Monster Paradise
205 79-Win Streak
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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205 79-Win Streak

"Nickname: Sword Genius"

"Combat Strength: Silver-Level Rank-3"

"Battle Count: 70"

"Accumulated Points: 5058"

"Winning Percentage: 100%"

"Honor: 70 consecutive wins!"

Lin Huang looked at his score. The points accumulated had exceeded 5000. As long as he could win another 10 battles, the accumulated points would exceed 10,000. Then, he would be ranked in the top 10 on the leaderboard after collecting an additional 1000 points.

In order to accomplish the mission given by Mr. Fu, achieving an 80-win streak was the bare minimum. If he could not do this, it would probably be difficult for him to complete the rest of the missions in the following 20 days.

It would be best if he managed to make it to a 90-win streak. Then, he would have about 20,000 accumulated points, completing the task in one-shot. He could then save some time.

Lin Huang took less than half an hour to win 20 consecutive battles to get from a 50-win streak to a 70-win streak. Though he has already broken a record that no one could break for the past 16 years, he still remained in the arena.

"Would you like to continue the battle?"

When this option popped up in front of him, Lin Huang chose "Yes!" without hesitation.

Many of them did not expect this. Even after achieving a 70-win streak, Sword Genius did not choose to rest but instead, continued accepting challenges.

The reason why Lin Huang chose to continue was simple. The past 20 battles did not consume much of his energy. Also, he had watched more than thousands of battle videos of those who were ranked top-10 on the leaderboard. He had conducted a complete analysis of each of their strengths and weaknesses. He was not going to waste his time for additional preparation.

Since the keeper of the 70th battle was Explosive Female Demon who ranked fifth on the leaderboard, the keeper in the following battles would probably be those who are ranked even higher than her. Therefore, they would probably choose players that are among the top four players.

The one who ranked fourth was Handsome Imperial Censor. He was an Imperial Censor and could summon a Gold-Level Rank-3 mutated monster. The points that he had accumulated were basically earned by the monster he summoned. Although he was not strong, he still managed to enter the top 100 on the leaderboard with his own abilities.

The player who ranked third was The Final Fortress. He had terribly strong defensive power. He was the same as Yu Moli; having never lost a single battle on the sixth floor of the arena. Also, he was often chosen as the keeper by the system.

Of course, the one who ranked first would be Yu Moli. The second-ranked player was Ebonella and the fifth-ranked player was Explosive Female Demon who had almost achieved her 70-win streak. However, The Final Fortress had somehow, always been chosen as the keeper of the 70th battle to end their winning streaks.

Be it the Explosive Female Demon with amazing attack speed, Ebonella with her various combat techniques, or Yu Moli who was the invincible player on the sixth floor, they were unable to break through and achieve their 70-win streak because of The Final Fortress' defense which usually caused the battle to end in a draw.

Lin Huang actually did not want to bump into this opponent as well because he was not confident that he could break through the opponent's defense. Compared to him, he would rather encounter Ebonella or even Yu Moli as the keeper of the 80th battle.

He shook his head, snapping himself out of his deep thought and his 71st opponent was sent to the arena.

His opponent was a young gunmaster.

The moment he saw Lin Huang in the arena, he immediately activated his SilverPhoenix16.

Many of the audience found it uninteresting when they saw this.

Sword Genius had completed his 70-win streak. Although the opponent had accumulated 5000 points and it was not considered low, he was still too weak compared to the previous two keepers. The audience did not have any hope in his opponent.

"Sword Genius, I didn't know that I'd randomly bump into you. The gods are being too kind!" The young man was excited.

Lin Huang glanced at his ID and it read, "Please give me your signature."

"I can give you my signature. After I go offline, I'll send you some photos when I'm free." Lin Huang explained.

"Who wants your signature?!" The man immediately said, "I created the ID for my goddess!"

"Oh…" Lin Huang replied insincerely. He waited patiently as the countdown timer had not ended.

"Do you know who my goddess is? She's Explosive Female Demon! The one you bullied earlier!" The signature guy asked and answered his own question.

"Oh…" Lin Huang sighed as the countdown timer had not ended yet.

"I want to take my revenge on you!" The signature guy finally told him the reason why he was happy.

"Oh…" Lin Huang answered politely as usual and still, his eyes were staring at the timer above him.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"You bullied my goddess. I must defeat you. I want to take it out on you…"

"Have you finished talking?" Lin Huang suddenly asked.

"No, I…"

Lin Huang suddenly extended her hand, pointing at the timer that had reached zero. He then lunged towards him and said, "Sorry, I'm in a hurry."

The next moment, Lin Huang moved one step forward, passing by his body.

Before the man even managed to fire a single shot, a sword cut through his waist.

"Congratulations! Player Sword Genius has won the battle!"

"You've killed the opponent in one hit, you have obtained 2 points!"

The audience started discussing the man who just appeared.

"Tsk tsk, the guy has unusual taste. How could he like her."

"Perhaps he was an innocent teenager who was cheated by her appearance…"

"Probably he likes her act of violence?"

The man who appeared just now meant nothing to Lin Huang.

After the 71st battle had ended, the challengers were sent to the arena one after another.

The moment they found out that their opponent was Sword Genius, eight of the fighters who were sent to the arena decided to give up the battle.

To them, they knew that they would have no possibility of winning when they encountered Sword Genius who had completed his 70-win streak. Giving up the battle would be better compared to getting killed by just one hit in front of more than hundreds of thousands of people.

With that, Lin Huang successfully completed his 79-win streaks and welcomed his 80th battle…

Who would be the keeper this round?

300,000 audiences stared at the arena, patiently waiting for the keeper to appear.

Even Lin Huang started to feel nervous as this battle would decide whether he could get 10,000 points or otherwise. If he wins this battle, he could be more relaxed in the following days. However, if he lost the battle, he would have to achieve another 70-win streak to collect more than 10,000 points. He would then require more time to complete the mission.

After about one minute, a shadow appeared on the other side of the arena…


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