Monster Paradise
201 The Consequences Would Be Dire If You Offend Me!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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201 The Consequences Would Be Dire If You Offend Me!

Many did not expect the Sword Genius to make a glorious comeback with a 60-win streak after disappearing from the arena for a month. Besides, the players on the sixth floor and those from the other floors who did not follow Lin Huang’s news thought he did not manage to win 60 consecutive battles. Many were surprised when they learned that Sword Genius had defeated Feng Wu on his 60th winning streak.

The 50,000 people who were watching him live in the room were the most surprised. Not only did they witnessed Sword Genius’ 60-win streak, but they were also witnessing a miracle as Lin Huang chose to continue to battle. Soon, his 61st opponent was sent into the ring. It was a girl who looked 16 or 17. She was bespectacled with a round face, but she was not fat.

She was excited as to be sent into the ring but got a shock when she saw Lin Huang’s scoreboard.

"Are you really Sword Genius?"

"What do you think?" Lin Huang smiled. However, he just put on a face so the girl could not read his true emotion.

"Even if the name is similar, the score will not lie. I think you’re the real Sword Genius." The girl said after thinking about it.

"I have been following you since a month ago; I saw the notification when you logged in earlier. However, I could not watch you live as the room was already full. The moment I got to know you were on your 60-win streak, I regretted that I was unable to watch you in battle. It’s rare for someone to win 60 battles consecutively but I've missed the live match…"

The girl continued talking even after the countdown ended. Lin Huang stood at the same spot without interrupting her. The crowd was speechless. The girl was a blur as she just realized that the countdown had ended after she was done talking. However, she did not attempt to attack but said to Lin Huang, "Erm… Can I have your autograph?"

"I can do that, but you can’t bring it out from the game even if I did gave it to you." Lin Huang did not reject her. However, he was unsure how he was supposed to give her his autograph.

"Let me add you as a friend. After we leave the game, you could write something for me or send me some pictures." The girl suggested.

"Maybe you could write something like ‘Sword Genius wishes I Eat Tomato will always be happy'."

Lin Huang was stunned at her nickname; he looked at her scoreboard immediately. Her nickname was actually ‘I Eat Tomato.'

"If only Tomato is a cute girl like this …" Tomato was an author that Lin Huang admired on earth, he could not accept the fact that author who he liked looked like this in this world…

After he had cleared his mind, Lin Huang accepted the girl’s friend request.

"Sure, I will send you a photo after I sign my name on it."

A majority of them in the audience thought he would reject a friend request like before; they did not expect him to say yes.

"Wow, what happened to your principle? Didn’t you tell Feng Wu that you will never add any friends?!"

"This is the advantage of being a girl! Even a person like Sword Genius could not resist."

"This is sexist! We demand equality!"

Lin Huang could not hear what was happening outside; he had forgotten that he rejected Feng Wu’s friend request earlier. A lot of them who were outside the room were shocked when they watch the replay of Lin Huang rejecting Feng Wu’s friend request. After Lin Huang and the girl added each other as friends, she surrendered. Before she disappeared, she waved at Lin Huang and shouted, "Remember to send me your autograph!"

The 61st battle ended like a movie. For the next 62nd to 69th battles, Lin Huang managed to finish them within two minutes as five of them surrendered while three of them were killed with just one hit. The crowd was not interested in the battles as they were all waiting for the exciting match of Lin Huang’s 70-win streak.

After he completed his 69th battle, a notification popped up.

"Would you like to continue to battle?"

He selected ‘Yes’ without hesitation. After he made his decision, two other notifications popped up.

"There is a match in progress in this venue; the venue will change to venue No.1 on the sixth floor…" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Matching a keeper, please wait …"

After the appearance of the two notifications, Lin Huang was teleported from the ring and to venue No.1 which was bigger than the previous room. The 50,000 audience were puzzled by Lin Huang’s disappearance. They soon received the same notification.

"Sword Genius will be fighting the 70th battle keeper at venue No.1 on the sixth floor!"

Many of them clicked on the selected venue and picked venue No.1 immediately.

Venue No.1 on each floor would only be opened for the big match. The venue is huge and could hold up to 300,000 people. In less than 30 seconds, Lin Huang was sent into the venue; it was fully occupied. All of the players who were online in the arena received the same notification. It had been years since the last person won 70 battles consecutively. Therefore, not only did the people on the sixth floor came, many other players at gold-level from the seventh to the ninth floor came to watch as well.

The last person who had their 70-win streak was 16 years ago. Many geniuses had appeared in Divison7 within that 16 years. However, none of them could win 70 battles consecutively The 300,000 people in the venue stared at the ring without blinking. They were eager to know who would be the keeper.

Outside the arena, a beautiful lady with waist length hair with sunglasses and clad in a bikini was suntanning on the beach. Suddenly, she received a notification.

"Congratulations! You are selected as the keeper of the 70-win streak of ‘Sword Genius’ on the sixth floor."

"Please enter the arena within three minutes, failure to do so will result in you forfeiting your position as a keep ."

"Players who fail to accept the position of a keeper will be penalized. Your account will be suspended, your accumulated points would go back to zero, and you will not be able to enter the Hunter Arena for ten years!"

"Damn it; I must find out who interrupted my holiday!" The young lady shouted.


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