Monster Paradise
192 Reason For The Purple Crow“s Presence
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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192 Reason For The Purple Crow“s Presence

While Lin Huang was taking down notes from the videos on the couch, someone knocked on the door.

"Who could it be?" Lin Huang frowned. As he and Lin Xin were orphans, nobody had ever visited their home during the six months they had arrived in this world. He had only seen his neighbors, but they had never visited each other before. Lin Xin’s friends had visited once or twice. However, Lin Xin was at school, and it was impossible that it was her friends.

With much doubt, Lin Huang opened the door. Seeing the two men in gray coats, Lin Huang had his guard up. They were obviously not Lin Xin’s friends. He could smell the blood from their bodies, a smell people had when they killed many others. Lin Huang had officially joined the Purple Crow. He could tell that both of them were reserve members in an instant. However, all the gold-level staff were wearing this uniform in the training camp, that was why he could not tell who the two men were.

"Who are you looking for?" Lin Huang asked.

Both of them were stunned, as they were expecting a girl but a young man opened the door. They could even sense that Lin Huang was silver-level. Ren Yan snapped out of it at an instant and asked, "May I know if Lin Xin stays here?"

Lin Huang heart sank when he heard they were coming for Lin Xin.

"I think you guys are at the wrong house. She stays in the house at the next unit." Lin Huang pointed at a block that was not far away.

"Isn’t this the address? Could I have mistaken the address?" Ren Yan searched for the address in the note that he jotted down in his Emperor’s Heart Ring. Just when the both of them looked down, Bai appeared behind them. When they found out, Bai’s wings transformed into two blades strangling their necks. Lin Huang smirked, "Let’s talk inside my home."

"Hey, you must know that we’re from the Purple Crow. We don’t know who you are, but if you offend the Purple Crow, you would be in great trouble!" Hong Ming yelled.

Ren Yan gave a deadly stare in Hong Ming's direction. They should not be revealing who they were.

"Purple Crow?"

Lin Huang frowned, he did not expect the Purple Crow to come here for him. He thought he had covered everything up, nobody from the Purple Crow should know that he was still alive. It was strange that the both of them were here for Lin Xin.

"Come in. I have some questions for you." Lin Huang opened his door.

As they were held hostage by Bai, they had to obey what Lin Huang said. Lin Huang shut his door, sat on the couch while looking at both of them, who stood in front of the coffee table. Bai was standing behind them, as soon as he used even the slightest of force, both of their heads would be chopped off in an instant.

"Don’t waste your time. We will not tell you anything." As Lin Huang was checking them out, Ren Yan took the lead and said that. He did not want Hong Ming to reveal anything more about them.

"Really? I'll show you how I make people tell me things then." Lin Huang smirked.

Suddenly, the Ghastly Clown appeared next to him.

"This clown…" The both of them were shocked when they saw the Ghastly Clown. The Ghastly Clown appeared in Daxi City earlier. It was the same territory of the Purple Crow. The regular members were not the only people who knew but many reserve members knew about this incident and what the clown looked like as well. Although the gold-level Ghastly Clown seemed slightly different now, they could still recognize it.

"Ghastly Clown, let’s ask this big guy first." Lin Huang said. The Ghastly Clown grinned while nodding. A mask of Hong Ming’s face formed in its hand. As it placed the mask on its face, Hong Ming’s eyes went blank.

"Your name, age?"

"Hong Ming, 21 years old," answering without any expression.

"Which organization are you from? What’s your identity?"

"I’m from the Purple Crow. I just graduated from the training camp a month ago. I’m a Purple Crow reserve member."

Ren Yan was shocked, "Hong Ming, what are you doing? Wake up!"

Bai’s wing transformed into a hand and covered Ren Yan's mouth to stop him from talking.

"There’s no use if you yell. Even if we killed him, he wouldn't wake up." Lin Huang glared at Ren Yan. Lin Huang then looked at Hong Ming again, "Tell me a secret that nobody knows."

"When my sister was 13, I raped and killed her. After I dismembered her dead body, I buried her body parts in my neighbor’s yard. Nobody knew I did it. After the body parts were found, my neighbor was sentenced to death by the Union Government…"

Lin Huang frowned as he heard the dark story. Hong Ming was obviously not someone good. Ren Yan found that unbelievable. Not the fact that Hong Ming killed his sister, but that Lin Huang managed to ask something like that. That would mean Lin Huang could be able to get everything and anything he wanted to know from Hong Ming.

