Monster Paradise
194 Arriving In Snow City
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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194 Arriving In Snow City

After spending three nights in the wild zone, Lin Huang finally brought Lin Xin and Lin Xuan to foothold No.7C88 - Li City. Lin Huang used Lin Xuan, Ye Xiu and his own identity to purchase the tickets. He even chose rooms on different floors. The Purple Crow did not know about the existence of Lin Xuan and Ye Xiu was still unknown to anyone. Meanwhile, outsiders could not even identify Lin Huang. Even if the Demonic Crystal Spaceship's network got hacked, they could not gain access to Lin Huang’s identity and purchase history. They wouldn't be able to find Lin Huang’s name.

Their spaceship would depart three days later, the three of them could take a good rest during that period. It was torture for Lin Xin to stay in the wild zone earlier. After picking a hotel near the plaza where the spaceship docked, Lin Huang used Ye Xiu’s identity to register the room. He then brought the both of them in.

It was a suite with three bedrooms where each of them could get one bedroom of their own. Lin Huang was relieved. While staying in the hotel, he finally got the time to reevaluate the battle videos. Meanwhile, Lin Xin and Lin Xuan tried not to head outside and they would only order takeaway food. During the three days in Li City, they only went out with Lin Huang twice.

On the fourth morning, the spaceship landed on the plaza. After breakfast; Lin Huang brought the both of them to board the spacecraft. He passed Ye Xiu’s Emperor’s Heart Ring to Lin Xin, the three of them boarded the spaceship successfully. The non-VIP rooms in the spaceship only had one living room and one bedroom. Lin Xin slept in the bedroom on her own while Lin Huang moved the small bed for children out for Lin Xuan; Lin Huang slept on the couch in the living room.

It would take 16 days to arrive in Snow City from Li City, and it would be New Year’s Eve when they finally got there. During the 16 days on the spaceship, Lin Huang immersed himself in the battle videos. However, he didn't enter the arena. Concerned about Lin Xin and Lin Xuan; he couldn't get into the mood for a battle.

Meanwhile, Lin Xuan did not know what was happening while he immersed himself in Gun Master. Ever since he gotten his account access into the exclusive zone for hunters; he was even more enthusiastic in playing the game as he would always encounter a professional that he could learn from.

Besides eating and sleeping, he spent all his time in the game. Although Lin Xin was aware that trouble was coming to them, she chose to trust Lin Huang. She spent most of the time on her homework as she knew the learning standard in a B-grade foothold would be higher than a D-grade foothold. Her result in the Hunter Reserve College was outstanding, but it would not be easy to attain the same results at a school in a B-grade foothold.

During the 16 days; Lin Huang managed to watch all the battle videos of players ranked from 6th to 3rd. He could have observed and learned more, but the spaceship landed safely in Snow City as expected even when it was snowing outside. After getting off the ship; Lin Huang brought the both of them to the delivery company to pick up the package from Yang Ling before checking into the hotel. Lin Xin’s new identity was Ling Xue; she gave herself that name. Coming up with the backstory of being an aboriginal from Snow City.

Lin Xin was cheerful wearing her new Emperor’s Heart Ring while watching the snow falling from the sky. Lin Xuan looked just as happy watching the snowflakes fall to the window. It seemed like it was his first time seeing snow.

"Alright, stop blocking the way you two. If we stay here, there will still be many chances in the future for both of you to look at snow." Lin Huang got them to walk faster to the hotel.

When they entered the hotel room, the both of them ran straight to the balcony and refused to go back in.

"You guys can stay here to watch the snow, just don’t catch a cold." Lin Huang then placed a sweater on both of them and returned to the living room. Looking at the falling snow from the transparent window, Lin Huang was stunned. It had been years since Lin Huang had last seen snow like this. He studied at the Northeastern University; had never returned to the place since he graduated.

The sound of boiling water woke him up from his nap. "Are you guys done? Come inside and drink some hot tea!" he told the two kids.

He took three cups from the side along with the tea leaves; making three cups of tea. The two of them ignored Lin Huang and remained on the balcony; gazing at the snow. "If the both of you refuse to come in, I’ll have to make you! Three, two…"

Lin Xin and Lin Xuan returned to the living room almost immediately, taking the tea from Lin Huang and sitting on the couch warming their hands with the hot drink.

