Monster Paradise
193 Leaving Wulin Town
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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193 Leaving Wulin Town

After settling the two dead bodies of the Purple Crow members, Lin Huang frowned. Lin Xin could not use her identity anymore or else the Purple Crow would come to look for her again if the both of them did not return after a month. No matter which foothold they were going to, Lin Xin couldn't use her identity to book tickets. If she did, the Purple Crow could easily discover her.

Lin Huang then called Yang Ling. Yang Ling picked up his call while yawning. He looked tired.

"So have you decided on which foothold you're going to stay at?"

"No, I'd like to order a new Emperor’s Heart Ring from you." Lin Huang wanted to get Lin Xin a new identity.

"Helping your friend again?" Yang Ling did not find that odd.

"I guess you can say that." Lin Huang nodded.

"No problem, which one would you like?"

"The one that costs 100 Life Crystal will be alright." Lin Xin would still have to study at the Hunter Reserve College for half a year and take the graduation assessment before furthering her studies in the prestige school. There was no need for her to use a hunter identity, she only needed the one suitable for an ordinary person.

Yang Ling nodded, "Same thing. Send me the name, age, and photo." "Do I send it to the usual address?"

"No, please send it to Snow City, I'll pick it up myself." Lin Huang had his own arrangement.

"I will send you the details later, after five o’clock."

"Sure." Yang Ling did not ask further.

"Oh yeah, can you make fake school transfer applications as well?" Lin Huang asked.

"Hardly, but it’s a simple process. Let me know which school you want to transfer to and I'll make one for you for free since it’s cheap." Yang Ling was generous.

"Thank you then. I will send both sets of information to you t around five o’clock."

After some hesitation, Lin Huang decided to ask Yang Ling about something that was on his mind, "There’s something that I'd like to ask you…"

"Do tell." Yang Ling frowned before nodded.

"I escaped from the Purple Crow by faking my death. If they found out that I’m still alive, will they have ways to find me?" Lin Huang decided to tell Yang Ling the truth.

"Theoretically, I’m not supposed to intervene in the personal problems of my customers. I’m just the one creating fake identities for them. However, since your question is within my field of professionalism and you’re my regular customer, I'll answer you this one time. As long as you do not guard the privacy of your personal details, they can find you in many ways. There are only two ways to prevent that.

One is to avoid from appearing in places that require you to scan your identity. Another would be to tighten the security settings for the privacy of your personal details.

Lin Huang frowned as he listened but decided to ask, "Which level of privacy is safe enough?"

"You'll need at least a senior executive officers rank or be on the intensive training list with the Hunter Association because the privacy setting is the same setting that senior executive officers use."

"Can you do that from your side?" Lin Huang asked while he frowned.

"I can’t do it…" Yang Ling shook his head. "There's only a limited number of ways to get into intensive training or become a senior executive officer in any division. The Hunter Association’s system would conduct spot checks every year. You'll be exposed easily. I suggest you use your fake identity after you've moved away."

"Is there no other way?" Lin Huang did not want to give up.

"From my experience, there’s no other way." Yang Ling shook his head while he opened a page in front of Lin Huang, "Let me show you. Your identity is ranked under the regular rank in the Hunter Association. I could easily hack into the system or the Union Government’s system to get your personal details…"

Just when Yang Ling was ready to show Lin Huang, he realized that he could not find anything about him, "Eh, what happened?"

"What’s wrong?" Lin Huang did not understand what Yang Ling wanted to show him with the blank page. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Hold on…" After a couple of attempts, Yang Ling still could not find anything about Lin Huang. Later on, he finally found Lin Huang’s details after using a unique technique. He then looked at Lin Huang, "Hey, were you listed in the intensive training list?"

"No." Lin Huang shook his head, "I’m just a Gold Hunter, I did not pass the final review for intensive training."

"That means somebody did something to your privacy settings." Yang Ling was sure, "Your privacy has been upgraded to that of a senior executive officer's rank. People below that rank will not be able to access your details. It has been done officially as well and the person who applied this setting for you was Li Mingzheng. I didn’t know that you had such a powerful background."

"Who is this Li Mingzheng? Why did he upgrade my privacy rank?" Lin Huang thought it was strange, but soon, he thought of his master Mr. Fu, "Perhaps master got somebody to do it?"

Lin Huang thought about it again, that was the only possibility. Although Mr. Fu was not a member of the Hunter Association, from the assessment, it was apparent that he was close to the Hunter Association. To protect Lin Huang, he got the association to protect his privacy. He was the only one who would do that.

