Monster Paradise
175 Not A Peaceful Nigh
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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175 Not A Peaceful Nigh

Right after the head examiner had made her announcement, many of them began looking for teammates on the spot. Killing monsters in a team would, of course, be much easier than hunting them alone.

Some of them asked Lin Huang to team up. However, Lin Huang just smiled and refused. He went into the forest alone. After walking for a short while, he then jumped into a tree.

The tree was located east of the examination site and was also the spot where most of the monsters gathered so many people would pass by this place.

Lin Huang sat leisurely on one of the tree branches, patiently waiting for the rest of them to team up.

It would be too obvious if he sold monster carcasses in front of the head examiner. If selling monster carcasses was prohibited, he would not be able to earn some extra credit points. Lin Huang then went to a place that was out of the range of her vision.

Soon, the first team came.

One of the members of the team had bought some weed from Lin Huang before. He could recognize Lin Huang. Seeing him sitting leisurely on the tree, he invited Lin Huang to join them.

"Lin Huang, it seems like you're not worried about the assessment at all. You can actually join us."

"I have killed enough monsters in the past two days. I have extra, you can look for me if you want to buy any." Lin Huang smiled proudly, "You can choose any monster that you want that's from silver-level rank-1 to silver-level rank-3."

"Is that true? All of them are monsters from Little Devil Island?" They were interested in buying some.

"Yes, of course. After the third assessment, I went hunting for monsters as I have nothing to do. I didn't know that the task to be completed in this round of the assessment would be this." As soon as Lin Huang finished his sentence, he jumped down from the tree, taking out three monster carcasses, "Here they are. I have carcasses of monsters ranked silver-level rank-1 to silver-level rank-3."

"They were indeed monsters from Little Devil Island!" They had done some research on the monster that would appear on this island. They could recognize that the carcasses were the monsters living on this island.

"How much does it cost?! How much does it cost!?" They immediately surrounded him.

"It's not that expensive. Three Life Crystals for the silver-level rank-1 carcasses, six Life Crystals for those on silver-level rank-2, and nine Life Crystals for the silver-level rank-3 carcasses." Lin Huang then told them the price.

"The price is 10 times higher than what's on the market. It's almost the same as the price of a gold-level carcass…" They immediately expressed their dissatisfaction with the prices.

"When something is scarce, it is valuable. Can you find another seller? Think about it, if you were to kill them on your own, it's a waste of time and strength and they might even hurt you. If you're unlucky, you might even encounter mutated monsters and get killed by them. It might be slightly more expensive to buy the carcasses from me. However, it saves you time and strength and it's convenient. If you were to buy the silver-level rank-1 carcasses, it'll only cost 15 Life Crystals to buy five of them. With just 15 Life Crystals, you're guaranteed to pass the fourth assessment. Why not go ahead with it?"

As Lin Huang saw that they were still hesitating, he added, "Well, there are five of you here. If all of you are going to buy the silver-level rank-1 carcasses, it'll cost 75 Life Crystals in total. Since you're my first customers, I'll give them to you at 80% of the price. You'll only need to pay 60 Life Crystals which means you'll each have to fork out 12 Life Crystals. That's the best price that I can offer. Hurry up if you want to buy them. Perhaps after today, you won't get it at this price anymore."

Few of them hesitated for a moment and the one who had bought the crystalized weed from Lin Huang in the past said, "I'll buy them from you! It's the fourth assessment. If we can pass this, there's only one more round to go. We should conserve our physical strength so that we can be more relaxed during the next round. Also, if we can become a Regular Hunter, it'll be easy to earn back the credit points." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

After making his payment, Lin Huang took out various types of silver-level rank-1 carcasses while the rest of them were still hesitating. There were 17 different types.

"Here are 17 types of silver-level rank-1 carcasses. Choose any five that you like. Not many of these are left."

When the rest of them saw the carcasses and heard that not many of them left, they finally said, "I'll buy some!"

The first deal was done.

Five of them left with their carcasses. Of course, they did not complete the mission immediately or the head examiner might suspect something.

People behind them saw the five of them buying carcasses from Lin Huang so they went after him.

Lin Huang's business was growing quickly.

Many of them left when they heard that the price was 10 times higher than the market price, but many of them still chose to accept the offer.

