Monster Paradise
190 Two Packages
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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190 Two Packages

It was past 12, midnight when Lin Huang turned off the videos. As he was ready to take a shower, he noticed the bed not far away from him. There was a light silver glow flowing on Lin Xuan’s body. The glow was insignificant, and it could not be seen when there was light. If Lin Huang did not look correctly, he would have missed it.

"Is that Life Power?" Lin Huang thought it was unbelievable as he had just checked on Lin Xuan during the day, which he found out that there was no Life Power in Lin Xuan’s body. However, the Life Power was growing on the surface of his body when he was sleeping. In fact, it was the silver Life Power of a silver-level player.

Lin Huang could even sense that the Life Power was similar to his. He then recalled that the exhausted feeling he got from his Life Power when he was checking on Lin Xuan was a little odd.

"Perhaps this kid absorbed a portion of my Life Power and is cultivating his own?" Lin Huang guessed. If he were not a traveler, he would not have imagined such possibility.

After washing himself, Lin Huang didn’t head straight to bed. Instead, he was looking at some videos while watching Lin Xuan occasionally. Lin Xuan was in a deep sleep that night, the Life Power on his body was growing stronger. It finally stopped building when it was on the same level as the silver-level. It then faded away as if it had never appeared before.

On the next morning, Lin Xuan saw that Lin Huang was up when he got out of bed. He did not know that Lin Huang had not slept at all that night.

Seeing that Lin Xuan had woken up, Lin Huang immediately asked: "Did you feel any discomfort last night?". Lin Xuan shook his head in doubt. He did not understand why did Lin Huang had asked such a question.

"Come here, give me your hand." Lin Huang waved to him.

Although he was doubtful, Lin Xuan walked to Lin Huang in his pajamas. He then put his hand on Lin Huang’s palm. Soon, Lin Huang’s Life Power flowed into Lin Xuan’s body. This time, once the Life Power entered, Lin Huang could sense that Lin Xuan was now a silver-level rank-3 with a mighty Life Power. His Life Power was neither weaker nor stronger than Lin Huang’s.

"I knew it!"

After releasing Lin Xuan’s hand, Lin Huang confirmed that Lin Xuan had cloned his Life Power and cultivated it on his own. Lin Xuan was gifted; if a traveler’s Goldfinger was a conduit in this world, then Lin Xuan’s body itself would be a powerful conduit.

"If he could clone my Life Power, he might be able to clone the Life Power of a gold-level person. Not sure if he had any skills in cloning, if he did, he could level-up to transcendent or even demigod from an ordinary person…"

Lin Xuan’s origin was getting more and more mysterious, and Lin Huang was concerned.

"We must move away as soon as possible!"

It was the weekend, and Lin Huang went to the Credit Bureau early in the morning to transfer 1,500 Life Crystals to Yang Ling. When he got home, he called out to Lin Xin.

"Xin Er, shall we move to a B-grade foothold?" Lin Huang asked while smiling.

"But the accommodation rights of a B-grade foothold…" Lin Xin knew without the right permissions. She would not be able to continue her studies.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"I have my way to obtain the accommodation. We will leave during the winter holiday. Let’s decide on which B-grade foothold we would like to live in. The safety is much higher than D-grade footholds such as Wulin Town. I won’t be as worried whenever I need to leave home." Lin Huang kept quiet about the real reason he wanted to move.

"Then I’ll do the school application with my headmaster in a couple of days." Lin Xin did not ask further. The sudden request surprised her but she knew Lin Huang had his reasons and she decided to trust him. She looked around the house, "Brother if we move away, must we sell the house?"

"We’re not selling the house since we won’t be able to sell it off in such a short period, we don’t need the money anyway. The house will stay, it could be our holiday resort." Lin Huang never planned to sell the house.

"Sure!" Lin Xin felt better again when she heard they were not selling the house.

"However, you won’t be able to see your friends at school anymore." Lin Huang empathized with her.

"It’s alright. It’s not like we are never coming back to this town." Lin Xin had an open mind, "Besides, even if we didn’t move away. After I graduated in half a year, everyone would leave anyway. We wouldn’t be able to see each other often, so it really doesn’t matter."

"Alright then. Let’s settle your school application within these few days before the winter holiday. I will book the ticket, and we shall leave during the holiday. Let’s not go to Snow Ridge City, let’s go to Winter City in the B-grade foothold. If we like it, we shall stay there. If not, we could see other B-grade footholds after watching the snow." Lin Huang had done up the preliminary arrangement. Lin Xin nodded immediately; she was a girl who loved snow. Winter was her favorite season, and she was excited when she heard they might be staying in Snow City.

For the following days, Lin Huang gave Lin Xuan his Gun Masters account. Lin Xuan did not have any opponents anymore in the normal zone, many of his battle videos were uploaded to the network as learning material. Now that he had Life Power, he could enter the exclusive zone for a hunter. That was why Lin Huang gave him his personal account. Meanwhile, he proceeded to evaluate ‘Master White’s’ battle videos to come up with a strategy to combat opponents who were expert in speed like him. Through the videos, he had learned many battle experiences and concluded some strategies that were suitable for him.

Five days soon passed by, with the Silvertongue Bird arriving at their doorstep in the morning.

"There are packages for you, Mr. Lin Huang!"

After feeding the bird a bunch of sweets, the bird dropped two packages from its feather. There was a package that was the size of a fist; Lin Huang figured that must be the Emperor’s Heart Ring that was sent by Yang Ling. Meanwhile, the other box was 30 centimeters tall and wide.

After moving two boxes into the room, Lin Huang opened the box that was the size of a fist first. It was covered with layers of shockproof materials. It was a silver-colored Emperor’s Heart Ring. He called out to Lin Xuan immediately and passed the ring to him. He then taught Lin Xuan how to activate the ring as well as creating an account for him in the Gun Master.

After Lin Xuan went back upstairs, Lin Huang looked at the unfamiliar box. Skeptical, he opened the top of the box. He was surprised to see what was inside. It was a black jar, the pattern on the jar was simple. Lin Huang recognized it was the jar which Scarface used to contain his ashes when he was watching as the Specter in the Purple Crow. He opened the cover of the jar; it was empty. The deceiving effect from the card had worn off. Lin Huang frowned and broke the jar. He then carried the box out and tossed them into the rubbish in together with the jar pieces.


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