Monster Paradise
183 Peculiar Mentality
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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183 Peculiar Mentality

Mu Lan found it strange to see Xu Tianyu’s reply letter. Although she had no idea why he insisted on her sending Lin Huang’s documents to Mr. Fu so that he could say something good about Lin Huang to Old Li. However, she obliged and wrote a proper letter, sending it to Mr. Fu together with the documents later.

When Mr. Fu received the letter, he was fishing on the sea smiling while smoking his pipe. The sun was setting with the red sun right above the horizon. When he finished going through Mu Lan’s letter and documents as well as the video of Lin Huang that was included, Mr. Fu held his head up. It was hard to tell if he was glad or upset, he proceeded to smoke while looking far into the horizon.

Awhile later, he looked at the photo of him fishing which was taken by Lin Huang earlier. He then looked at the red sun that was the same color appeared in the photo, he took a long breath.

"Is this fate…"

He sat on the high chair while he zoned out into the horizon. He seemed to be thinking and just when the sun was setting on the horizon, the fishing rod on his hand became heavy.


Mr. Fu snapped out of it and realized that the fishing rod was pulled down. He raised his eyebrow, pulled up the fishing rod and saw a golden fish appear from the water. It then fell hard on the deck of the spaceship. Looking at the half-dead Goldenink Grouper, it was a similar size to the one that he caught a few days back. He was stunned at first but soon, he let out a big smile.

He proceeded to send a message to Old Li of the Hunter Association with Lin Huang’s details. It was a short message that read, "I want this kid!"

Old Li thought it was ridiculous when he received Mr. Fu’s message. After he looked at the documents that were attached together with the message and Lin Huang’s details, he looked doubtful. He remembered Lin Huang as the young man that he rejected from the intensive training list a few days ago.

"A young man that's wanted by Mr. Fu… Seems like my judgment was wrong…" After staring at Lin Huang’s documents for a long time, he let out a sigh, knowing that there was no return. Meanwhile, Mr. Fu had found Lin Huang’s contact details on his communication device. He then called Lin Huang immediately…

When Lin Huang saw Mr. Fu’s call request, Lin Huang thought it was odd. He was eating grilled fish at a barbecue stall when Mr. Fu called, he picked up the call anyway. In the video, Mr. Fu was smiling warmly as usual.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Good evening, Mr. Fu." Lin Huang greeted him with a smile.

"Boy, are you eating grilled fish?" Mr. Fu saw the half-eaten grilled fish on the table in front of Lin Huang.

"Yeah. Have you eaten, Mr. Fu?" Lin Huang not sure what was the purpose of the call but he smiled and answered politely anyway.

"I’m just about to, look at what I got!" Mr. Fu showed Lin Huang what was behind him, it was a Goldenink Grouper. Mr. Fu then rotated the screen back to himself and smiled, "Seeing the grilled fish that you’re eating, I shall do that today as well!"

Lin Huang gulped as he remembered how good Mr. Fu’s cooking was. It was the cooking of a real Food Hunter, unforgettable.

"Hehe…" Mr. Fu saw that from the video.

"Would you like to try my cooking again, boy?"

"Of course I do, I could never forget how good your cooking is. However, it will have to wait as I have errands to run tomorrow morning. I'll meet you one day for a good feast." Lin Huang shook his head and smiled as he had to make it to the spaceship tomorrow.

Mr. Fu did not expect Lin Huang to reject his invitation. Initially, he wanted to lure him in with food and talk to him when Lin Huang was on his spaceship. However, that plan would not work now. After some hesitation, he decided to ask directly, "Boy… What do you think about being my apprentice?"

Lin Huang was stunned, although he was not sure who exactly Mr. Fu was, however, he thought they were fated. Moreover, he was impressed by Mr. Fu’s ability to capture the Goldenink Grouper with only his Life Power the other day.

Seeing Lin Huang was stunned, Mr. Fu added, "Think about it, let me know as soon as possible…"

"Would you teach to fish like you did as well?" Lin Huang asked.

"Of course I'll teach you. However, to be able to perform detachment and objectification with your Life Power, you'll need to be at least at the holy-fire level. If you'd like to disguise yourself as some other creature to escape monsters, you'd need to be on an even higher level…" Mr. Fu explained.

"I agree!" Lin Huang agreed to be Mr. Fu’s apprentice immediately.

Mr. Fu was stunned this time, he did not expect Lin Huang to accept his request so fast. "Just like that?"

"Is there something wrong?" Lin Huang asked him back.

"Alright then. From today onwards, you, Lin Huang shall be Fu Qingshan’s apprentice!" Mr. Fu was scared that Lin Huang would regret his decision so he announced it hurriedly.

"Shouldn’t there be a proper ceremony?" Lin Huang read from novels that apprenticeships must go through some kind of official ceremony.

"There’s no need for that, it’s just for a show." Mr. Fu seemed to despise the so-called ceremony.

