Monster Paradise
170 Can“t Keep A Low Profile Any Longer
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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170 Can“t Keep A Low Profile Any Longer

After going into the passage to the monster shed, Lin Huang walked along the dark corridor. The walls and ceiling were cast in a silver metal. The floor was made of black metal boards and it was not hard to tell that the corridor was made for temporary use.

After walking for around 100 meters, Lin Huang had finally reached the end. He finally saw the monster cage.

It was a gigantic metal cage that was similar to a birdcage, with metal bars that were as thick as an adult thumb hanging from the top, made from a material unknown to Lin Huang. The metal bars were embedded into the black metal floor with a gap of only 20 centimeters between them so adults could not enter.

The monster cage was surrounded with green plants and seemed to be in a dense jungle. He could even see the other monster cages on both sides. It was a circular area that was 100 meters in diameter and the ground was covered in blood. However, Lin Huang did not see any dead bodies so he thought that the staff may have removed them.

After observing the environment around him, Lin Huang then looked at the monster across from him. It was a big, red bird with purple feathers on its tail and the bottom of its wings. There were a couple of golden crests on the top of its head and the bird looked rather colorful. Lin Huang could recognize that it was a bird that was similar to a parrot on earth but this was known as a Fenixplume Peacock in this world. It was an intelligent fighting bird.

Most talking peacocks could mimic sounds of other creatures but the Fenixplume Peacock was a mutated monster. It was a master in mimicking voices, being able to mimic a sound after only hearing it once. This ability was not only used for mimicking voices as it also used it to hunt for prey. For instance, it would mimic the sound of a mother beast to lure the baby beast to it or it could mimic a mating call to attract male beasts…

After spending more than three months with humans, a Fenixplume Peacock could even master a human language and understand what the words meant. To be exact, it was even smarter than most humans when it came to learning new languages. However, a Fenixplume Peacock only fed on meat. Its attacking prowess was unparalleled as its beak and claws were comparable to weapons. The defensive abilities of its feathers were also comparable to armor and it could take short-distance flights at the speed of light.

Looking at the gigantic bird, Lin Huang frowned as he knew it would not be easy for him to handle such a beast.

"Damn, boy. Are you here to dig your own grave?" The Fenixplume Peacock spoke. Its voice was husky, unfriendly and unpleasant to the ear.

"You can speak human language? It seems like you've spent some time with humans so why would you want to kill humans?" Lin Huang asked because the Fenixplume Peacock had spent some time with humans so it technically should not harbor any ill will towards humans.

"It's because human are bastards!! They deserve to die!" The Fenixplume Peacock shouted.

"Seems like you had a bad owner. It's no wonder you're hot-tempered." Lin Huang thought in his mind that perhaps the peacock must have been tortured by its human owner, which explained why it would say such things.

"Nonsense! My master is the best human in the whole wide world. He would kill humans every day to feed me the freshest human organs while waiting for me to go through a mutation. Unfortunately, I mutated today but he was not able to see it happen because he was killed by a human like you!" The Fenixplume Peacock shouted even louder this time.

"So your master was a Dark Imperial Censor. If that's the case, he deserves to die." Lin Huang knew finally knew what the backstory was when he heard what the Fenixplume Peacock had said.

There was an evil sect among the Imperial Censors called the Foulblood Imperial Censors. The Foulblood Imperial Censors would keep many human slaves and cast spells on the slaves using their own blood. They would then feed the slaves that had died from the spells to the monsters that they reared. The spell would continue to fester in the monster and after a certain level had been achieved, the monster would undergo a mutation due to the spell. If the monster was fed enough human slaves, it could even go through two mutations. That was the reason why the Union Government and Hunter Association killed them on sight because they did not want a cursed monster that had undergone two mutations to become a transcendent that could harm the world.

"How dare you!" The Fenixplume Peacock heard Lin Huang saying that its master deserved to die, it shouted again.

"Such a hot temper. It's got to be the curse…" Lin Huang thought it was a normal mutated monster and he was considering if he should keep it. Once he found out that it was owned by a Foulblood Imperial Censor, there was no need for such consideration.

"Since you're cursed, you'd do no good to the world."

