Monster Paradise
211 80-Win Streak!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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211 80-Win Streak!

"Congratulations! Player Sword Genius defeated keeper The Final Fortress on the sixth floor of the arena and won 80 consecutive battles!"

The online players were not the only ones to receive the notification, but all registered players who were offline also received a notification too. The last person who managed to achieve 80 consecutive wins in Division7 Hunter Arena was 118 years ago. Without a doubt, Lin Huang had broken the ice that formed more than 100 years ago!

The 12 senior executive officers in the Hunter Association were shocked. When they saw the notification, they looked for the shared video of the battle. All of them shook their heads after they watched the video without saying a word. However, Old Li and Xu Tianyu were in distress. Old Li blamed himself for underestimating and excluding Lin Huang from the focus training list by judging him too fast. Meanwhile, Xu Tianyu blamed himself for asking for Mr. Fu’s help. If not for Mr. Fu, Lin Huang would be on the list of Hunter Association’s focus training and be trained as a candidate for the senior executive officer role.

Unfortunately, everything was too late now…

The news of Lin Huang’s 80 consecutive wins caught the dark organization’s attention. They were trying to find out who this Sword Genius was. They knew very well that if Lin Huang were found and trained by the Hunter Association, he would be a transcendent one day and become a nightmare to the dark organization. Therefore, they were eager to find out Sword Genius’s identity so that they could get Lin Huang into their organization before it was too late.

Many of the registered players who had yet to enter the arena were shocked when they saw the notification. All of them knew that the last person who got 80 consecutive wins was more than 100 years ago. Many players logged into the game on purpose just to see who this Sword Genius was. He became a hot topic in the arena as he managed to get 60, 70 and 80 consecutive wins within a single day. With all the time taken added up, he had taken less than one hour to achieve that.

The sixth floor of the arena was the most crowded place inside of the Hunter arena as all of the players were discussing Lin Huang with each other. It was a miracle that that had happened on the sixth floor. Moreover, everyone was familiar with the keepers who fought Lin Huang.

"Has Sword Genius really won 80 battles back to back?"

"Not only that he even defeated The Final Fortress, even Yu Moli had never defeated that fella before."

"The ability of Sword Genius is too terrifying. Since he defeated The Final Fortress, does that mean he’s even more powerful than Yu Moli?"

"Let’s see if he can achieve a miracle and continue to 90 consecutive wins…"

It was very crowded outside venue No.1 on the sixth floor of the arena. However, there was nothing but complete silence in the venue as everyone was shocked at the announcement. They had no idea what just happened. The golden flame in the ring faded after the announcement came over the system. After The Final Fortress had disappeared, it was only then Lin Huang realized that he had broken the wall in the ring. Before the golden glow had entirely faded away, Lin Huang retracted his blood spirit wings, immediately concealing them from the crowd but soon after he started to feel the exhaustion in his body from the battle.

Using the Worldly Purification form twice had drained four circles of his Life Power with more than half of his last Life Wheel exhausted.

The Hunter Arena was a simulation of what happened in real life; therefore, any Life Power exhaustion in the arena was real, preventing players from refilling their Life Power after every battle. Even if a player died in the ring, their bodies would be rebuilt by the system on the same day but their Life Power would remain the same without being refilled. The setting was to prevent players from getting too addicted to the game and reduce the risk of people dying in cyber cafes in the real world.

If a player had drained too much Life Power in a day, they could only come back on the next day to refill their Life Power. If they logged-in on the very same day, their Life Power would not be refreshed.

It was evident that Lin Huang’s body was not ideal to continue to battle. He was not worried about the opponents from the 81st to the 89th fight. However, even if the keeper of the 90th battle might be easier to defeat than The Final Fortress, he would be anything but weak. With his condition, he thought it would be disrespectful to his opponents.

"Would you like to continue to battle?"

After staring at the notification with some thought, Lin Huang chose to leave the battle. As his body was breaking into pieces and disappeared, the audience just managed to open their eyes from the golden glow that had faded away as he left.

"He’s not fighting anymore?" Many of them were disappointed.

"Perhaps the last battle was too much for his body and he must rest now. After all, The Final Fortress was not an easy fight."

"Guys look! There are cracks in the arena's defensive wall…" Someone shouted.

A guy who was sitting very close to the wall looked at the wall and realized there were cracks. He stood up and pressed against the wall. A cracking sound was heard as the guy touched it and the wall broke into pieces. Everyone was shocked at the scene.

"It’s not me! There were cracks before I went there, all I did was give it a light push…" The guy explained.

Of course, the rest knew it was not the guy’s fault. They knew it must be Sword Genius who did that as The Final Fortress stayed in his defensive mode throughout the entire battle without attacking. As the ball completely blocked the previous attack of Sword Genius, the only thing that could happen was the sword that pierced through the ball and penetrated straight into the wall.

Everyone thought it was terrifying, all of them knew that the arena wall was unbreakable even with a gold-level weapon from a gold-level rank-3 hunter.

When the man in a black robe, who hadn't been rooting for Lin Huang saw the broken wall, he said, "I underestimated him, this Sword Genius really is something."

"Hehe… The best of him and Yu Moli…" The young man in golden robe smirked.

"I believe he would be fighting Yu Moli the next time he logs into the game." The man in a black robe nodded.

Standing outside the ring on the sixth floor, the silver mask on Lin Huang’s face faded away. Seeing the battle clips of his battle with The Final Fortress, made Lin Huang smirk. He then looked at his scoreboard.

"Nickname: Sword Genius"

"Combat Strength: Silver-Level Rank-3"

"Battle Count: 80" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Accumulated Points: 10138"

"Winning Percentage: 100%."

"Honor: 80th winning streak!"

"I have finally accumulated more than 10,000 points! After I finish the keeper tomorrow, I will have completed the mission that master gave!" Lin Huang was confident. He smirked as he heard everyone around him discussing Sword Genius. Soon after he logged out of the game to let his Life Power regenerate.


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