Monster Paradise
173 One-Eyed Swordfiend
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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173 One-Eyed Swordfiend

Lin Huang did not move when he realized that the One-Eyed Swordfiend had discovered his existence. However, the other Silverblade Swordfiends nearby seemed to have sensed him approaching as well and they all looked at Lin Huang’s direction. He knew that the Silverblade Swordfiend had telepathic abilities, as soon as one of them discovered enemies within the sensing circle, the information would be shared with all of their comrades nearby.

Lin Huang’s excitement faded as he noticed that more than 10 Silverblade Swordfiend looking at him in unison. There were more than 80 Silverblade Swordfiends in the entire foothold, all of them should know where Lin Huang’s location was by now. As the One-Eyed Swordfiend made its first move, the other Silverblade Swordfiends seemed to receive an instruction to attack Lin Huang all at once. All of them ran towards the location where Lin Huang was hiding.

"I thought I could get the Ghastly Clown to lure it out. Now, it seems like the only solution is to use violence…" Lin Huang shook his head. "Come out, Tyrant!"

Tyrant appeared before Lin Huang immediately.

"Beat up those with two eyed ones and capture the one with one eye." Lin Huang instructed.

Tyrant then plunged towards the bunch of Silverblade Swordfiends surrounding them. Lin Huang was like a helpless sheep with the Silverblade Swordfiendss surrounding him; it was hard to break away from them. Tyrant punched at them with his firsts and with every punch, several Silverblade Swordfiends would be defeated, none were able to defeat Tyrant.

More than 10 Silverblade Swordfiends were defeated quickly. Although they were still alive, the armor they had on had become deformed and it would take some time for them to recover. Tyrant then aimed his attacks at the One-Eyed Swordfiend. The One-Eyed Swordfiend seemed to know that Tyrant’s mutation level was higher than its own but it attacked Tyrant without fear. A long sword stabbed at Tyrant’s throat. The speed was terrifying, Lin Huang could only see its shadow as it attacked.

However, the attack merely left a crack that was less than one centimeter with the thickness of a hair and Tyrant recovered from the injury in no time. When the One-Eyed Swordfiend planned to attack again, it was choked by Tyrant and was immobilized. After the One-Eyed Swordfiend was captured, Tyrant walked to Lin Huang and presented the One-Eyed Swordfiend to Lin Huang, bowing down before him. It did not let go of the One-Eyed Swordfiend, but instead, showed its head to him.

Lin Huang was surprised at its gesture, he held his head up and asked Tyrant, "You knew that its weakness was its eyes?"

Tyrant nodded.

"Do you also know that I’m killing it for my Life Seed upgrade?" Lin Huang asked again.

Tyrant nodded again.

Lin Huang realized that he had underestimated Tyrant’s intelligence. He had always thought that there was no improvement in Tyrant’s intelligence even after it mutated twice. However, it seemed like its intelligence was similar to Bai's. If the managers of the Hunter Association were watching this, they would be shocked.

The giants and monsters that were similar to the giants were never appreciated because even when they mutated twice, it would not affect their intelligence much. Even if they became transcendent, they would have to fight with their instincts. The most they could do were to attack with explosive strength, the growth rate of their intelligence was too low.

"Tyrant, you surprised me today!" Lin hung complimented.

Tyrant smiled so wide that its teeth were showing, Lin Huang did not know it was able to smile.

"Alright, hold it still. I’m going to kill it." Lin Huang took out the black relic battle sword from his storage space. A glow from his sword flashed in the air and the tip of the sword stabbed right into the One-Eyed Swordfiend’s eye. Soon, a notification popped up.

"Congratulations, you have received a rare Monster Card - One-Eyed Swordfiend!"

Before Lin Huang could even look at the details of the card, he was covered in a white Life Light. His body was transforming. Under the bright Life Light, the color of the Life Wheels in his body was changing. It was now an extravagant silver color. From the six circles of columns, three more were added to his Life Wheel, making it nine circles now. The columns on every circle were the same as before, 360 columns. The newly added columns were empty and had no Life Power.

