Monster Paradise
208 Wildfire Sword - Worldly Purification
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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208 Wildfire Sword - Worldly Purification

Despite the modified GoldEagle11 having immense power, the consecutive shots fired by the weapon were still incapable of breaking through The Final Fortress defense.

Lin Huang stayed at his original position and remained silent for a moment, transforming his BlackEagle11 back into a weapon ring. He then put it back in his storage space.

The audience was quietly watching the battle. If Lin Huang was not wearing a face mask, the audience would have seen the frustration on his face at this very moment.

Right after he morphed his GoldEagle11 into a weapon ring, Lin Huang took out another gold-level weapon ring.

Upon activating the ring, it transformed into a gold-level sword.

Many of the audience shook their head as they saw this as they felt that the effects of the sword would be inferior to that of the gun he was using previously.

A majority of the sword techniques could slash through objects. However, against such a large, ball-shaped object, having bullets fired at one point would definitely be better than an attempt to cut through it.

Of course, Lin Huang knew this but he insisted on trying it out as his epic-level sword skills could complement the sword in his hand so that he could transfer the power to achieve more powerful slashes. Furthermore, among all the sword skills that he had learned, not all of them were slashing skills. Some of them were piercing skills instead.

Two out of 36 forms in Great Sword Scripture were piercing skills.

One of the forms in Wildfire Sword was a piercing skill as well.

Lin Huang held a sword in both hands as his Life Power flowed through the sword's handle. Soon, the surface of the gold-level sword was shrouded in a silver glow, causing the sword to look like it had grown a centimeter longer.

He bent his body and stomped on the ground hard with his feet. The arena beneath his feet instantly collapsed, creating a crevasse. He then lunged towards the defensive layer. In just a blink of an eye, he was right in front of the defensive layer.

"Sword23!" Lin Huang shouted. The gold-level sword in his hand streaked past the air, creating the illusion of multiple swords attempting to pierce the defensive layer. However, the attack did not cut through the defensive layer. Instead, it pierced through the ball-shaped object.

In an instant, the blade of the sword had penetrated through the defensive layer. However, it was stuck at the depth of about two to three centimeters in. Lin Huang could obviously feel that within the defensive layer, a tremendously terrifying repulsive force was being transferred to the tip of the sword.

Lin Huang stayed at his original position for less than one second and the repulsive force was then transferred to Lin Huang's arm.

Lin Huang had no choice but to retract his sword and retreat. He was only able to balance himself when he reached the edge of the arena which was less than two meters from the defensive layer.

"His defensive layer does not only have a heavy physical structure, it possesses a strong repulsive force as well. The deeper it is, the stronger the repulsive force becomes. That being said, the interior structure of the defensive layer is even stronger. It’s no wonder nobody was capable of breaking through his defense…" Lin Huang estimated the basic structure of his defensive layer based on its counterattack.

However, understanding the structure of the defensive layer did not mean that he could get rid of it. He felt even more helpless instead.

"It might be easier if there was only a physical defensive layer. However, there is a repulsive force within the defensive layer itself…" Lin Huang sighed and took a few steps backwards until he was less than 10 meters away.

He stood still, grabbing his sword with one hand and taking a deep breath. Again, he stepped the ground hard and lunged towards the defensive layer.


In mid-air, the gold-level sword in Lin Huang's hand seemed like it had torn through the layers of air in its way. It did not only create the illusion of multiple swords but it created a vacuum in its wake as it penetrated the defensive layer without hindrance.

The tip of the sword had pierced through a depth of five to six centimeters. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Witnessing the power of his sword, the audience was astonished as they saw such a powerful penetrative force.

However, they felt sorry for Lin Huang.

"Sword Genius is unlucky to encounter him in battle. Otherwise, with such power, he could even pierce through gold-level defense equipment!"

"It seems for someone with his abilities, even when faced with Ebonella who was ranked second on the leaderboard, he’d be able to achieve an 80-win streak. However, he was unlucky enough to bump into The Final Fortress…"

Although Lin Huang had been trying again and again, with each time yielding improved results, a majority of people in the crowd did not have faith in Lin Huang.

In the arena, Lin Huang had never stopped trying to break through the defensive layer.

He failed during his second attack and retreated to the edge of the arena again.

Behind his mask, he looked rather stressed.

Although the 36 forms of Great Sword Scripture were comprised of various skills, its attack power was somehow weaker than Wildfire Sword.

Lin Huang turned his body, walking towards the edge of the arena. His back approached the transparent defensive layer, leaning against it. He slowly closed his eyes, controlling his breath.

Outside the arena, there was no sound of distractions. Everyone was quietly watching the battle.

Lin Huang tried repeatedly and he never gave up. He had triggered the audience. Some of them who just came for fun began to cheer for Lin Huang. Although they knew that it was unlikely that Lin Huang would win, everyone was still hoping for a miracle.

As he slowly closed his eyes and controlled his breath, he calmed himself down. Lin Huang then opened his eyes and stared at the ball-shaped object.

He grabbed the long sword in his hand tightly, bending his body before stepping on the defensive layer. He suddenly jumped into the air.

A golden glow could be seen on his blade, ignited by the friction in the air, causing golden flames to appear.

Everyone opened their eyes widely when they saw this.

"Worldly Purification!"

It was the strongest form in the arsenal of his sword skill, Wildfire Sword – Worldly Purification!

In order to purge one's sins, the easiest way was to unleash the ultimate power, destroying everything before rebuilding them from the ground up.

It was like a Worldly Purification. There was no way of turning back and there would be no regret.

With all his strength, he struck an attack that destroyed everything in his way.

This attack had completely emptied the Life Power in all the Life Wheels in Lin Huang's body, allowing Lin Huang to strike with an attack that was stronger than ever.

A beam of fire streaked across the sky. The air did not only burn from the sheer heat into nothingness, even the area around them began to vibrate slightly.

In just a blink of an eye, a golden star crashed into the defensive, ball-shaped object that resembled an indestructible wall…


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