Monster Paradise
172 I’m Not Interested In A Flat-Chested Girl
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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172 I’m Not Interested In A Flat-Chested Girl

Lin Huang had no idea that he was being recommended to be included in the intensive training list. He had no idea that he was rejected in the final review. Walking out of the monster shed of the third assessment, a staff from the Hunter Association approached him with his Emperor’s Heart Ring.

"Hi there, this is your Emperor’s Heart Ring."

Lin Huang put on the Emperor’s Heart Ring and turned it on to confirm if it was really his.

"Thank you, may I know when will the fourth assessment commence?"

"Based on our estimation, this assessment should take more than fifty hours so a two-day break will be given to you. The exact timing of the fourth assessment has yet to be confirmed." The staff explained.

"What is this place? Are there any hotels around here?" Since there were still two days from the next round of assessment, Lin Huang thought he would check into a hotel.

"I’m sorry, this is a level-4 wild zone, Little Devil Island. There are no hotels here, all of the participants will have to settle their own accommodation and food during these two days." The staff explained.

"This is Little Devil Island?!" Lin Huang’s eyes were wide opened, his voice a pitch higher than before.

The staff did not understand what was the matter with him as he nodded in confusion

Lin Huang was being dramatic as he had chosen his Life Seed monster to level-up to silver-level before joining the assessment. Coincidentally, the Life Seed monster that he wanted was on this island.

The island was scattered with demon, undead and spiritual monsters. The Life Seed monster that Lin Huang picked was an undead monster called the Silverblade Swordfiend. The reason why he chose this monster was because the monster could obtain a skill that could evolve into a secret skill (Total Domination) after it becomes a transcendent. Before it evolves, it had a talent called Sense Circle . With Sense Circle , the user will be able to see what was happening clearly as it allowed the user to stand in a circle which would act as a sensing area.

After the talent evolves into Total Domination , the user would be able to dominate a part of the area as his own, allowing his attack to reach any part of the territory. It was a powerful attack-based secret skill. Lin Huang picked that particular monster from more than twenty silver-level Life Seed monsters, it was the secret skill that he desired the most.

"Little Devil Island…" Lin Huang’s excitement only lasted for a short while, as he began to think of the practicality of the matter, Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"It’s a little too fast for me to level-up from iron-level to silver-level within half a year. However, since the existence of Tyrant had been revealed, people would think that obtaining a double mutated monster was just my luck since I did not show what I really have and they wouldn’t think that I’m worth being trained. It doesn’t matter if they knew how fast I could level-up since no one in history could break through to silver-level in half a year. Even if the Hunter Association found out, they might keep the secret for me as they would not want other organizations to take me away…"

Lin Huang had made his decision. Instead of waiting, he has decided to level-up to silver-level on the island before completing the assessment.

"Is the two-day break confirmed?" Lin Huang asked the staff immediately.

"I was thinking about killing some monsters during these two days before I come back for the assessment two days later."

"It's been confirmed. Don't worry, you can train. However, I'd suggest that you get a good rest before the assessment instead of wasting too much strength and energy so you can perform your best in the assessment." The staff nodded but he did not forget to remind him.

"I know what to do, thanks." Lin Huang said and walked hastily into the jungle.

Seeing Lin Huang walk away, Xia Yu hesitated but followed him anyway. Soon, Lin Huang found out that somebody was following him. When he landed on a branch, he turned around and activated his CopperSparrow23 as he pointed at a tree, "Show yourself, stop hiding."

"You’re quite alert, aren’t you?" Xia Yu walked out from the back of the tree giggling.

"Why're you following me?" Lin Huang asked in an unfriendly manner with his gun was still pointing at her.

Although she seemed harmless, Lin Huang has never underestimated her. Up to this point, Lin Huang had yet to figure out what her purpose of joining the assessment was. From her performance, she did not seem to care about the result of the assessment. Moreover, her ability was quite outstanding. He noticed it when they were fighting for the Weed Crystal earlier. Although she did not give it her all, it was not difficult to tell that bronze-level hunters could not defeat her.

"Nothing, I have nothing going on for the next two days so I thought I'd join you." Xia Yu smiled at Lin Huang.

"You should go find someone else. I don’t have time for this." Lin Huang rejected her straight away. He did not want to be tailed by someone that he was not familiar with.

"Hey, at least I’m a beauty, you should be proud that I’m following you." Xia Yu crossed her arms.

"I don’t need that. Also, I’m not interested in flat-chested girls. Stop following me." Lin Huang kept his gun and summoned the Alexandrian Eagle. He disappeared from Xia Yu’s field of vision quick.

"Flat-chested… How dare he said I’m flat-chested…" Xia Yu was stunned by what Lin Huang said. She was furious and punched the tree next to her. The tree cracked into half.

After freeing himself from Xia Yu, Lin Huang rode on the Alexandrian Eagle and found the coordinates of the Silverblade Swordfiend. The monster only existed in two footholds on the island and there were limited numbers of them. He landed and recalled the Alexandrian Eagle. With Boundless Vision , he ran towards the foothold that had the Silverblade Swordfiend in it. He wanted to find a mutated Silverblade Swordfiend as killing it would result in a higher chance to obtain a Life Seed.

The Silverblade Swordfiend was a humanoid monster with silver armor. The inside of the armor was covered with black fog and there were two flaming eyes showing from within its helmet. It’s eyes were its only weakness. Hiding 100 meters away, Lin Huang did not see any mutated ones after walking around its territory. After hesitating for a moment, he summoned the Alexandrian Eagle and headed to the second foothold.

When he arrived in the second foothold, Lin Huang stayed hundreds of meters away while browsing his selections. The Silverblade Swordfiend had a sensing area of its own, if one stepped into the area, it would start attacking. After taking a stroll, Lin Huang was disappointed that he did not see any mutated ones. However, it was at that moment that a Silverblade Swordfiend turned around and looked directly at him.

He had been discovered! Lin Huang was shocked at first, but soon he grew excited as the Silverblade Swordfiend had only one eye, a sign that it was mutated. He stood 200 meters away from the monster - 100 meters outside the Silverblade Swordfiend’s sensing area. However, he was detected by the Silverblade Swordfiend. Lin Huang was sure this was the one-eyed monster that he had been looking for!


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