Within the Life Wheels, the initial six circles were filled with Life Power. The color was changing too, it was now a silver color from its original turquoise color. The four Life Wheels that were duplicated using the Life Power Storage Cards were transforming too. Once the transformation completed, a grayish black bead that was the size of a thumb dropped from the One-Eyed Swordfiend’s body and drilled itself into the new silver Life Wheel in Lin Huang’s body.

"New Life Seed has been identified, would you like to turn it into a card?" Xiao Hei asked.

"Yes." Lin Huang nodded. Soon, Xiao Hei spoke again.

"Life Seed has been made into a card."

Lin Huang then took a look at the new Life Seed card.

"Life Seed Card"

"Life Seed Name: Sensing Circle"

"Rarity: Rare"

"Type: Psychic"

"Talent effect: It could allow the user to stand in the circle which became the sensing area. Within the area, the user could sense what is happening crystal clear within the radius of 300 meters."

"Card Remarks: Nothing special"

Now that his Life Wheels had transformed and the new Life Seed was in hand, the entire Life Light Baptism was completed. Lin Huang looked at the Rare Monster Card that he had just obtained.

"Monster Card"

"Rarity: Rare"

"Monster Name: One-Eyed Swordfiend"

"Type of Monster: Undead Monster"

"Combat Level: Silver-level rank-3"

"Skill 1: Killer Sword (Advance)"

"Skill 2: Dark Sword"

"Skill 3: Sensing Circle"

"Summoning Limit: Activated"

"Card Remarks: Nothing special"

Noticing two skills he had never seen before, Lin Huang read the details of the skills.

" Killer Sword (Advance) : An exclusive skill of swordfiends. Great killer attack skill." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Dark Sword: Contaminated sword. Though it would still be able to retain its original powers and speed, the contamination would enhance the sword to improve its power."

"These three skills are basically useless to me. I'm not sure what'll become of them when they're upgraded to epic-level." Lin Huang was left with two Advance Cards which was perfect to upgrade the One-Eyed Swordfiend. Just when he planned to use the advance cards, he sensed something going on within the 300 meters sensing circle.

A small-sized girl was walking towards his direction. Lin Huang frowned as he knew who it was. He kept the card in his hands immediately while recalling Tyrant. He managed to keep the One-Eyed Swordfiend’s body into his storage space. Soon, the girl stopped and hid behind a tree when she was 100 meters away from him.

"You really have nothing better to do, Xia Yu." Lin Huang looked at the location that she was hiding.

"How did you find out when I’m so far away!" Xia Yu showed herself, she could sense the change to Lin Huang’s aura.

"You have leveled-up to silver-level? How did you complete the Life Seed monster kill within such a short period of time?"

Lin Huang did not want to bother himself with her. Since his purpose here was complete, there was no need for him to stay. He turned around and attempted to leave.

"Hey! Although I didn’t see the battle, I heard the roar of the beast from afar. If I’m not mistaken, it was your summoning monster." Xia Yu tried asking again.

"That’s none of your business." Lin Huang summoned the Alexandrian Eagle. Just as he was about to ride it, Xia Yu spoke again. "Many organizations are recruiting Imperial Censor, why would you choose to join the Hunter Association?"

Hearing what she asked, Lin Huang turned around, "So, which organization do you represent?"

"What are you talking about? I don’t understand." Xia Yu pretended to not know what Lin Huang was asking.

"I have no idea about your intention of participating in the assessment. However, I know very well that it’s not to become a hunter. If you'd like to recruit me, aren’t you supposed to let me know the name of your organization at least?" Lin Huang did not want to play games with her anymore.

"I really don't know what are you talking about. What organization name? My intention of joining the assessment is to become a hunter! What else could it be?" Xia Yu looked innocent.

"Alright then. No matter what you're here for, stop trying to pull me in. I’m not interested in joining any other organization. I don’t care even if you’re one of the people from the underworld or anywhere else for that matter. If you bug me again, I will not go easy on you! This is the last warning, stop following me." Lin Huang gave her a deadly stare.

Sensing that Lin Huang had the intention to kill her, Xia Yu replied, "I won’t follow you then, is it necessary to be rude?"

Lin Huang rode on the Alexandrian Eagle and left. Seeing Lin Huang leaving far away, Xia Yu’s innocent face turned cold. She smirked, "Interesting guy, seems like I can’t play with him at the moment. I really need to get my thing going within these couple of days…"


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