Lin Huang extended his hand and called out, "Come out, Tyrant."

The gigantic Tyrant appeared before Lin Huang. Its body was so muscular that it looked like it was covered with a golden armor. There was no fat on its body and it had a perfect body that would make any woman go crazy.

Tyrant's golden eyes glared at the Fenixplume Peacock. Its feathers stood up as Tyrant glared at it as it had never felt a fear like this. It was like it had been chosen as prey by a high-level predator, it would become food on its plate at any time.

"Kill it." Lin Huang pointed at the Fenixplume Peacock. Tyrant plunged towards the Fenixplume Peacock at the speed of light to the extent that even Lin Huang could not see it moving. The Fenixplume Peacock attempted to fly to the top of the cage immediately but it was too late. Tyrant was already there with its hand on the Fenixplume Peacock’s neck.

Flapping its 10-meter-wide wings, the Fenixplume Peacock was like a helpless chick before Tyrant. It struggled but the tips of its wings were pinched together by Tyrant. Then, Tyrant broke its neck with its hand and pulled off the Fenixplume Peacock’s head. Purple blood splashed out from its neck all over the place.

The Fenixplume Peacock began to struggle and only stopped 10 minutes later. Looking at the purple blood on the ground, Lin Huang frowned and thought, "Looking at the color of the blood, it was definitely cursed." Although the Fenixplume Peacock had accumulated enough curses to make it go through a mutation, it did not mutate until today for some reason.

Lin Huang then recalled Tyrant and walked to the second part of the corridor across from him. An announcement came from the loudspeaker.

"The first monster in monster shed No.66 is dead! Please get the monster cage changed as soon as possible."

Hearing the announcement being made, the people outside the monster shed were shocked.

"He killed the monster?!"

"A mutated silver-level rank-3 monster! How did that kid manage to kill it!? Who is he!?!"

"He’s only bronze-level rank-3, how could he kill a mutated monster above his rank. Could he be the genius of the legends?"

Even the head examiner Jiang Sen could not stay calm any longer. He looked at the surveillance camera immediately to see what exactly happened. He was shocked to see Tyrant killing the Fenixplume Peacock within seconds. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"What kind of summoning monster is that? It looks a giant but it’s not the same. It kinda looks like a new mutated species. It managed to kill a mutated monster on the same level as it was. That’s ridiculous!"

Jiang Sen did not know that Tyrant was a monster that had gone through two mutations as it was almost impossible for that to happen if a monster was below transcendent. He thought that Tyrant was a powerful mutated monster. However, it was because Tyrant did not show how fast and strong it really was. If they were fighting gold-level rank-3 monsters, almost anybody would be ablt to tell that it had undergone two mutations.

Lin Huang was not worried that Tyrant would reveal his ability as Tyrant was not involved in the Heisen Castle massacre earlier. Even if the Hunter Association knew that he had a mutated monster, they would not think that he was the murderer. An Imperial Censor would have to have great luck if they were able to own a monster that had undergone two mutations before they reached transcendent. It was almost impossible for them to own two or more double mutated monsters.

Lin Huang decided to reveal his abilities for the assessment because he knew he could not defeat the Fenixplume Peacock. Besides, he did that in the hopes that he would be able to gain access to more resources from the Hunter Association. As one of the largest organizations in this world, the Hunter Association owned vast amounts of information that other organizations and individuals were not privy to. No matter how powerful an ordinary person was, they would have limited access to information. Many rare materials were unavailable to trade for outsiders no matter how many Life Crystals one owned. Among all the organizations, the Hunter Association had the least amount of restrictions on their members while owning the most resources after the Union Government.

So far, the hunters that Lin Huang have met were good so joining the Hunter Association was a wise choice. After entering the second corridor, an announcement came from the loudspeaker again. Lin Huang heard it loud and clear. He smiled and shook his head, knowing that there was no way for him to keep a low profile any longer.

"Since I can’t keep a low profile any longer, then I'll show them how powerful I really am. It'll be great if they'll grant me a Silver Hunter position after the assessment ended. It would be even better if I can get a residential permit to stay in an A-grade foothold!"


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