308"

"Winning Percentage: 100%"

"Honor: 90-win streak!"

Lin Huang then signed out from the game. Upon regaining his consciousness, he saw that the top news on the main page of the Hunter Arena had changed but most of the news was still about him.

"The Uncrowned King, Sword Genius Has Completed A 90-Win Streak!"

"I wonder how Yu Moli’s doing now… I’ve only wiped away a portion of the monster’s consciousness; will he able to clear the remaining monster consciousness that was left in his body? Hopefully, his body won’t be taken over by the monster…" Yu Moli was a genius, Lin Huang did not want him to become the puppet of a monster.

In the arena, the system would usually be able to detect the difference in consciousness but what happened to Yu Moli was rare. As part of his consciousness was absorbed into the game, the system must have mistaken the monster’s consciousness for his, which caused the monster to take over his body during the battle. If Lin Huang did not kill the monster, Yu Moli’s consciousness would not be able to return to his body as he had lost control of it during battle. Instead, the remaining monster's consciousness would have taken over his body. That was the reason why Yu Moli thanked Lin Huang before he left the game.

After getting rid of Yu Moli from his mind, Lin Huang checked the time. From the 81st to 90th battle, it took him less than half an hour. It was not even 9:30 in the morning, Lin Huang watched all the videos that were recorded during the battles. He watched the one of him and Yu Moli fighting repeatedly while he took notes. After that, he sent all the videos to Mr. Fu with a short message ‘Master, I’ve completed the mission!’.

Soon, Mr. Fu replied his message, "I’ve received your message, I’ll get back to you after I’ve watched the videos."

It was past 11 in the morning when he was done. Lin Huang then made grilled meat for Lin Xuan before heading out to buy some ingredients for lunch. He cooked in the kitchen while Lin Xin and Lin Xuan enjoyed the meal. Later on, Lin Huang started a conversation with the both of them while he did the dishes.

"How’s your gun training?"

"I hardly lose in the regular arena anymore. I’ve been watching the videos that were recorded by Xiao Xuan and have learned a lot from there. Xiao Xuan is even more powerful now, he’s fighting with some Gold Hunters in the Hunter's Exclusive zone. Initially, he would've been defeated but not anymore. He was given a nickname by some of the other players, The Game Terminator…" Lin Xin complimented Lin Xuan’s skill.

"Really?" Lin Huang raised his eyebrow. He knew Lin Xuan was a fast learner but he did not expect him to be able to fight with gold-level gunmasters when he was only at silver-level. Those gunmasters had powerful gunfighting techniques.

"Xiao Xuan has knowledge of gunfighting techniques as well?" Lin Huang asked.

Lin Xuan nodded.

"How many of them do you know?"

"126 types." Lin Xuan’s answer left Lin Huang speechless. His learning speed was simply terrifying.

"Brother, I know some too. Xiao Xuan taught me three types and I’ve mastered two of them. Too bad I don’t have any Life Seed to unleash its power…" Lin Xin said.

"You know some too?!" Lin Huang did not expect Lin Xin to have surpassed him in terms of gun skill by now. After hesitating for a while, Lin Huang said to Lin Xuan, "Xiao Xuan, could you teach me some gunfighting techniques in the coming days?"

Lin Xuan stared at him with a puzzled expression. He seemed to be wondering if Lin Huang really did not know of any gunfighting techniques.

Lin Xin’s eyes were wide opened, "Brother, aren’t you skilled with guns?"

"I haven’t got the time to learn gunfighting techniques…" Lin Huang blushed as he spoke the truth.

"I’ll teach you then!" Lin Xin was excited. She treated Lin Huang as her lab rat to experiment with her teaching methods.

"I’ll get Xiao Xuan to teach me instead since you’ve only mastered two techniques." Lin Huang smiled and shook his head. He did not think that Lin Xin could teach him anything when it came to gunfighting techniques.

Lin Xin went to the living room to watch the news. She then asked, "Brother, since you’ve playing in the arena these couple of days, have you heard of this person called Sword Genius?"

"Yes, I have. What’s the matter?" Lin Huang smiled and asked. He did not have the time to watch the news but news of him achieving a 90-win streak must have spread like wildfire.

"This person is so powerful. He had a 90-win streak…" Lin Xin said as she watched the battle video between Lin Huang and Yu Moli.

Lin Xuan recognized that this person who was called Sword Genius in the mask was Lin Huang.

He said, "Brother…"

Lin Xin was surprised, "Do you mean Sword Genius is our brother?"

Lin Xuan nodded.

Lin Xin looked at Lin Huang in disbelief and asked, "Brother, are you really Sword Genius?"

"What do you think?" Lin Huang did not want to give an answer straight away; he did not want to lie but at the same time, he could not admit the truth.

"I don’t think so… Although you’re powerful, this bloke is crazy…" Lin Xin shook her head.

Lin Xuan tried to speak but he was stopped by Lin Huang, "Xiao Xuan, come here. I need to talk to you."

Lin Xuan walked to Lin Huang immediately. Lin Huang whispered into his ear, "Don’t tell anyone that I’m Sword Genius. You can’t even tell your sister. This is a secret between us, okay!"

Lin Xuan nodded immediately, "A man’s secret!"

"Come, give me a brofist!" Lin Huang pointed his fist at Lin Xuan.

Lin Xuan made a fist in confusion, Lin Huang then bumped his fist with his and smiled, "Since we’ve bumped our fists, this means you must keep the secret."

"Okay!" Lin Xuan nodded hard. Lin Huang then rubbed Lin Xuan’s head, "Let’s play Gun Master together and you can teach me some gunfighting techniques…"

"Me too!" Lin Xin heard and joined in the conversation, "I want to see how you learn gunfighting techniques from him!"

"Sure, come with us." Lin Huang did not mind Lin Xin being there.


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