"That means I don’t have to be worried that the Purple Crow could find me?" Lin Huang asked.

"That right. With your privacy rank now, there’s no need to worry. In the Hunter Association, only senior executive officers or people who're ranked higher than them could gain access to your details. Outsiders, Union Government included, cannot get access unless they get an approval from Li Mingzheng." Yang Ling nodded.

"You got through, are you sure others will not be able to get access?" Lin Huang was skeptical.

"Heh. It's different for me, my case is unique. Don’t worry, outsiders won't be able to access your personal details unless the Purple Crow has a spy who's ranked at the senior executive level or higher. Else, they'd never find you." Yang Ling gave Lin Huang a firm answer.

Lin Huang had no idea that his privacy ranking was so high. "Alright then, I'll trust you. Thanks!"

"If that’s all, I'll hang up now. Send over the details of the new identity and school transfer application as soon as you can."

"That will be all. I'll send both to you later." Replied Yang Ling.

Lin Huang felt a deep sense of relief after the phone call ended.

It was after five o’clock in the evening when Lin Xin came back from school.

"Xin Er, bring your stuff. We're leaving Wulin Town tonight." Lin Huang said to Lin Xin just as she entered.

"I thought we'd only leave a week later? I didn’t even have a chance to speak to my teacher yet…" Lin Xin was shocked.

"I have gotten my friend to apply for the school transfer for you. We need to leave today." After some hesitation, Lin Huang told Lin Xin, "I offended the Purple Crow earlier. They sent somebody here looking for us, and I killed them. If we don’t leave now, there'll be more people coming for us…"

"Purple Crow... From the underworld?" Lin Xin was shocked when she heard what Lin Huang said.

Lin Huang nodded, "That’s the real reason why we need to move away, I didn’t expect them to come so soon."

"I’ll go upstairs to pack my stuff then." Lin Xin sensed the urgency and went upstairs. Lin Huang headed to his room as well. After briefing Lin Xuan, he began to pack his belongings up. He spent half an hour to get things done and managed to bring along Lin Xuan’s stuff as well. Lin Xuan didn't have a lot of things to pack. It was mainly clothes and shoes as well as toys and gifts given to him by Lin Huang and Lin Xin.

Lin Huang then went to the balcony on the fourth floor and took the barbecue machine with him. As he walked down, he shut all the doors and windows. When he arrived on the first floor, he grabbed everything he needed. 10 minutes later, Lin Xin had finally finished. Seeing Lin Xin coming down, Lin Huang said, "Xin Er, transfer all your stuff into my Emperor’s Heart Ring. You can’t use your ring anymore or the Purple Crow will be able to track you."

"But there are so many credit points I could spend…" Lin Xin didn't want to waste any of the credit points she had.

"That’s nothing, silly. The Purple Crow will find out know if you do a transfer, I can make that small amount of credits in your account in just one day." Lin Huang shook his head and smiled.

Lin Xin then placed the stuff on the couch and coffee table and Lin Huang put them away into his storage space. After everything was stored, Lin Xin took off her Emperor’s Heart Ring with a heavy heart and gave it to Lin Huang. After all, she had been wearing it since the day she came to this world. Lin Huang, on the other hand, did not have any feelings towards the ring. He tossed it on the floor and crushed it.

After throwing the pieces away into the rubbish bin, the three of them left the house. Lin Xin took a good last look at their home while Lin Huang closed the door, shaking his head. He then threw a couple of trash bags into the rubbish bin at the entrance. Lin Huang turned around to look at the luxurious four-story house. He then summoned the Viridian Wolf, and the three of them headed to the east gate.

"Brother, where are we going?" Lin Xin just realized that she had no idea where they were heading.

"Let’s head to Li City in foothold No.7C88." After contacting Yang Ling, Lin Huang had made all the arrangements.

"Li City? I know it’s not safe in Baqi City, but this foothold is even further away from foothold No.7C86 and No.7C89!" Lin Xin could not understand.

"Yes, it’s further but safer. It'll take us three days to fly there so we'll have to stay in the wild for two days." Lin Huang explained briefly.

Minutes later, they arrived outside the east gate. Lin Huang unloaded their belongings and recalled the Viridian Wolf and summoned the Alexandrian Eagle. He placed two seats on the eagle’s back and got Lin Xin and Lin Xuan to ride on it. They headed Li City's direction...


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