Monster Paradise
199 Feng Wu
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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199 Feng Wu

Feng Wu ranked No.11 on the sixth floor of the arena and was a sword expert like Lin Huang. It was unsure if it was arranged by the system on purpose but the battle was between two sword experts. Before Feng Wu appeared, many in the crowd knew that the keeper of the battle would not be anyone from the top 10. Instead, it would be someone from No. 11 to No.17. Many of them had guessed that it would be Feng Wu. If Lin Huang achieved a 60-win streak, the keeper would have to be one of the people in the top 10. The appearance of Feng Wu implied that if Lin Huang managed to defeat him, it would be more difficult for Lin Huang to win in the future.

Lin Huang looked at Feng Wu’s scoreboard.

"Nickname: Feng Wu"

"Combat Strength: White Silver-Level Rank-3"

"Battle Count: 4208" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Accumulated Points: 10569"

"Winning Percentage: 93%"

Lin Huang did not know Feng Wu. However, there were only 12 people who managed to obtain more than 10,000 points on the leaderboard. He saw Feng Wu’s name ranked at No.11. However, Lin Huang neither knew what weapon Feng Wu nor did he know his combat style but he was not afraid of him. In reality, when Lin Huang saw Feng Wu's name, what crossed his mind was not his name, but the fact that his nickname actually sounded like an actual name.

As expected, Feng Wu was his real name. The reason why he decided to use his actual name was different from the obnoxious Yu Moli. He tried using four to five nicknames unsuccessfully when he was registering. After several tries, he did not bother to come up with a nickname anymore so he decided to use his real name instead. Feng Wu had battled with Master White at least once. Although he had never lost, he knew Master White's ability very well.

Knowing that Master White was killed by Lin Huang in one hit during his time as a keeper, he downloaded the battle video immediately. He was surprised to see how Lin Huang used his sword. As a sword expert himself, Feng Wu could see that Lin Huang was a true sword master. That was what Feng Wu had been dreaming of before he leveled up to transcendent. A normal sword expert could usually master a sword skill after he was at holy fire-level. One who managed to master it before getting to transcendent would be a great talent while those who manage to master it before even getting to gold-level like Lin Huang would be considered to be a genius.

In the name of researching Lin Huang’s sword skills, Feng Wu downloaded all Lin Huang’s battle videos. He then realized that Lin Huang did not use his sword at all before his encounter with Master White. He wasted his points downloading those videos. However, Feng Wu did not give up. He had been following Sword Genius in the arena so that he would be able to watch him live as soon as he started a battle. Nobody knew Lin Huang would not even log into the arena for a month. He was excited to see Sword Genius not only sign-in but start a battle as well. However, he failed to enter the ring as there were no seats remaining…

Just when he was thinking of ways to get himself in, Feng Wu was sent into the ring as the keeper of Lin Huang’s 60-win streak. He was over the moon. Lin Huang had chills going down his spine when he saw Feng Wu looking at him passionately, "He’s not gay, is he…."

"Erm… Sword Genius, could we please be best friends?" Feng Wu asked before the countdown ended.

Lin Huang had his guard up and declined, "I don’t swing that way."

Although people in the ring could not hear the sound outside, everything that happened in the ring could be heard loud and clear outside. The crowd heard everything that they were saying in the ring and most of them were puzzled.

"Feng Wu humbled himself to show kindness, this Sword Genius is arrogant!"

"Who does he think he is? How dare he said that to Feng Wu?!"

"He could totally do that. It’s not like Feng Wu had never battled with Master White in the past but has he ever killed Master White in one hit like Sword Genius did?! Feng Wu probably knew that he could not defeat Sword Genius so he wanted Sword Genius to show him mercy."

"True powerful men are all weird. Perhaps Sword Genius has poor social skills because he only focused on training his swords. It’s normal that he rejected Feng Wu."

Many thought Lin Huang was arrogant for rejecting Feng Wu offer to be best friends with him. However, some of them supported Lin Huang. Feng Wu was stunned at the rejection. He thought about it and it was truly an absurd move. It was normal that Lin Huang had his guard up and rejected him. He smiled awkwardly and shook his head, the silver-level weapon ring on his hand transforming itself into a battle sword.

Seeing the battle sword, Lin Huang recalled that he had seen Feng Wu’s battle with Master White before. He noticed that Feng Wu’s sword was unique as the sword's body was long and thin. From that, Lin Huang could tell that he was a sword expert that focused on speed. However, when Lin Huang was watching the video, he did not notice the name of the person nor his appearance. He only managed to connect the dots when he saw the sword.

"This is the guy…" Lin Huang was impressed by Feng Wu’s sword skill because he was one among the few people who actually managed to defeat Master White. Master White had the advantage in speed which allowed him to launch his attack before his opponents in most battles. However, Feng Wu’s speed was not much slower than his. Master White's speed did not affect Feng Wu much. Rather, it was the other way round as Master White was affected by Feng Wu's attack rhythm, causing him to lose.

"Stunning sword skills, lightning speed, amazing rhythm." That was Lin Huang’s comments for Feng Wu when he watched the video. However, now that he was standing in the same arena as Feng Wu, he had the confidence to win. He smirked as he transformed the silver weapon ring on his middle finger into a silver-level battle sword. The sword seemed ordinary, like it was something readily available on the market.

The countdown ended.

Feng Wu leaped and plunged towards Lin Huang at a terrifying speed…


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