Monster Paradise
215 Besides Her Face and Body, Which Part of Her Looks Like A Lady?
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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215 Besides Her Face and Body, Which Part of Her Looks Like A Lady?

Soon, the countdown ended. Explosive Female Demon activated the two modified Silver Phoenix16 on her hands to the automatic rifle mode and aimed at Lin Huang and pulled the triggers at the same time. Fires were shot, silver bullets were raining towards Lin Huang’s direction. Seeing what was happening in the ring, the first impression the audience had of her was, "This lady is violent!"

Meanwhile, Lin Huang decided to change his plan. Instead, he activated Blood Spirit immediately. The four bloody wings extended from his back where the bottom two wings became a two-hemisphere defense layer, blocking all the bullets. The other two wings on top were transformed into whips striking towards Explosive Female Demon. The power of his Blood Spirit wings were much stronger than a gold-level weapon. The defense ability of his shield was no weaker than The Final Fortress', it managed to block all the bullets that were coming from the rifles of Explosive Female Demon.

Under the attack of the whips, Explosive Female Demon had to hide instead of attacking Lin Huang. He then transformed his shield into whips and proceeded to attack. The match was turned around in an instant. Initially, it was Explosive Female Demon who attacked Sword Genius without mercy but now that Sword Genius was attacking Explosive Female Demon with four whips it was Lin Huang who showed no mercy.

"Sword Genius is definitely more powerful in this match!"

"Four whips, this Sword Genius must have some fetish…"

"How could he bully a lady like this?"

"Besides her face and body, which part of Explosive Female Demon looks like a lady?"

Although Explosive Female Demon was trying her best to avoid the rapid attack of the four Blood Spirit wings, it was tough for her. Soon her left leg was caught by one of the Blood Spirit wings. As she struggled, another three Blood Spirit wings were transformed into sharp blades that pierced through her chest. Explosive Female Demon didn't have much to say about her loss this time as she knew that she was far behind Sword Genius. As she was dying, she gave Lin Huang a deathly stare without saying a word.

Seeing that the body of Explosive Female Demon was fading away, Lin Huang recalled his Blood Spirit wings as her bloody eyes returned to normal.

"Congratulations. You have won the battle!"

The audience cheered as they heard the notification. Lin Huang had managed to win 86 battles consecutively, nobody doubted his ability now. Even some of them who criticized him for beating Explosive Female Demon with illusion forms earlier now agreed that Lin Huang was powerful.

Soon, his opponent for the 87th battle was sent to the ring. As expected, it was Handsome Imperial Censor who was ranked 4th on the leaderboard. Handsome Imperial Censor wore a white suit with his hair properly combed, he looked like he was on a date. Although he was quite good looking, giving himself such a nickname and dressing like this had backfired. Many of them gave him another nickname, Narcissistic Imperial Censor.

Lin Huang did not think that he was a tough competitor as he had killed more monsters than humans and monsters usually had flaws that were usually more obvious than a human’s flaws. Besides, new types of monster weaknesses could be found in the monster encyclopedia. Lin Huang was familiar with Handsome Imperial Censor’s summoning monster.

After checking out Lin Huang, Handsome Imperial Censor said, "Sword Genius, you’re in bad luck today as I just obtained my second mutated gold-level rank-3 summoning monster a few days back. I didn’t expect to receive a notification from the arena where I would receive 10 times the amount of my accumulated points. I would like to apologize and thank you. Sorry, your winning streak will end here and thank you for the multiplied points, I shall be No.1 on the leaderboard!"

The audience was irked by Handsome Imperial Censor’s attitude.

"It’s too early to tell that he will win."

"He’s just waiting to be killed."

"A gold-level rank-3 mutated monster is powerful, but why do I have a feeling that it’s just an appetizer for Sword Genius?"

"You're not the only one, I have the same feeling too…"

Although Handsome Imperial Censor’s summoning monster was powerful, none of the people in the audience thought that he would win. Lin Huang was speechless at his arrogance. As the countdown ended, Handsome Imperial Censor summoned both his monsters. Lin Huang knew both of the monsters, one of them was the Gold-Armored Ape that Handsome Imperial Censor had been using, while the other was the newly obtained monster, a Crimsonhorn Python.

The Gold-Armored Ape was a monster with immense strength, speed, and explosive force. Besides its slightly weak agility, it was flawless. In the eye of an Imperial Censor, such a monster was not worth training as there was nothing too outstanding about it. Meanwhile, the Crimsonhorn Python was also a monster with great strength. However, it was just a mediocre monster that was even weaker than the Gold-Armored Ape. Putting them both together would not be any help.

Lin Huang frowned as he saw both of the monsters. It was not because they were powerful, but because of the messy combination. Seeing the gold-level rank-3 mutated monster punting to him, Lin Huang stepped out and avoided the Gold-Armored Ape's punch and landed on the head of the Crimsonhorn Python. He leaped and landed before Handsome Imperial Censor before he took out his sword and slicing through his neck. It only took a single second and the battle had ended. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"I’m sorry that you cannot realize your dream of being No.1 on the leaderboard…" Lin Huang then kept his sword into the scabbard. As Handsome Imperial Censor died, the two summoning monsters that were coming towards Lin Huang disappeared too. It was the rule in the arena when the Imperial Censor was killed, the battle would end and the summoning monsters would disappear together with the dead Imperial Censor.

"Congratulations, you have won the battle!"

"You managed to kill your opponent in one hit, you have obtained 2 points!"

Since the death of Handsome Imperial Censor, many were anticipating the 88th battle as most of them did not see the battle between Sword Genius and The Final Fortress the first time. The battle between the most powerful spear and the toughest shield would definitely be exciting. Moreover, since his loss five days ago, The Final Fortress should be wanting to challenge Lin Huang again to win his pride back. That was what the audience thought.

However, a notification was heard.

"The opponent matched by the system The Final Fortress has rejected the challenge, Sword Genius has won the battle!"

Nobody saw that coming although the audience had expected something like that to happen as the most powerful strength The Final Fortress had was his defense and since Sword Genius managed to break it once, that meant he would be able to break it again. Without strengthening his defense or coming up with another new tactic, he would probably lose the second battle so choosing not to fight was wise.

With The Final Fortress’s decline to challenge, Lin Huang managed to win the 88th battle with the 89th battle about to start. Soon, the matching was done and as expected the opponent was a tall, gorgeous lady…


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