Lin Huang sold thousands of silver-level rank-1 carcasses in just one day, earning more than 3000 Life Crystal.

The market was eventually tapped out by Lin Huang after selling so many of the monster carcasses. There were less than 500 candidates and more than 200 of them had bought the carcasses. The rest of them had either refused to buy any or had gone to some other places. Lin Huang was getting too lazy to try and profit from them.

It's late. Lin Huang then set-up his tent. "I've earned quite a satisfying amount today. I should claim the cross-ranking kill reward tomorrow. Then, it'll be time to complete the mission."

After having his dinner, he went back to his tent and read some news before he slept.

However, it was not a peaceful night.

Lin Ziluo was one of the candidates. It was not easy for him to pass the first three rounds. Since they had all bought five carcasses from Lin Huang during the fourth round, the team they formed earlier had disbanded.

Exploring the forest alone, he found an area where monsters were less likely to appear and set-up his tent.

"I'll rest here for the next few days in my tent. After passing the carcasses to the head examiner, I'll pass the assessment…" Lin Ziluo ate some snacks before going into the tent.

After lying in the tent for a short while, Lin Ziluo could hear a tiny squeak coming from outside the tent.

"Who are you?!" He got up, turning the weapon ring on his hand into a sword.

A long sword suddenly pierced through the tent with the tip aimed at his neck.

"Come out!" The voice of a young man was heard from outside.

Lin Ziluo slowly walked out of the tent. He then realized that he was one of the candidates.

"Eh, you're also a candidate. Why are you trying to kill me? The head examiner said we shouldn't waste time on nonsense. You should focus on hunting monsters." Lin Ziluo raised both of his hands. However, he had a gut feeling that the candidate wouldn't have the guts to kill him.

"Who's a candidate? I was never interested in joining the Hunter Association." The young man waved his left hand, letting the blade glide across Lin Ziluo's neck causing him to instantly faint.

The young man then took out a fist-sized cage and opened the top of the cage. He then put Lin Ziluo who had fainted into the cage. There were already a few people in the cage and they had all fainted.

Shrinking it down and wearing it cage around his waist, the young man left quickly.

When Lin Ziluo regained his senses, the sky had brightened.

He was shocked as he quickly checked his surroundings. He was in a big cage.

There were about 30 of them. Some of them had woken up while some of them were still in a coma.

They looked familiar as most of them seemed to be the candidates of the assessment.

"Anyone knows what’s happening? Where's this place? Is this the fifth assessment?" Lin Ziluo asked one of the young men beside him.

"I just woke up too. I don't know what's happening." The young man shook his head.

"I think we were caught by the heretics…" One of the women explained, "There was a symbol of the heretics tattooed on the neck of the person that caught me last night."

"Tattoo... I saw it too…" Lin Ziluo then recalled it as he heard what the woman said. "There were three crosses. One of them was bigger while the other two were smaller. They were tattooed on the left side of his neck! It's definitely the symbol of the heretics…"

"We're doomed. The Heretic Organization is one of the strongest forces in the underworld. If we're caught alive, we might be killed and turned into human steamed buns or dumplings…" Lin Ziluo began to think of nonsense once as he knew that he was caught by the heretics.

"Eh, stop saying that. I have a strong urge to pee. I can't stand it anymore…" Another young man beside him immediately said.

"We have to inform the others to rescue us." Lin Ziluo then thought rationally and immediately opened the communication web page using his Emperor’s Heart Ring.

"It's useless. This is probably a prison-like relic. The Emperor's Heart Ring has no signal here at all. We're not capable of breaking through this cage as well." The woman said again. "We can only hope that they'd notice us missing and come rescue us. The one who catches us is capable of activating this relic. That being said, he's also at least gold-level. Only the head examiner can defeat him…"

"The head examiner gave us 15 days to complete the assessment. Since they've already caught us, I believe that they'd have their ways to escape this island in a short period of time. We'd have probably left Little Devil Island before the head examiner even notices this. Then, no matter how powerful Mu Lan is, there's no way we can be rescued." Lin Ziluo analyzed the situation and said.

After listening to what Lin Ziluo said, everyone kept quiet, looking forward for the worst


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