Monster Paradise
177 Reporting To The Managemen
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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177 Reporting To The Managemen

Lin Huang did not expect that he would encounter such a thing when he participated in the assessment. The heretics were one of the most powerful organizations in the underworld. For this mission, they have sent out more than 60 transcendents and more than 600 gold-level rank-3 hunters. It was crazy. Since the establishment of the Hunter Association hundreds of years ago, they had never encountered anything like this. What the heretics were doing was completely out of anybody's expectation.

"Seems like I need to inform the head examiner so she can contact the management and send transcendents here as soon as possible!" Lin Huang kept the corpse of the muscular young man as he summoned the Alexandrian Eagle to head to the assessment location.

A couple of minutes later, Lin Huang arrived at the assessment location. The head examiner Mu Lan frowned as she saw him. Lin Huang leaped from the Alexandrian Eagle and walked towards Mu Lan after recalling his monster.

"Only participants who had completed the assessment can be here. You're breaking the rules." One staff said to Lin Huang.

Lin Huang took out the muscular young man’s corpse out and looked at the head examiner Mu Lan, "My name is Lin Huang and I'm one of the participants in the assessment. This man is a spy for the heretics. There is a holy fire-level heretic transcendent hunter and 10 gold-level rank-3 hunters that have infiltrated the assessment. We're not the only ones. There are 63 assessment locations in Division7 are invaded."

Everyone was shocked when they heard what Lin Huang said.

"How did you know about this?" Mu Lan asked in doubt.

"I managed to ask this man before he died." Lin Huang said and took out the dark pseudo-prison. "This is their purpose, they're here to bring the participants back to brainwash them. The participants are kept in this relic."

Mu Lan took a step and next, she appeared next to Lin Huang, "Dark pseudo-prison?! This belongs to the heretics." She recognized the relic at first glance.

"You can have it. I don’t have enough Life Power to release the people." Lin Huang then passed the fist-sized black cage to Mu Lan.

"Follow the pattern and use your Life Power to trace the inscription three times."

Mu Lan took the dark pseudo-prison and looked at Lin Huang, "How do I know that what you've said is the truth? From what I know, the heretics would never reveal anything about their mission."

"I have my ways and I’m sure that the information that I got is the truth." Lin Huang explained to her vaguely.

Mu Lan did not ask further as everybody had their own secret so it was normal for Lin Huang to keep his. Following Lin Huang’s instruction, Mu Lan managed to open the dark pseudo-prison and released all the captured participants. The one-time relic then disappeared.

Seeing Mu Lan appear before them, a bunch of participants approached her and talked at the same time.

"Please send one person to explain what had happened. As for the rest of you, do not interrupt!" Mu Lan frowned. The participants were silent. Lin Ziluo was pushed out from the crowd and he gave the complete account of what had happened to them which matched what Lin Huang said.

"Alright, noted. The assessment is going to be put on hold for now, please report to the staff. After you're done, stay with the staff and don’t walk around." Mu Lan said and briefed the staff.

"Please report to the management as soon as you can. They have transcendent leaders, we can’t fight them. Also, the mission will end by noon and they will leave using a dimensional relic. If we want to save all the participants, we have to move fast!" Lin Huang said immediately after the information was confirmed.

Mu Lan looked at him with a complex expression before she contacted someone. After reporting everything that Lin Huang said, she hung up the phone. She looked worried, "The transcendent will take half an hour to arrive here while the other assessment locations would start their own investigations. That being said, there's bad news from the headquarters… They told me that members of the heretics would usually inform their leaders about their progress every half an hour. Now that you had killed the man when the leader did not get any response from him, he would know that something had happened to the man."

Lin Huang frowned, if the leader knew that their mission was compromised, he would possibly leave with the rest earlier. It would be difficult for them to get the participants back if that happened. After some silence, Lin Huang spoke again, "If that’s the case, we have to move even faster! If we can't fight the transcendent leader, we can kill the rest first and rescue all the participants."

"Could you really fight those gold-level rank-3 hunters?" Mu Lan asked. If Lin Huang had shown his true ability, Mu Lan would not have to ask that. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Shouldn’t be a problem to fight those hunters who are below transcendent." Lin Huang nodded.

"Alright then, let’s split up." Mu Lan nodded and turned around to order one of the staff, "Please get all the coordinates of the participants on the island."

"Do you think the heretics should have changed their Emperor’s Heart Rings before the assessment? Can we still locate them?" Lin Huang asked.

"It's doable. Within the assessment period, the head examiner had the ability to triangulate their coordinates. As long as they did not throw their Emperor’s Heart Rings away, we can track their locations even if their rings were placed in their storage space." Mu Lan explained.

The staff got all the participant coordinates quickly. On the maps, there were only more than 100 yellow dots left. These were the coordinates of the participants that they managed to locate. Mu Lan frowned and scanned her identity code to access the coordinates.

Then, the map was refreshed. There were a couple of red dots that appeared on the map. The red dots were the locations of the Emperor’s Heart Rings that were kept in the storage space. Lin Huang frowned as he had yet to get rid of his old Emperor’s Heart Ring, it seemed like keeping it with him would be unsafe. It would mean trouble if the Purple Crow managed to locate him using the same method.

"Lin Huang, please add his contact details to your ring. He'll send you a map." Mu Lan said and briefed a couple of the staff members, "Please keep your map activated at all times. If you close it after I leave, you'll need my authorization again and Lin Huang would not be able to see the red dots on the map anymore." The staff nodded. Lin Huang added his contact number to their rings and got the map from them.

"I will start from the east. You take the west." Mu Lan said to Lin Huang and left with her Four-Winged Dragon Condor. Lin Huang summoned Alexandrian Eagle and headed to the west.


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