Monster Paradise
202 Explosive Female Demon
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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202 Explosive Female Demon

In the arena, there was a girl in a black bikini. The shape of her body was vague. Within an audience of 300,000, most of the male spectators had their eyes wide open.

Her height barefooted was about 1.8meters. She was in a black bikini which exposed her fair and long legs and her legs were perhaps about 1.3 meters in length.

As they continued looking up, her black bra top covered less than two-thirds of her bosoms. Most of the men who had their eyes on her found her attractive.

Even Lin Huang was surprised when he saw the way she dressed. However, he recognized her as he had watched more than hundred of her battle videos.

"She's Explosive Female Demon! She's the one who ranked fifth on the leaderboard, the Explosive Female Demon!"

"Sword Genius you're in trouble. It is better to encounter the one who ranked third or even fourth compared to her!"

"Yeah. Sword Genius' attack speed has no advantage over his opponent at all. He's unlucky to encounter a gunmaster. It'll be difficult for him to win the battle."

In the arena, many of the people on the sixth floor could recognize the woman straight away. They were familiar with with the top 10 on the leaderboard. Some of the audience from the seventh to the ninth floor only recognized the woman after listening to those comments.

In the arena, Explosive Female Demon looked like she did not pay much attention to the audience. She took off her sunglasses and took out a piece of white string to tie up her hair. She tilted her head slightly while staring at Lin Huang.

"Hey kiddo, are you Sword Genius who just got a 50-win streak last month? It's not easy to come up to the 70th battle. However, you should just stop here as I won't let you win!" The Explosive Female Demon immediately gave off a murderous vibe. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"You look very angry. May I know why? If I'm not mistaken, this is the first time that we're meeting." Although Lin Huang could recognize her, he could not remember when he offended her. He knew that the deadly aura that his opponent was giving off was real.

"Just now… You just disturbed my holiday that I've been waiting to enjoy for ages. I'm furious, so I want to get my revenge on you!" The Explosive Female Demon told him the reason she was angry.

"Alright… I'm sorry for disturbing your holiday." Lin Huang apologized and remained calm. It wasn't his fault. She was chosen by the system to be the keeper.

"You're so young, but yet you are such a gentleman." The Explosive Female Demon laughed as Lin Huang apologized to her. "However, I'll not accept your apology. If I accept it, I can't kill you."

Lin Huang shrugged his shoulders and kept quiet. Many of them who were watching the battle between the both of them knew that the Sword Genius was unlucky as soon as they heard what the woman said.

Right after she had finished her sentence, two of the silver rings on Explosive Female Demon's fingers abruptly transformed into two modified SilverPhoenix16s. He had to admit that she looked rather heroic, clad in her bikini while wielding two guns.

Lin Huang then quickly transformed the silver ring on his finger into a battle sword, getting ready for the battle.He did not choose a gun as a weapon as she was an actual gunmaster. She was at least a mid-level gunmaster. He would definitely lose if he chose to use a gun. Soon, the countdown in the arena ended.

She lifted her guns without a moment of hesitation just as the countdown ended. Pointing both of her guns towards Lin Huang, she pulled the trigger.

The silver bullets were fired endlessly at Lin Huang. The audience shifted their gaze to Lin Huang.However, in the arena, Lin Huang's eyes never left her hands. He then activated Cloud Steps and avoided the bullets without even breaking a sweat. Lin Huang's steps resembled the flowing motions of clouds and water had caught many people's attention. His movement was so smooth it was as if he was dancing. On top of that, Cloud Steps was extremely efficient in dodging enemy attacks. It was unbelievable that he had avoided the hail of bullets in the arena.

"Sword Genius has a weak attack speed? He avoided all the bullets!"

"What movement skill is Sword Genius using? It's so effective in avoiding bullets."

Many of them started to discuss what they just saw, and they were envious of his skills when it comes to movement skills.

"What do you think?" The young man in gold robe had noticed Lin Huang from the beginning. He asked the man in black robe beside him.

"His speed is normal. There's nothing special about his movement skill as well. The reason why he could dodge multiple attacks is because he's is good in predicting his opponent’s next move." The man in black robe knew what was happening.

"The modified SilverPhoenix16 is firing bullets at about Mach 4, and he was able to avoid them easily. Is he a genius?" The gold-robed man asked and laughed.

"The main focus is to observe the hand movement of the gunmaster during the fight. Then, he would be able to make a judgment based on the gunmaster's movement and avoid the attacks. By just staring at the bullets, even a transcendent wouldn't be able to avoid the attacks. It solely depends on one's ability to predict and to dodge the bullets. It has nothing to do with the speed of the gun." The black robed man explained.

"You sound like you don't think he will win?" The gold-robed man frowned and asked.

"He has a high possibility of losing the battle if this is all he has up his sleeves. Up until now, the opponent has only used part of her basic gun skills. There are still many powerful gun techniques and gunfighting techniques that she has yet to utilize. Moreover, he did not reduce the distance between them. He put himself in a passive position of having to receive attacks all the time."

"If he does not consider fighting back, he is attempting to win by avoiding his opponent’s attack, in the hopes that she'll use up her Life Power. Without a doubt, he'll lose." The black robed man gave his judgment.

"I have been watching his matches since his 20th match and never missed a single one of them. He's never failed to surprise me. I believe that he'll be the winner." Apparently, the gold-robed man had confidence in Lin Huang.

"Let's not argue. Instead, let's make a bet."

"What do you want to bet on?" The black robed man looked at him.

"Don't bet too much on it; to avoid conflicts. We should just bet with 3-star relics!" The gold-robed man said with a smile.

"Not a problem." The man in black robe nodded his head without hesitation.

"Deal. I bet that Sword Genius will win the match!" The gold-robed man then took out a golden dagger.

The black robed man quickly took out a short black blade and said, "I bet he is going to lose!"


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