"I’ve seen the Army Attack Tactics that you were training, I could tell you that you’re at least on level-7 or even level-8." Mr. Fu said to Lin Huang, "Which level are you really on?"

"Level-8…" Lin Huang did not expect Mr. Fu to see through him.

"What’s your combat level now? Which rank of silver-level?" Mr. Fu asked again.

"White silver-level rank-3." Lin Huang replied honestly.

"Your speed is rather terrifying. Please stabilize your Life Power properly, don't be lazy. It’s a good thing that you level-up fast but it’s important to have a stable foundation." Mr. Fu was impressed as he recalled Lin Huang was only a bronze-level rank-3 few days ago when they met on the spaceship.

"Alright." Lin Huang nodded.

"I’ve seen your documents that were sent by the Hunter Association, I know you have a summoning monster that went through a double mutation. Although you’re an Imperial Censor, you should not be relying on your summoning monsters while ignoring your ability. A truly powerful Imperial Censor should have abilities that are no less than his summoning monsters or even stronger. Don’t ever forget that your own ability is the root of success. You can treat your summoning monster as your partner. However, their strength is not yours at the end of the day." Mr. Fu advised.

"I understand, master." Lin Huang had noticed this problem recently. Ever since he possessed powerful summoning monsters, he became weak himself. Just like the battle with Xia Yu earlier, he did not have the strength to fight back at all, all he did was relying on Tyrant to cover him. He wanted to be stronger himself as well instead of relying on his summoning monsters.

Through the video call, Mr. Fu managed to know a little bit more about Lin Huang as well as giving him a simple guidance. Before seeing Lin Huang’s performance in a real battle, he did not plan to guide Lin Huang in his direction at all.

Now that Mr. Fu had already found out some details about Lin Huang, he said to him after some consideration, "The year is ending, I shall give you a mission." 

"Please. Do tell, master." Lin Huang nodded.

"You are a Regular Hunter now, so you’re eligible to battle in the Hunter Arena. My mission to you will be for you to enter the Division7 Hunter Arena within two months and rank up to top 10 in the Silver Hunter Leaderboard without using any of your summoning monsters! Remember to record the battle in a video.

Lin Huang was surprised at the request, his expression showed it all. The mission was not exactly easy. Lin Huang had never been to the Hunter Arena, however, he knew there were many powerful hunters in there. Most of the Regular Hunters would have their own accounts at the arena. Like the Gold Hunter Leaderboard, a portion of the statistic on their personal ability came from the results at the Hunter Arena.

Although he knew that it would be a challenge, Lin Huang accepted anyway, "I'll give my best no matter what."

"I mean the two months when the Hunter Arena is open. It doesn't include the New Year holidays as it'll be closed during that period. You should spend time with your family during the holidays." Mr. Fu added.

Oh right, there’s something that I’ll need to tell you. The Hunter Association wanted to list you into intensive training but because of me, you will not pass the review as I am not one of the members of the Hunter Association. Those who are listed in intensive training must be apprentices to those who are members of the association." Mr. Fu did not forget to tell Lin Huang about that matter.

"It’s alright, I heard of the review process from head examiner Mu, I knew I might not pass the final review." Lin Huang did not mind at all.

After some advice, Mr. Fu hung up the call.

Lin Huang boarded the Demonic Crystal Spaceship the next morning. As Mu Lan bought him a ticket in the VIP cabin, many people looked at him as he pressed 11th floor in the elevator, they thought he was a member of royalty. When he arrived on the 11th floor, he was the only one left in the elevator. It was the first time he came to this floor in the spaceship. He found his room number which was Room 1108, he scanned the key card and went it.

Lin Huang raised his eyebrows when he saw how big the room was, it was not thousands of meters but it was at least 800 square meters. There was almost everything in the room. After taking a thorough look in the room, Lin Huang found out there was a mini swimming pool in a single room. The bedroom was not only spacious because the bathroom was 50 or 60 square meters, sufficient to accommodate a group of people.

After looking at the room, Lin Huang came to the living room. As he was planning to take a look at the Hunter Arena, a news video popped up. It was a video of the Hunter Association opening up about the invasion of heretics at the assessment. After the Hunter Association condemned the heretics, they declared war upon the heretics in Division7. The heretics were asked to publicly apologize and release all the captured hunters or else their members in this division would be badly affected.

A couple of minutes into the video, the heretics responded. The presiding judge was wearing a black robe with a white, scary mask on his face.

"I would like to apologize on behalf of the organization for the troubles caused to the Hunter Association. We will release all of the 12,800 people within a month after the evaluation. We would also pay for the damages caused to the Hunter Association so that we are at peace. We never meant to start a war with the Hunter Association and the Union Government. We hope the public would understand that we are not some terrorist, we have just a normal organization that practices freedom. If you are interested, you may call the number at the bottom right of the screen to join our assessment…"

"What the hell is that? How does an open apology become a TV commercial?" Lin Huang thought the mentality of these heretics was quite puzzling.

"They'll be released within a month? Would the Hunter Association still want them?"


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