Moments later, Lin Xin took a sip of the tea when it was not so hot anymore. "Brother, I like it here. Let’s stay in Snow City!"

Lin Huang smiled, he did not expect Lin Xin to have such a great impression on the city and decide so quickly.

"Xiao Xuan, your sister likes it here. What about you?" Lin Huang then looked at Lin Xuan.

"It’s good." Lin Xuan nodded immediately. He seemed to be mesmerized by the snow. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Alright then, so this is it. We shall stay in Snow City!" Lin Huang nodded.

Seeing that Lin Xin and Lin Xuan ran to the balcony again after sipping their tea, Lin Huang went into the room and called Yang Ling. He was the same man who looked like he had not slept for days with bed hair and clothes that resembled a homeless person.

"So have you received the stuff that I sent you?" Yang Ling asked while yawning.

"Yes, I just got it thanks!" Lin Huang nodded.

Although Yang Ling looked clumsy, he was trustworthy.

"What else do you need from me? Have you decided on which foothold you'd like to stay at?" Yang Ling asked.

"I've decided yes, Snow City it is." Lin Huang smiled and nodded.

"How much would that be?"

"Snow City is good. It’s considered one of the hottest tourists spots during the winter season. It'll be 16,000 but if you can pay me the full amount, I can give it to you at 15,000. If you'd like to pay by installment, you'll need to pay the full amount but there won't be any interest." Yang Ling told Lin Huang directly without beating around the bush.

"I'll pay for it by installment then since I don’t have much on hand." Lin Huang felt helpless as he had never bought anything by installments before. Even when he had a credit card on earth, he would always pay whatever he'd spent at once without any delay. However, he had no choice this time.

"Sure, I’ll send it to you once I get it later. Since the sum is quite significant, try to pay me every month and I'll give you 12 months to pay it off." Yang Ling did not even bother to come up with a contract with Lin Huang and hung up the phone.

Three to five minutes later, Lin Huang received a message without any words but only an attachment. Lin Huang downloaded the attachment immediately. It was a three-dimensional white token. It was the residential token which represented one’s right to claim residence in Snow City. He tapped on the token, Ye Xiu’s identity was displayed along with the residential area Snow City.

"It'll be New Year’s Eve two days later. I'll pick a house today and purchase it tomorrow then move in straight away for New Year."

After making the arrangement, Lin Huang called out to Lin Xin and Lin Xuan.

"It'll be New Year's the day after tomorrow. The both of you have a mission today - which is to choose a couple of houses from the network. You'll have to get it done by today as we'll be looking at the houses tomorrow. If any of them are suitable, we'll buy it and live there. We can’t be staying in a hotel on New Year’s Eve. We should be staying at our house!" Lin Huang said to the both of them.

They nodded and started browsing the Heart Network. Lin Huang was browsing too; he told the both of them that their mission was to see what kind of houses they liked. A couple of hours passed and all three of them were still looking at houses on the couch. Lin Huang had picked a couple of them that he liked, he then asked the both of them, "So have you guys found anything yet?"

"They’re all so expensive…" Lin Xin was upset. She saw some that she liked but she did not pick them as they were too expensive.

"Don’t look at the price, just show me those that you like." The cost of houses in a B-grade foothold was considered expensive to ordinary people. However, it was nothing to hunters.

Lin Huang then looked at Lin Xuan, "Xiao Xuan, show me those that you picked."

Lin Xuan nodded and showed Lin Huang the houses that he picked. He didn't consider factors such as price; he only chose those that he liked. While Lin Huang looked at the pictures, Lin Xin join too. She was stunned to see that all of the houses Lin Xuan picked were all above 100 million credit points.

Lin Huang nodded as he was satisfied with the houses that Lin Xuan picked, two of them were to his liking.

"Xin Er, is there any that you like from what Lin Xuan picked?" Lin Huang asked Lin Xin and added, "Don’t worry about the price."

"They all seem so good, but these two houses are my favorite!" Lin Xin pointed at the two that she liked, Lin Huang picked one of them as well. The other was similar to the house that they stayed in Wulin Town. It was a three-story single resort which was much larger with an extra courtyard.

"Sure, we'll take a look at these three houses tomorrow!" Lin Huang picked the house that looked like a resort and another two that he liked.


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