Monster Paradise
217 Lin Huang Versus Yu Moli
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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217 Lin Huang Versus Yu Moli

As expected, the keeper of the 90th battle was Yu Moli who was ranked first on the sixth-floor leaderboard. The crowd became excited when Yu Moli was sent onto the arena. It was the match that everyone had been waiting for. As the glow on Yu Moli’s body faded, the ladies in the audience screamed.

"Nickname: Yu Moli"

"Combat Strength: Silver-Level Rank-3"

"Battle Count: 3618"

"Accumulated Points: 153926"

"Winning Percentage: 99%"

"Honor: 60-win streak!"

After checking Yu Moli’s scoreboard, Lin Huang began to check him out in person. It was the first time he encountered Yu Moli in the arena. Although he had seen many of Yu Moli's battle videos, Lin Huang was still impressed as he stood before Yu Moli who seemed like he was only 16 or 17 of age. However, he looked much more mature than people his age. He was not only almost 1.8 meters tall but his face looked like that of a grown-up as well and he gave off a royal aura.

If he was on earth, he would be labeled as the tall, rich, and handsome as he had was tall, had a rich family and had good features. No matter where he was, people would be attracted to him. He would always stand out from the crowd. Yu Moli was known as a genius by the Hunter Association and was enlisted in intensive training during the first half of the year. Within half a year, he managed to level-up from bronze-level to silver-level rank-3. He did not only have a strong family background but even managed to own a powerful monster skill, which was Violetflame .

As Lin Huang was checking him out, Yu Moli did the same to him as well.

"I’ve seen your battle with The Final Fortress. Since I couldn’t see that last attack of yours from the official video, I've asked from The Final Fortress for the video that was taken from his point of view. That was a terrifying attack, I admit that I wouldn't be able to perform something like that." Yu Moli said calmly to Lin Huang with a voice that did not sound like that of a teenager. He sounded more like a 20-year-old, matured man.

"Although you are powerful, that does not mean that you'll be able to defeat me." Yu Moli did not sound friendly when he said that. Many of the people in the audience began to compare the both of them since Lin Huang defeated The Final Fortress during his 80th battle. Some of them said Sword Genius managed to achieve an 80-win streak but Yu Moli was not even able to achieve a 70-win streak. It was the first piece of evidence that showed how Yu Moli was weaker than Lin Huang. Some even said that Sword Genius could kill The Final Fortress but Yu Moli was not even able to break through The Final Fortress' defensive layer. That was the second piece of evidence that showed how Yu Moli was weaker than Sword Genius. Aside from that, the people even made up stories to belittle Yu Moli.

This made Yu Moli furious. Although he knew that those rumors were not spread by Sword Genius, he was a hot-blooded young man after all. It was only normal that he was angered as he was belittled and compared to another. Lin Huang did not know about this because he did not even look at the comments in the news, let alone gossip on the network. Since he logged out of the arena, he had been occupied with his training and did not have the time to read all those gossips.

However, Lin Huang could sense that Yu Moli was unhappy but he could not care less.

"I’ve seen most of your battles, I know you didn’t give it your all when you were fighting The Final Fortress. That’s why I’m eager to know what your real ability is."

What Lin Huang said was a hot topic in the arena. Most of the people from the audience had seen Yu Moli’s battles but it was the first time they heard something like that. They had always thought that Yu Moli had given his all during the few battles he had with The Final Fortress.

"Don’t worry, as long as you’re strong enough, I will give my all." Yu Moli did not deny what Lin Huang said.

"Let’s fight then!" The silver-level ring on Lin Huang’s finger transformed into a battle sword. Yu Moli put on his silver-level glove as well. Soon, the countdown ended and both of them charged towards each other. To compensate for his lack of speed, Lin Huang used Thunder Sting this time around. A purple glow came out of his silver sword as he activated Thunder Sting . It looked like lightning was streaking through the air. Meanwhile, Yu Moli who was across him punched into the air and along with his silver Life Power was also a purple glow. The air was distorted from his punch, causing a strange visual effect.


The sword and fist collided in the air. The glow from Lin Huang's sword did not manage to hurt the punch at all. It was a draw! Lin Huang was shocked as he watched, Yu Moli’s combat skill was obviously on epic-level. A ripple was created as their attacks collided. The both of them were shaking and was forced to step back. As they stood still, they charged towards one another again and the sword collided with the punch once more, shaking the entire arena…

Every time they launched their attacks, there would be a tremendous bang in the arena. Even the wall was shaking. The audience did not dare to breathe as they watched. The both of them have not even unleashed their full power. Lin Huang did not use his Blood Spirit wings while Yu Moli did not use his Violetflame . The battle that was easy on the both of them was exciting to the crowd.

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"I have seen many of Yu Moli’s battles, he used Violetflame most of the times. It’s the first time I'm seeing him fight like this!"

"I haven't seen him fight like that either. I've always thought that he’s not so good at close-distance battles. It seems like the past opponents were not worth him fighting them in close-combat."

"They've yet to unleash their true power and it’s already so intense, I can’t even see what they’re doing clearly…"

"I agree with you… This battle has exceeded the standard of a silver-level…"

Lin Huang and Yu Moli could not hear the discussions going on outside the arena. The collisions were getting more and more vigorous with the both of them continuously upgrading their attacks to test their opponents. Before they revealed their true power, they wanted to determine the limits of their opponents . After hundreds of collisions, Yu Moli stepped out of the battle circle. He shot a deadly stare at Lin Huang and said, "Let’s end our warm-up now."

"Let’s start then!" Lin Huang looked at the time and realized it had been two minutes since the battle started. If there was no win or lose within half an hour, the battle would be considered a draw. That was not what he wanted.

"The real fight is finally starting!" The audience held their breath while staring at the arena, they did not want to miss a thing.


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