Monster Paradise
169 Monster Shed No.66
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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169 Monster Shed No.66

At the 100 numbered fences, the 100 participants who picked the number '1' on the black side of the card quickly gave their Emperor’s Heart Ring and storage rings to the staff. Each of them brought three bronze-level pieces of equipment with themselves. Most of the participants brought along one piece of armor and two weapons. A couple of them brought two pieces of armor and one weapon. Those who were at the back saw someone putting on two layers of armor and thought it would be a good idea since the defensive prowess of a piece of bronze-level armor was limited and would not be able to defend against the attacks of silver-level rank-3 monsters. It would work better if they had two layers of armor on or at least, that was what most of them thought.

However, when Lin Huang and some of them saw this, they shook their heads as they knew it would not work. When an equipment was in its ring form, it would not weight a thing. However, as soon as the ring was activated, the weight of the equipment would return to normal. Although the armor was made of a special material that was lighter than regular armor, putting on two pieces at the same time would decrease both speed and agility. What this round of assessment required were speed and agility.

It was impossible for most participants to defeat silver-level rank-3 monsters. In a space so small, the only thing they could do was to avoid themselves from getting attacked and leap to the side of the corridor. Such a tactic would not work if they were even one second late. Therefore, putting on two layers of armor was actually pretty stupid, though it may seem like a wise move in their perspective. Moreover, one or two bronze-level pieces of armor would not make much difference when they encountered the monster. Their armor would be like one or two pieces of paper that could be easily pierced with a knife.

Once the first batch of participants entered, the area behind the fence became crowded. Although they could not see what was happening behind the fence, they could hear the monsters roar from the outside. Within a minute, an announcement was heard from the loudspeaker, "The participant No.1 in monster shed No.62 has been disqualified! Participant No.2 can now enter." Many of them who were already nervous got even more nervous when they heard the participant getting disqualified within a minute.

About two minutes later, another announcement came from the loudspeaker.

"Participant No.1in monster shed No.13 has been disqualified! Participant No.2 can enter now." As time passed, there would be announcements coming from the loudspeaker every now and then.

"Participant No.1 in monster shed No.18 has been disqualified! Participant No.2 can enter now."

"Participant No.1 in monster shed No.97 has been disqualified!"

"Participant No.1 in monster shed No.55 has been disqualified!"

"Participant No.1 in monster shed No.43 has been disqualified!"

Many of them lost faith when they heard the announcements coming one after the other.

"Participant No.1 in monster shed No.66 is dead! Participant No.2 can enter now."

Lin Huang raised his eyebrows because the number he picked was also No.66. Many of them were in a panic as someone actually died during the assessment! Many of them thought that the head examiner was kidding when he said there were no safety measures in this assessment. Now that somebody had actually died, they finally took what the head examiner said seriously.

After the death of a participant was announced, a staff ran out and whispered into Jiang Sen’s ear. Jiang Sen nodded and looked at participant No.2 for monster shed No.66.

"What are you looking at, the assessment goes on!"

As participant No.2 walked into monster shed No.66, Jiang Sen frowned. He did not expect the monster in No.66 to go through a mutation out of nowhere. Since the difficulty of the assessment had been raised, he hesitated for a moment and wondered if he should notify the participants who had picked monster shed No.66 or if he should sweep the matter under the rug.

Just as he was hesitating, an announcement came from the loudspeaker again.

"Participant No.2 in monster shed No.66 is dead! Participant No.3 can enter now."

Many started to find it odd that there were two consecutive deaths in monster shed No.66. The monster in that particular shed was probably much stronger than the rest.

As the participant No.3 walked in, Jiang Sen shouted at him, "Alright, don’t go in." The participant stopped walking and stayed where he was. Jiang Sen then took out a loudspeaker and explained, "Those who picked No.66, the first monster that we placed in the shed had just gone through a mutation which caused major upgrade in its intelligence and ability. Due to special circumstance, we shall break the rules for this time only. Those of who would like to change your number, please register with our staff here. Those who do not want to change their number, you can proceed with the assessment." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Most of the participants left the queue and rushed to the staff to change their drawn numbers, only a few which included Lin Huang remained in the queue. Lin Huang was initially No.23 but because most of them left to change their number, there were only two participants before he was scheduled to enter. He was happy because he would only need to wait for an hour to enter. The rest of them who left the queue looked at them like they were idiots.

"You think what you’re doing will make you a hero?"

"You'll pay the price for being proud. It'll too late for regret if you die in there."

"Even if you manage to pass through monster shed No.66, how does that make you any different than the ones who manage to pass through other monster sheds? Is it necessary to be so persistent?"

Some of the participants who bought the weed crystal from Lin Huang shouted at him, "Lin Huang, get another number! It won't benefit you if you remain with No.66."

"Of course there’s an advantage!" Lin Huang smiled at that person, "Now that the queue is shorter, I can pass the assessment at a shorter time."

What he said made them speechless. Once most of the participants left the queue for shed No.66, the queue was shortened from 55 people to five people. There were two people in front and behind Lin Huang.

Those who left the queue had to queue at the back again. Soon the assessment for monster shed No.66 began. The participant who was the first in queue walked in confidently with two weapons and a piece of armor. Lin Huang had high hopes in that participant. He was a muscular young man who seemed quite mature. Although he was also a bronze-level rank-3, he was going to break through to silver-level anytime.

As the announcements from the loudspeaker continued, the first good news was finally announced.

"Congratulations! Participant No.1 in monster shed No.37, Xia Yu had passed the third assessment!"

"That girl? Not bad, the assessment has only started for less than 20 minutes and she has already passed." Lin Huang raised an eyebrow, he decided to finish the assessment faster than Xia Yu did.

Just as everyone was cheering for the good news, they looked at Lin Huang as another announcement came from the loudspeaker.

"Participant No.11 in monster shed No.66 is dead!" Even Jiang Sen was frowning, "Nevermind, those of you who got No.66 please re-register and get another number. Stop wasting your time in the queue!"

Since the head examiner had spoken, the other four participants walked towards the staff members to draw another number but Lin Huang remained there, standing still.

"Sir, I would like to give it a try." Lin Huang said to Jiang Sen.

"Aren’t you afraid that three people who went in there had all died?" Jiang Sen turned around and looked at Lin Huang.

"Silver-level monsters are not worth being afraid of." Lin Huang smiled and shook his head.

"Kid, if you're very capable and proud, it's what I'd call confident. However, if you're proud but you're not capable, that's what I'd call idiotic." Jiang Sen shot Lin Huang a deadly glare."

"I'll prove with my actions that I'm the former."

Without waiting for Jiang Sen to say anything, Lin Huang took out two modified CopperSparrow23s and a bronze-level battle sword from his Emperor’s Heart Ring. He then placed all his rings into his Emperor’s Heart Ring and gave it to the staff.

What he did seemed like he was digging his own grave to the others. However, some were anticipating what would happen to him.

"Can you open the door now?" Lin Huang looked at Jiang Sen.

Jiang Sen glared at Lin Huang and said to the staff, "Open the door for him!"

The door opened and Lin Huang walked in without a moment of hesitation…


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