Monster Paradise
187 He’s Even More Dangerous Than Who He Was 10 Days Ago
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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187 He’s Even More Dangerous Than Who He Was 10 Days Ago

"Come here, Xiao Xuan." Lin Huang shouted waving at Lin Xuan, who then quietly walked over to Lin Huang.

"Give me your hand." Lin Huang said as he extended his hand, "Let me know whenever you don’t feel comfortable then I will stop."

Lin Xuan nodded and placed his small hand on Lin Huang’s palm. As there hands touched, there was a silver glow coming out of Lin Huang’s palm, it then entered Lin Xuan’s body through his palm. Lin Huang’s Life Power took a stroll in Lin Xuan’s body, there was nothing unusual and Lin Xuan did not feel any discomfort or pain.

"Lin Huang watched as no reaction came from the Life Power in his body. That means he’s just an ordinary person…" Lin Huang could not figure out where Lin Xuan’s talents came from. He noticed that there was a slight exhaustion of Life Power later on. However, he did not dwell into that as he thought it was normal.

"Do you feel any discomfort?" Lin Huang asked after checking his body.

Lin Xuan shook his head.

"That’s great, I will buy two more Gun Master rings within these two days. You will not have to take turns to play with your sister." Lin Huang patted Lin Xuan’s head and placed the order.

Lin Xin was curious, "Brother, Xiao Xuan doesn’t have an Emperor’s Heart Ring, he can not register an account in Gun Master. Could you get him one?"

"It’s okay, I will come out with something." Lin Huang nodded. He was thinking of bringing Lin Xuan to the Union Government to get him an identity. However, the process was troublesome. Moreover, he would not be able to receive his Emperor’s Heart Ring in such a short period of time.

After ordering the Gun Master, Lin Huang called Yang Ling.

Yang Ling accepted the video call immediately, he still looked as relaxed as he always was. "Hehe, do you need a second identity now?"

"This time not for me, it’s for somebody else. I need it to be able to register with the Hunter Association, is that possible?" Lin Huang did not bother to carry out small talk with him so he asked directly.

"Of course that’s possible. Would you like to apply for Reserve Hunter or Regular Hunter?" Yang Ling asked.

"You could even get the Regular Hunter one?" Lin Huang was surprised.

"Of course, don’t you know who I am." Yang Ling was proud of himself. "No matter if it’s Copper, Silver or Gold, I can get all of them for you."

"Even focus training?" Lin Huang asked.

"That’s possible, but I’m not doing it." Yang Ling raised his eyebrow.

"Why not? It’s money." replied Lin Huang.

"There are only a few candidates chosen for focus training in each division, it would be too obvious if I do that. The chance of being exposed is too high, I wouldn’t want such trouble." Yang Ling said.

"If you need the authority to get into the Hunter Association, I can get you an identity of an executive officer. However, the price is high." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"I understand. How much would the price of Copper, Silver and Gold Hunter be?" As a traveller, Lin Huang was skeptical if Yang Ling’s Goldfinger was an original or not.

"500 for Copper, 1,000 for Silver and 1,500 for Gold! You know very well of which currency I’m talking about." Yang Ling replied while shaking his leg.

Lin Huang thought about it, "Get me a Gold Hunter one."

Lin Xuan’s situation was unique, Lin Huang planned to bring him along to the Hunter Arena to see how much he could learn from there.

"Send me the name, age and photo. You could also send me a backstory that you made up as long as it’s not too ridiculous. If you don’t send me any back stories, I will create one on my own." Yang Ling reminded, "Also, please use the usual currency of transaction."

"I understand, I will send it over tomorrow as the Credit Bureau is closed now." Lin Huang nodded.

"I can get it done later, which address are you staying right now?" Yang Ling asked.

"The same address as before, just send it to me." Lin Huang knew Yang Ling had his address.

"Oh." Yang Ling nodded, he hesitated but asked anyway, "I know this is none of my business but have you destroyed your original Emperor’s Heart Ring?"

"Yes I have." Lin Huang nodded.

"That’s great, however, I would advise you to move away from where you are staying as soon as possible." Yang Ling reminded.

"I would like to but I can’t get the permission to stay in B-grade and A-grade footholds…" Lin Huang said casually.

"I could help you with the accommodation entitlement but it isn’t cheap." Yang Ling looked proud again.

"Don’t fool me, are you serious? They will need my identification when I purchase a house!" Lin Huang did not expect Yang Ling could even get that done.

"Let me ask you, did the Emperor’s Heart Ring that you got from me ever fail?" Yang Ling asked him back.

"Don’t worry, I guarantee you that it works. I have done it at least 800 times, none of them failed."

"How much is it?" Lin Huang asked immediately.

"A-grade foothold ranges from hundred thousand to one million while B-grade foothold would range from ten thousand to thirty thousand. The exact price depends on which foothold you want. This doesn’t even require delivery, I can get it done right now, all I need is three minutes." Yang Ling was confident in the business.

