Monster Paradise
182 Going Through Another Review
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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182 Going Through Another Review

Just as Lin Huang walked out to the hall of the Hunter Association, he was stopped by Mu Lan.

"Head examiner Mu, is there anything wrong?" Lin Huang thought it was odd.

"Is what the person at the registration said true? That you managed to level-up up to silver-level from an ordinary person in six months?" Mu Lan asked directly.

"It’s true."

Lin Huang thought there was nothing to hide as it would be revealed anyway since he registered himself at the association.

"What kind of Life Skill did you train? How is it possible that you leveled-up in such a short period of time? It’s impossible to do such a thing even if what you trained was an Ultimate Life Skill. I think I'm quite talented and I took almost a year to achieve silver-level." Mu Lan revealed her training speed.

"I trained Army Attack Tactics ." Lin Huang looked at Mu Lan with a smile.

"The early stages of training Army Attack Tactics is not even comparable to a high-level Life Skill. What level are you on now?" Mu Lan frowned.

"Level-6." Lin Huang lied.

"You managed to train Army Attack Tactics to level-6 within six months?! You really are a talented genius!" Mu Lan thought it was unbelievable that Lin Huang got to level-6 in  Army Attack Tactics within six months as it was difficult. Some people were stuck on level-5 for more than ten years.

Lin Huang smiled without saying a word. Mu Lan then said to him, "I'll recommend you for intensive training."

"Intensive training? Is that something similar to the exclusive pass?" It was the first time Lin Huang heard of such a thing.

"Of course not. The exclusive pass is just for those who had yet to join the Reserve Hunter assessment to become a Regular Hunter. There are many of them. However, intensive training is a special pass that the Hunter Association gives out to geniuses. All of the people who obtain the pass were all geniuses. Not only they would be given access to a massive amount of resources, the information that they can obtain is similar to holy fire-level executive officers…" Mu Lan explained in detail.

"How is it that I've never heard of this?" Lin Huang did not think that Mu Lan was lying to him, he was just curious that he had never heard of that before.

"That’s normal. In the Hunter Association, only Gold Hunter and above will have the access to this, let alone outsiders." Mu Lan smiled.

"If that’s true, the slots should be quite limited. If you were to recommend me, I may not necessarily get it. Am I right?" Lin Huang had no idea that he was already recommended earlier but he was declined during the final review.

"It truly is limited. There are less than four people in Division7 who can pass the review in the entire year. Even if there were exceptions, it would not be more than six people. The recommendations that we submit would go through three rounds of review. The first two rounds are easy, but not the final review as it has to go through 12 executive officers. As long as one of them disagree, the review would be declined. However, I'm confident that you'll pass the review!" Mu Lan had full confidence in Lin Huang.

"Alright then, I shall thank you in advance. To show my appreciation, I shall treat you to dinner tonight." Lin Huang said. Although he did not think that he would pass the review, he did not want to reject Mu Lan’s kindness.

"I'll take a rain check. I've some errands to run at home, I'll have to head home right after I am done with the registration." Mu Lan smiled, "However, I'll submit the registration for you by today. Don’t worry about it."

"It’s alright, you can do that anytime you want." Lin Huang shrugged his shoulders, "We'll postpone our dinner then."

"Sure, we'll talk about it the next time we meet." Mu Lan nodded. She asked again, "Oh right. When are you heading home?"

"I haven’t booked the ticket yet. I'm not sure if I can manage to book the ticket for the day after tomorrow. If that’s not possible, I'll have to wait until next week." Lin Huang did not think that he could get a ticket as the date was too close.

"You can check now. If you can’t manage to book one, I’ll help." Mu Lan took the initiative to help Lin Huang.

"It’s okay. Since the assessment ended earlier and it’s still days before the new year, I can leave one week later." Lin Huang rejected.

"I’ll check it out." Mu Lan then looked for the ticket page of the Demonic Crystal Spaceship. As she had Lin Huang’s personal details in the assessment registration, she found the spaceship schedule that he was looking for within seconds.

However, the spaceship was fully booked. Lin Huang saw it from the side.

"I’ll get the tickets for next week then."

"It’s alright, there are still available seats in the VIP cabin." Mu Lan then booked the ticket.

In less than three seconds, the ticket was sent to Lin Huang’s Emperor’s Heart Ring.

Lin Huang was speechless, "I’ll transfer you the money, please send me your account details."

"There’s no need for that, consider this my apology for almost getting you killed by Xia Yu earlier." Mu Lan still had the incident in her mind. She then turned around and headed to the hall of the Hunter Association.

Lin Huang was stunned and remained wherever he was standing. He knew that Mu Lan would not take his money even if he chased after hear. He shook his head and headed to the hotel. The hotel that Lin Huang booked located near Beiming Plaza where the Demonic Crystal Spaceship would depart.

In the hotel room, he sat on the couch in the living room and stared blankly at the two cards on his hand. There were two Rare Monster Cards, one was the One-Eyed Swordfiend while another was the Alexandrian Eagle. He had five Advance Cards, which were sufficient to get him two Epic Monster Cards. Lin Huang was determined to level-up One-Eyed Swordfiend as it would grow extraordinarily powerful when it was upgraded to Epic.