"What is your mission this time?" After confirming that the Grimace Clown had absolute control over them, Lin Huang asked what he wanted to ask.

"To bring back a girl named Lin Xin from Wulin Town." Hong Ming answered expressionlessly.

"Why is that so?" Lin Huang could not understand.

"It was said that Lin Xin’s brother is a powerful Imperial Censor who has a double mutated monster. He used to be one of us. However, he died in an accident. As Imperial Censor genes were inherited, the Purple Crow suspected that Lin Xin had the genes of an Imperial Censor as well so they wanted us to bring her back to train her."

Lin Huang did not know that Hong Zhuang asked Lu Xuan and Scarface to find another Imperial Censor within a year. They could not find any while Scarface recalled Lin Huang having a sister. So both the men were sent here to bring Lin Xin back.

"What do you guys know about Lin Xin’s brother?" Lin Huang asked.

"We don’t know much, we only know that the management loves him and he’s a genius who can control a double mutated monster. However, he was killed in an accident." It was obvious that Hong Ming did not know about Lin Huang.

"What do you know about Lin Xin?" Lin Huang was concerned.

"She’s just an ordinary person, she’s means almost nothing to the organization." Lin Huang frowned at Hong Ming’s answer. After a couple more questions, Lin Huang nodded to Bai.

A red glow flashed and Hong Ming’s head was chopped off. However, no blood came out of the wound at all and it seemed like it was being absorbed by something. Meanwhile, the wings glowed.

Ren Yan was shocked at what he just saw. Seeing that Hong Ming’s dead body fell on the ground, Lin Huang then looked at Ren Yan. Bai let go of his wing that was covering his mouth.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"You… You are Lin Xin’s brother… You didn't die!" Ren Yan could tell that Lin Huang’s identity from the conversation he had with Hong Ming.

"You are right, but there’s no reward for you." Lin Huang nodded at the Ghastly Clown.

A new mask appeared on the Ghastly Clown’s hand, and it was the face of Ren Yan.

"It’s the one that invaded Daxi City…" Ren Yan looked at Lin Huang in fear, "How is this possible, who are you?"

The Ghastly Clown put the new mask on its face, Ren Yan’s eyes became blank.

"Your name and age?"

"Ren Yan, 19."

"Which organization are you from? What is your identity?"

"Purple Crow, reserve member…"

"How many family members do you have?" Lin Huang would always ask something private to make sure that he had the full control of the person.

"Mother and brother…"

Lin Huang asked the questions that he asked Hong Ming and got the same answers from Ren Yan. However, he added a couple more questions.

"You believe you have a due date for this mission, when is the due date?"

"We arrived much earlier than expected, and we still have a week left. We have to capture Lin Xin within a week and contact our senior that we have captured Lin Xin." Ren Yan explained.

"What happened if you do not report after the due date? What will Purple Crow do to you?" Lin Huang asked.

"That'll mean the mission has failed. If our senior cannot get in touch with us, it would mean that we're dead and the mission difficulty has been upgraded. The organization would then send more reserve members to join the mission in order to figure out what had happened. They would then know when they should send the official members."

Lin Huang frowned. Soon, the mask on the clown faded. Just when Ren Yan was gaining conscious, there was another mask appeared on Lin Huang’s hand. He then placed the mask on his face. Ren Yan was only a gold-level rank-1, Lin Huang could still control him with the mask. After the mask faded from the clown, Lin Huang took over.

"Call your senior!" Lin Huang instructed immediately. Ren Yan did what he asked. After the phone was connected, Lin Huang heard a voice that he was familiar with. It was Scarface.

"Ren Yan, has the mission been completed?"

"Yes, it’s been completed and I've booked a ticket back next week." Lin Huang got Ren Yan to reply exactly the way he wanted.

"You managed to complete your mission a week ahead of schedule. That’s great!"

"You trained me well, master." Ren Yan said.

"Alright then. Come back immediately, don’t waste any of your time!" Scarface seemed to be impatient.


After the phone hung up, Lin Huang was still upset although the phone call gave him one more month. He then nodded to Bai and the red blade chopped off Ren Yan's head. His head separated from his neck without so much as a single drop of blood. Lin Huang then summoned the Viridian Wolf to eat both of the corpses. Once the Viridian Wolf finished eating, Lin Huang quickly recalled it…


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