Monster Paradise
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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Lin Huang was stunned with Yu Moli’s ability to summon a giant torso with his Life Power. This level of Life Power mastery was not the most impressive. What surprised Lin Huang the most was the giant torso that was looking at him like an actual human. Theoretically, the giant torso was an undead creature that was constructed using Violetflame  and should not have been able to exhibit humanlike qualities. However, Lin Huang could feel that the giant was staring at him with anger but soon, the feeling faded away.

"Perhaps it’s just an illusion…" Lin Huang did not dwell on it. As the giant torso shot a deadly stare at Lin Huang, it punched him all of a sudden. The air surrounding the punch was pressurized under the high temperature and formed a vacuum. In the absence of air pressure, it resulted in a silent punch that was headed towards Lin Huang’s direction. Lin Huang then transformed one of his Blood Spirit wings into a giant hand, and it collided with the punch from the giant. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

After the collision, the giant torso remained motionless while Lin Huang stepped further away, only stopping once he reached the edge of the arena. Fortunately, his Blood Spirit had isolated the high temperature of Yu Moli's punch; if it was not for that, Lin Huang would have turned into a pile of ashes.

"The force in that punch has surpassed gold-level rank-3. Even though isn’t on the level of a transcendent, it’s not too far away. I’ll be in trouble if the flames touch my body…" Lin Huang frowned as he looked at the giant torso. It was a tough fight.

Without giving Lin Huang a chance to catch his breath, the giant punched him again. Lin Huang did not avoid the punch. Instead, he extended the arm that was transformed using Blood Spirit . The giant's punch sent Lin Huang smashing into the wall and breaking the wall in the process. However, the giant's punch that collided with the Blood Spirit wing shot into the air, forming a giant web that covered the entire giant arm that was made from Violetflame .

Since one of its arms was locked, the giant waved its other arm at Lin Huang. Lin Huang used his second Blood Spirit wing to tackle the punch. Similarly, the punch got caught in the giant web above. Both of its gigantic arms were struggling in the web like fishes trapped in a net. Lin Huang was pulled right up into the air as the intense shaking made it difficult for him to stand still.

However, Lin Huang did not panic as he transformed his last two Blood Spirit wings into two blades and aimed it at the giant's head with the help of Thunder Sting . Since the giant’s arms were trapped, it prevented it from retaliating. Frustrated, it opened its mouth and spat out purple flames at Lin Huang that did not only block off his blade but also headed in his direction like waves in an ocean.

Helpless, Lin Huang recalled his two blades and transformed them into half-spheres as a defensive layer to block the Violetflam e that was headed his way. Under the spitting flame, the entire arena looked like a purple sea of fire. Many of them had their vision blocked by the Violetflame , they were concerned that the Sword Genius would be defeated facing such a wide area of attack. However, after the flames died down, Lin Huang remained standing in the arena.

"Let’s try attacking it from behind then!" With the help of the pull, Lin Huang leaped into the air and landed behind the giant. He transformed his two wings into blades and aimed them at the back of the giant’s head. Suddenly, the giant’s turned its head 180 degrees and spat Violetflame at Lin Huang. Everyone was speechless with what they saw. Only undead monsters and spiritual monsters could make a 180-degree head turn. However, it made sense as the giant was not alive but a structure that was formed by force.

Lin Huang frowned, "Since the usual attack could not break it, it seems like I must use this then…"

As Lin Huang was coming up with a plan, the giant roared as the flames on its body burned more intensely. Yu Moli who was in the giant felt odd; his Life Power was leaving his body and moving into the giant’s body. Suddenly, he fell to the ground and looked like he had completely lost his strength. Then giant grew a couple of meters taller and its hands broke free from the Blood Spirit web.

"Life Seed Engulf…" Lin Huang frowned. Many of them in the audience could tell what was happening as well.

Life Seed Engulf was a situation whereby the monster’s consciousness takes over the human body before it’s able to completely purge. Under normal circumstances, the Life Seed would be absorbed into the human body as the human leveled up while the monster’s consciousness would clear up without any side effects. However, when a player does not level up the Life Seed in their bodies, it will result in a Life Seed Engulf.

The host would not notice what had happened because once the monster’s consciousness enters the human body; it will hide from its host. The monster’s consciousness would grow as time passed and eventually, it would wipe out the host’s consciousness before taking over the body once the host became weak. It was the Life Seed Take Over. It was a soul parasite, but it would be harder to track as the parasite does not exist physically.

"It must’ve taken advantage of Yu Moli’s weak body…" Lin Huang spent days studying the scenarios when a human obtains a Life Seed under normal circumstances so he was familiar with what Yu Moli was experiencing at that moment.

"I must get rid of the monster right now before it takes over his body…"

Although Lin Huang did not know Yu Moli very well, he was a good opponent after all. Lin Huang did not want to see such a genius taken over by a monster.

A golden glow sparked on the Blood Spirit sword. Everyone was excited again, and they knew Lin Huang was going to unleash something powerful. As the giant torso grew bigger, it released a purple flame from its mouth once again. The flames covered the entire arena and Lin Huang. Lin Huang immediately transformed three of his wings into a sphere and covered himself with it. Meanwhile, Lin Huang transferred all his Life Power from the four Life Wheels into his Blood Spirit Sword. He would lose if the attack failed!

The giant continued attacking even after the flames fade. Its two gigantic fists were heading towards Lin Huang. Lin Huang recalled three of his wings and dodged the giant’s punch. He landed in front of the giant and leaped high up with his golden glowing Blood Spirit sword. After it saw what just happened, the giant spat Violetflame again in an attempt to push Lin Huang back.

This time, Lin Huang’s blade was like a meteorite hitting the ground. The force was invincible; it broke the flames that were coming out of the giant’s mouth. Things that came into contact with the blade flew away. A bright golden glow shot everywhere and many in the audience had to close their eyes from the bright glow.

"Bang!" It made a loud thud. The entire arena collapsed along with its walls. Many of them who were in the front row were affected but Lin Huang ignored what was happening around the arena. He looked up and saw the blade had pierced through the giant’s open mouth and went through the back of its head. Its head began cracking with a spiderweb pattern and eventually the crack spread through its entire body. Before long, the Violetflame  body broke into atoms.

As the giant disappeared, Yu Moli who was in the giant was faded away as well.

"Thank you…" Yu Moli managed to thank Lin Huang before completely disappearing from the arena.

"Congratulations. You’ve won the battle!"

As Yu Moli’s body disappeared, Lin Huang saw the battle notification. In just a second, a notification came through the sound system and echoed in the arena.

"Congratulations! Sword Genius has defeated keeper Yu Moli on the sixth floor of the arena and has won 90 consecutive battles!"

The notification could be heard in every corner of the arena before the golden glow in the arena even managed to fade away, and the audience had yet to see what had happened.

"Would you like to continue to battle?"

Lin Huang hesitated when he saw the notification, he was thinking about Yu Moli’s advice. He looked at the leaderboard; he was now ranked No.3 with 20,308 points.

After confirming that he had accomplished the mission, he pressed ‘No’ on the notification. His body faded from the ring. As the golden glow faded, the audience only managed to see Lin Huang disappearing from the ring...


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