However, Lin Huang was not sure if he should upgrade the Alexandrian Eagle which was also a mutated monster as he only had one flying monster. If it was upgraded, he could not reveal it as often anymore. Each double mutation would cause a big scene, that was the reason why he was delaying the upgrade. Since the heretic invasion just passed on Little Devil Island, it would be too much if Lin Huang upgraded it right away.

He then kept both cards and took out an Epic Monster Card. It was the Demonic Dandelion Vine that he named Bloody. Although it was an Epic Monster Card, it only possessed two skills right now which were Leech Pods and Absolute Control . Meanwhile, there were three skills that had yet to be developed. Although it was silver-level rank-3, Lin Huang had no idea what would happen if he was to upgrade it.

Lin Huang had to extract two monster skills as he was waiting for One-Eyed Swordfiend and Demonic Dandelion Vine to become epic-level monsters so that he could extract the skills at once. No matter what, the skills of an epic-level monster would be much more powerful than other monsters.

After some thoughts, Lin Huang kept the cards and opened the calendar in his Emperor’s Heart Ring. It was December 21st, it was one month before the new year. He could spend the time with Lin Xin and Lin Xuan during the month as well as stabilize his Life Power. Lin Huang did not do much during the two days in Beixuan City where he spent most of his time strolling around, shopping for souvenirs during the day and practiced Army Attack Tactics for three to four hours during the night.

What he did not know was that someone was cracking his head for Lin Huang during these two days. It was dinner time when the executive officer Xu Tianyu received the second recommendation. He planned to ignore the message, but since it was sent by Mu Lan, he took a look at the message after some hesitation. In the message, Lin Huang was described in all sorts of manners. Mu Lan did not only mention his terrifying speed and his double mutated summoning monster but she even explained how Lin Huang helped in the heretic invasion.

Xu Tianyu was stunned after reading the message. He had always thought it was Mu Lan who discovered what the heretics were up to. He did not know that it was Lin Huang who found out. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"It seems like this kid is very trainable. I've underestimated him!" Xu Tianyu frowned as he said this, "However, it’s hard to pass the review since all of the executive officers are old-timers with a huge ego. They won't accept someone that they've rejected, especially Old Li…"

"Dad, I have been calling you for dinner!" A tanned middle-aged man knocked on Xu Tianyu’s door.

"Oh, I’ll be there soon." Xu Tianyu nodded.

The man at the door saw Lin Huang’s photo and asked, "Dad, why does this kid look so familiar?"

"He’s the one at your assessment." Xu Tianyu nodded.

"Now I remember, I think his name is Lin Huang. He and another girl were the only two persons who managed to get the information about the crystallized weed during the second assessment." The middle-aged man was the head examiner of the first round of assessment, Xu Jinpeng.

"Oh, really?" Xu Tianyu raised his eyebrow, "What do you think about him?"

"I don’t know much about him. I heard about him from Zhuo Lin, he looked up to this kid. However, we did not test them on their abilities during the two assessments so we have no idea of the extent of his abilities. If you'd like to know, you’ll have to check with the two head examiners who were responsible for the remaining assessments." Xu Jinpeng answered honestly.

"I have the comments of both head examiners…" Xu Tianyu smiled awkwardly.

"What’s wrong with this kid? Did he cause any troubles?" Now Xu Jinpeng was curious.

"He did not cause any trouble. Both the head examiners recommended him for intensive training. Seems like this kid is really something, that’s too bad…"

"Isn’t that a good thing, what’s too bad about it. Dad, if you think he can make it, pass him into the final review." Xu Jinpeng thought it was an easy task.

"The thing is, I've already recommended him once but he was rejected at the final review…" Xu Tianyu shook his head.

"So you are worried that the executive officers would think that you are trying to find fault with them if you recommend him for a second time?" Xu Jinpeng figured out what was his father’s concern. "Can I take a look at his documents?"

"Sure." Xu Tianyu nodded and brought out all the documents sent by the two head examiners. After reading the documents, Xu Jinpeng became serious, "Dad, we can’t let such talents slip away. If other organizations took him, it’s our loss."

"I know, but now the problem is that he would not pass the final review!" Xu Tianyu nodded but he felt helpless.

"I bet you must be worried about Old Li?" Xu Jinpeng knew what the problem was.

Xu Tianyu did not say a word.

"If that’s your concern, there’s a solution." Xu Jinpeng smiled.

"What is that?" Xu Tianyu raised his eyebrow.

"The family of the head examiner Mu Lan, is close with Mr. Fu. Get her to send the documents to Mr. Fu. As long as Mr. Fu talks to Old Li, the problem will be solved." Xu Jinpeng suggested.

"But what if Mr. Fu wants Lin Huang for himself?" Xu Tianyu was not sure if that was a good solution.

"Mr. Fu has already retired from the Union Government for more than 30 years. During the 30 years, there were many geniuses in Division7, did you see him wanting anybody?" Xu Jinpeng thought Xu Tianyu’s concern was unnecessary.

"Alright then, I shall write to the Mu family then…" Just when he was walking to the desk, a lady walked in.

"I have been waiting for you for dinner, what are the both of you chatting about? The dishes are cold now…"

"I’ll go right there…" Xu Tianyu nodded continuously while Xu Jinpeng laughed at him…


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