Monster Paradise
186 Level-up to Gold Hunter
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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186 Level-up to Gold Hunter

With the Magic Eye Deterrence, the Evil Eel stood at where it was. Its head exploded with Lin Huang’s punch. Seeing the blood and brain juice that spilled all over, Lin Huang took a step back as he watched the headless body fall to the ground before it disappeared.

"Congratulations, you have won the battle!"

"You managed to kill your opponent in one hit, you have obtained 2 points!"

"Congratulations for 30 consecutive wins!"

Lin Huang managed to win all 30 battles with only one hit each, the name ‘Sword Genius’ was now known by many. Since his 20th consecutive win, people started coming to watch. On the 30th battle, they were more than 500 people surrounding ring No.188.

"Would you like to continue to battle?"

Lin Huang looked at the time when he saw the notification, it was 9:30 p.m. He chose to leave. His body disappeared from the ring.

"It’s only 9:30 p.m., why did he leave so early? Maybe he has something else to do?"

"Maybe he’s tired, he had been fighting for 30 battles, it’s normal to take a rest."

"It’s strange that his name is ‘Sword Genius’ but I have never once seen him using a sword. All the 10 battles that I watched were close-distance attacks."

"Maybe it was a random nickname, nobody says he must use a sword if his name is Sword Genius."

Seeing that Lin Huang has left, the audience started discussing among themselves. After leaving the ring, Lin Huang appeared in the hall on the sixth floor of the arena.

"Nickname: Sword Genius"

"Combat Strength: Silver-Level Rank-3"

"Battle Count: 30"

"Accumulated Points: 280"

"Winning Percentage: 100%"

Lin Huang took a look at his score before logging out of the game. When his conscious has returned to his body, Lin Huang closed the game page and started watching the battle videos that he had recorded. Lin Huang did not have many battle opportunities with humans before. The 30 battles allowed him to improve tremendously. He grew with each battle. However, he knew that there was still room for improvements.

He watched each and every battle video and noticed that his improvements were significant. However, he also found a couple of mistakes. After watching all the videos, he watched some of the detailed parts repeatedly before concluding on his performance. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"The good thing about me is that my body physique is so much more powerful than the other silver-level rank-3. My strength alone increase ten times with my superhuman strength, along with the increase of the intermediate immense strength by four times, my strength overall is 14 times more than those of the same level. It even surpassed most of the gold-level rank-3."

"With the Super Robust which boosted my body physique by ten times more. My resistance and adaptation abilities are comparable with those of gold-level rank-3. Although my Absolute Defense is only at a beginner level, it could give me immunity to 50% of the attacks. Besides, Kaleidoscope  enhanced my vision beyond that of regular people…"

"To me, these are all the biological advantages that I have.The only thing that I cannot compare with a gold-level rank-3 would be my speed. My movement, attack speed and reaction speed. My movement speed can be compensated with my body movement combat skill while my attack speed can be compensated with my Sly Hands and sword skills. My reaction speed can be increased as I battle more. My speed level is just of a normal silver-level rank-3."

"In conclusion, my ability ranked the top in silver-level rank-3. Although I can’t fight gold-level rank-3 players yet, I might be able to defeat gold-level rank-2 players. However, as compared to the silver-level rank-3 old timers in the arena, I lack battle experience. Looking back at the videos, I was not calm enough whenever the frequency of attacks increased. My dodging speed was not fast enough, there were also a lot of extra movements. I exposed my flaws easily and did not react timely which wasted many good opportunities to attack first. I am much weaker when it comes to mastering the battle rhythm, I was even taken advantage of during some of the battles…"

After analyzing his own strengths and weaknesses, Lin Huang listed them down one by one and recorded in his file on the Emperor’s Heart Ring while writing down the improvement plan behind it.

"From tomorrow onwards, I will only do 10 battles while trying my best to improve my weaknesses! After completing the battles, I will come up with a conclusion of what I lack and improve again the next day!" Lin Huang has made his decision. It was almost 12 a.m. by the time he was done. He washed up and went to bed.

Lin Huang woke up after eight the next morning. He had his breakfast after taking a shower, it was almost nine when he was done. Just when Lin Huang was ready to go into the arena, he received a message. He was stunned as he read the message.

"Mr. Lin Huang, due to your outstanding performance in the assessment, you have passed through the evaluation and leveled-up to a Gold Hunter. Congratulations!"

"I’m a Gold Hunter now? Lin Huang just recalled Mr. Fu mentioned earlier that the Hunter Association could not enlist him in focus training anymore so it was replaced by the Gold Hunter upgrade.