"A-grade foothold is so expensive…" Lin Huang was surprised at the price as the currency Yang Ling was talking about was Life Crystals. "B-grade foothold isn’t cheap either…"

Lin Huang only had 8,000 Life Crystals at the moment. Deducting the 1,500 for the new Emperor’s Heart Ring for Lin Xuan, he could not even afford the accommodation in the B-grade foothold. Yang Ling seemed to notice Lin Huang’s hesitation, "Since you’re a regular customer, if you don’t have sufficient Life Crystals now, you could pay by instalment. There would not be any interest."

Lin Huang smiled in an embarrassed manner, "Thank you so much."

"Which foothold are you looking at, I can get it done for you now." Yang Ling wasn’t worried that Lin Huang couldn’t pay right now.

"I haven’t decided yet, the most ideal one would be the Qiantang City in the A-grade foothold. But looking at the price, I will have to put it aside." Lin Huang smiled awkwardly. "I haven’t decided on a property in the B-grade foothold, I shall contact you when I have decided then."

"You have high standards, do you know how much the accommodation is right now for Qiantang City?" Yang Ling smirked, "800,000!"

Lin Huang was shocked when he heard the price. He could only get a couple of Life Crystals for a gold-level monster from the Hunter Association. To be able to obtain 800,000, he would need to kill hundreds of thousands of gold-level monsters.

"Alright then, let me know when you have decided. I shall get the Emperor’s Heart Ring done first. Quickly send me the details." Yang Ling hung up the phone right after he said that.

Lin Huang sent Lin Xuan’s basic details and a photo to Yang Ling immediately. It was past six o’clock in the evening when Lin Huang was done. Lin Xin had made grilled meat for Lin Xuan and the take-away had arrived. The grilled meat was cooked by the barbecue machine that Lin Huang had bought earlier, Lin Xuan’s meals depended on the machine as he would only eat meat. There was nothing that Lin Huang could do.

Meanwhile, the take-away food was for Lin Xin and Lin Huang as they could not eat grilled meat everyday. Although delicious, it would be sickening if they were to eat that everyday. After dinner, Lin Huang returned to his room and entered the Hunter Arena. After 10 days of analyzing and learning from watching the battle replay videos, he could not wait to perform what he had learnt.

He pressed the challenge button after entering the sixth floor of the arena. Soon, Lin Huang was sent onto an empty ring. Just as he was adapting to his surroundings, there were people entering the audience seats. Not only one, there were more than a hundred people. Lin Huang recognized some of them, they were the same bunch of people who watched him 10 days ago. However, the sound from the audience was isolated from the ring with the purpose that the fighters on the ring would not be affected.

Lin Huang saw a couple of them were yelling at him, before he could figure out what it was they were shouting, his opponent was sent onto the ring. From the person’s size, he should be a young man like Lin Huang. He was also wearing a silver mask with a silver gun on his hand. He was wearing all white, he looked like a professional. Lin Huang raised his eyebrow and checked out the opponent’s score.

"Nickname: White Gun"

"Combat Strength: Silver-Level Rank-3"

"Battle Count: 128"

"Accumulated Points: 299"

"Winning Percentage: 91%"

Although the number of battles was not high, his winning percentage was high. He should have outstanding abilities available. When Lin Huang was checking out his score, it was obvious that he was checking Lin Huang’s too. He grinned and said to Lin Huang, "30 consecutive wins weren’t easy, however, it’s unfortunate that you encountered me today. Your winning streaks will end now."

"I’m afraid you will be disappointed. I don’t plan to stop before winning 90 consecutive battles." Lin Huang told him his goal.

"Wow, you sure are arrogant!" ‘White Gun’ scoffed when he heard about Lin Huang’s ridiculous goal.

The countdown ended together with the end of their conversation. ‘White Gun’ took the first move. Instead of moving forward like he usually did, Lin Huang remained standing wherever he was while waiting for ‘White Gun’ to come to him. Seeing that he got the advantage, ‘White Gun’ grinned while pointed his gun at Lin Huang. It was an outstanding gun, it was fast and stable, it aimed directly at Lin Huang’s heart. His silver Life Power covered the entire gun, especially the mouth of the gun, where there was a whistling sound as the gun moved through the air.

Lin Huang was impressed. The gun was above standard, this alone showed him that this opponent was stronger than the 30 opponents he had encountered before this. If this happened 10 days ago, Lin Huang would have chosen to avoid him while planning his move if he was taken advantage of. However, he was different from what he was 10 days ago. He leaped with the tip of his toe and avoided the attack. The back of his left hand collided casually on the gun.

‘White Gun’ felt an intense force coming towards him, the gun on his hand almost fell. He was shocked, he held his gun tight at an instant. However, as Lin Huang approached him, he felt an immense pain on his chest. He looked down, Lin Huang was pressing two fingers on his heart. ‘White Gun’ then fell on the ground and his body faded away. The audience noticed Lin Huang changed his way of battle, his vibe was completely different from 10 days ago.

"He’s even more dangerous than who he was before…" A young man in a golden robe commented.


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