"That’s not bad, at least I am entitled to all the information transcendent could access…"

However, Lin Huang thought of another matter immediately, "Since I’m now a Gold Hunter, that means I should have an upgrade in my authority in the Hunter Arena. I should be able to watch gold-level battles live now!"

Lin Huang launched the Hunter Arena immediately. His logo was now gold in color. With his authority as a Gold Hunter, he could now move around from the first to the ninth floor of the Hunter Arena and watch all live battles with vacant seats. He could even watch the replay of battles of specific individuals from the seventh floor and below for free.

As a Gold Hunter, he could watch all the replays of battles that were on the seventh floor and below for free. However, he would need to pay if he would like to watch the live battles gold-level from the seventh floor to the ninth floor. For the Silver Hunters, they were only entitled to watch live battles from the fourth floor and below for free. To be able to watch replay battles of the silver-level, they would need to pay as well.

Lin Huang was a Copper Hunter, he could only watch the replay of battles on the first to the third floor by paying, he was not entitled to watch the battles from the fourth to the sixth floor even if he paid. However, with this upgrade, he could watch the battle replays that he wanted while absorbing the skills. He opened the silver-level leaderboard on the sixth floor and downloaded all the battle videos of the top 10 hunters.

The one ranked No.10 was a young man called the ‘Unbelievable Fate Changer’, he had accumulated more than 11,000 points with a winning percentage of 68%. He had battled for more than 4,000 times and more than 1,000 of the battles were on the silver-level rank-3 floor. For the following days, Lin Huang did not battle in the arena. Instead, he watched the battle replays of the top 10 hunters.

Besides watching the videos, he was taking notes. He learned quite a number of things in each battle. 11 days passed fast on the spaceship, besides eating and sleeping, Lin Huang spent all of his time researching the videos. Within the next 10 days, he only managed to watch all the battle videos of the individuals who ranked 10, ‘Unbelievable Fate Changer’ and 9 ‘Salt36’.

It was after four in the afternoon when the Demonic Crystal Spaceship landed in Baqi City. Lin Xin had finished school when Lin Huang arrived on the Alexandrian Eagle in Wulin Town. Lin Xin ran towards him as he returned home while shy Lin Xuan watched the both of them from the side. Lin Huang patted both their heads and brought them into the living room. He took out all of the souvenirs that he got from Baqi City. There were food and toys.

After giving out the souvenirs, he then kept the food in the fridge.

"Brother, why did you come back so early? I thought you said you’ll leave for two months? It has only been a month…" Lin Xin recalled and asked.

"Something happened and our assessment was suspended. Everyone got their Regular Hunter license." Lin Huang smiled.

"Was it the invasion by the heretics invasion?" Lin Xin saw the news too. However, she was not sure which assessment location Lin Huang went to.

Lin Huang was stunned, he nodded.

"I hope you weren’t attacked by them?" Lin Xin was concerned.

"Of course not, am I not standing in front of you?" Lin Huang smiled, he did not plan to tell Lin Xin that he had escaped death.

"Those victims are so pitiful…" Lin Xin was still upset.

"Alright, don’t think too much." Lin Huang did not want to continue with the topic.

"Winter holidays will start in half a month, am I right?"

"Yes, two weeks to go." Lin Xin was happy again. All the students were the same, they would forget about all their worries once school holidays were brought up.

"Let’s go to the Snow Ridge City after New Year, it’s not too far away." Lin Huang suggested.

Lin Xin did not seem too keen on the idea. She wanted to go but she hesitated as she thought about the invasion.

Lin Huang saw through her and patted her head, "Don’t worry about it, nothing would happen this time. I’m an official hunter now, I am much more powerful than before!"

Lin Xin nodded. Lin Huang then looked at Lin Xuan, "Xiao Xuan, did you listen to your sister during those days when I was away?"

Lin Xuan nodded immediately.

"Xiao Xuan has been good. He had been eating, playing games and sleeping every day. He’s an expert in Gun Master now, he never lost once!" Lin Xin said.

"Really?" Lin Huang raised his eyebrow. Recalling the advanced version of sword skill that Lin Xuan performed after watching Lin Huang, could he be talented with guns too?!

"Did you record any videos? Show me." Lin Huang asked Lin Xin.

Lin Xin nodded and sent more than 10 videos for Lin Huang. Lin Huang randomly played one of the videos. It was taken from the perspective of the gamer where he could see the entire process of Lin Xuan battling the opponents.

Lin Huang was shocked as he finished the first video. Lin Xuan’s performance was perfect. There were no flaws in the gun skill or battle awareness, Lin Huang could not even perform some of the things that Lin Xuan managed to. After watching a couple more videos, Lin Huang was sure of one thing. Not only Lin Xuan was talented with the sword, he was also unbelievably talented with guns.

"Is this kid a genius?!"


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